Swalak : LOVE LETTERS {Epi 1} {Swalak first meet}

Hii Friends!! This is Nilu…I am back with the First Episode of my ff….Hope u all like it… Thank you for your comments….
Let’s start….

Scene 1: In the school

A girl is shown sitting under a tree speaking to a cat that is stuck on the tree n telling the cat to come down from the tree. Her back is shown…

Girl (in a pleasing tone): Please, don’t look away like that. What should I do? I can’t just leave like this. Will you stay like this?(her lips r shown) Do u hear what I’m saying?

Then someone’s legs are shown who r walking towards the girl.

Girl: Please come down. It’s late already. Today I have some important matters to do, too.

Then the boy’s eyes are shown. He is watching the girl from behind n watching who she is speaking to.

Girl: If I’m not here, nobody will be interested in you. And if that day comes, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I beg you, okay?

Now she gets up. This entire scene is seen by that boy.

Girl: Do you think that you have any choice? Come down! (She jumps n call her but of no use) come and drink milk, here. Quickly

The boy is shown completely n it is Laksh….

Laksh: Meow! Meow! Meow!

Girl (In exciting tone): That’s right. Come down. This way, this way. Quickly! (She didn’t notice that its laksh who is calling the cat.)

Laksh: Shhhhh! He turns n keep his finger on the girl’s lips….N the girl is shown…it’s none other than our Swara. N they share an eyelock. In background we can hear the sound of heartbeats…dhak dhak dhak…..This scene is in slow motion……. Kisi se pyaar ho jaye (Kaabil)song plays…

Swara closes her eyes n dream: (smiling) Perhaps this will be…..My first kiss!

In reality… (swara is shown doing pout to kiss)

Laksh: Wake up. (holding the cat in his hands)

Swara opens her eyes n sees cat in front of her eyes….n she wakes up from her dream. She sees laksh n feels embarrassed.

Swara(to cat..Happily): You came down finally. So stubborn.

N takes the cat from laksh

Swara(to laksh)smiling: Thank you very much. You’re great.

Laksh looks at the tree n leaves.

Scene 2: In the same school.

The principal of the school is speaking to Mr. Mike (Class teacher of Non-genius class)

Principal: Our new student has such a great profile. Laksh Maheshwari. He came from acb school. Bcoz his father moved to do business in Canada. IQ 100 Exactly!

Mr. Mike: Yes

Laksh (knocks the door of principal’s cabin): May I come in

Principal: Yes sure!

Laksh comes in the cabin: I am laksh Maheswari.

The Principal (smiles): Yes. Nice to meet you. Come in. I just spoke with Sir Mike a moment ago to say that you will come. So punctual. Very good.

Laksh: Documents about transferring, please. He hands a file to the principal

Principal: Okay. Good. In 3 weeks, the school will open. You should be in King Class (where intelligent students study)

At the same time swara comes running in the cabin

Swara (to Mr. Mike): Hello Sir

The Principal gets angry on swara.

Principal (to swara): When is your appointment?

Swara: Hello Mam. (N swara sees laksh there) It’s
9 o’clock.

Principal: You are in the non-genius class, that’s why you came late. Or you’ve come late and that’s why you are in the non-genius class. (To Sir Mike) To be punctual is important, right? Sir Mike. Anyhow, please don’t let the student who is bad at studying behave badly too, okay?

Swara is smiling seeing at Laksh n Laksh is also looking at Swara.

Principal (to Laksh): For you… see you when the school starts the new semester.

Here Swara is submitting her admission form to Sir Mike.

Laksh: I would like to stay in the non-genius class. Actually, I would like to study the behavior of the students in the non-genius class. Thank you. N he leaves.

Swara looks at Laksh n smiles. She leaves after sometime.

Swara comes out n speaks to cat which she kept in the handbag.

Swara: Look! I got scolded by the Principal. See? Because of you alone….. So cute! N she cares the cat. I am so bored. Whatever, it’s only the non-genius class. Nothing is good at all, Right?

She sees laksh standing near the same tree….

Swara: Hey! It’s good that we will be in the same class.

Laksh smiles: Did you came late because u helped the cat?

Swara: Right! So what about our cat?

Laksh(little shocked): Whose cat?

Swara (sadly): I don’t think I can keep it. You take it, okay? (She forwards the cat to him) It seems to like you n you seem to like it, too.

Laksh takes the cat n the cat climbs over his shoulder.

Swara(laughing): look! You take care of him. Ok?

Laksh: Alright, I will keep it. And when you want to meet him, I will take him to meet you.

Swara: Really!

Laksh: In this life I never lie.

Swara: Really….?(confused)

Laksh leaves…..N swara blushes n smiles.

So here I end….meet you all soon…Hope u like the episode…

Precap: Swara writes some letters.

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  1. Really awesome Nilu…Post the next chapter asap

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      Thank you Tanya

  2. Really i loved it..and i love swalk verymuch..plz post the next chptr soon

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    superb epi

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