Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 74

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Hey guys! So sorry for the long wait! I hope you enjoy it and the next part will be up late Sunday, evening time maybe! Please let me know what you think of this chapter! So much love to you all! ❤?❤?❤ have an amazing day!

Part 74:

Karan and Naina were outside Arjun and Arohis school. Akshay had given them details of the man that was keeping an eye on Arohi.
Karan and Naina got out of their car and then looked for the car with the number plate Akshay gave them. Karan found it and then inspected the car, the driver wasn’t in there.
Karan: Okay, he isn’t there.
Naina: Are you going to fit it in now?
Karan took out a mini mic: Yep.
Naina: Okay, I’ll keep lookout.
Karan unlocked the car with a pin and then placed the mic behind the wheel, hidden away so the driver wouldn’t see.
Karan got out.
Karan: Let’s go now.
Naina: Chalo.
Karan held Nainas hand to walk away but bumped into a man.
Man: What were you doing?
Karan: Me and my wife were thinking about purchasing a similar car to yours, I was looking at the exterior and the interior from your window.
Naina: We hope you don’t mind.
Man: No, next time do ask.
He said with a very stern voice.
Naina: Thank you.
Karan: Nice wheels.
With that the couple walked away hand in hand.
Naina: That was close.
Karan: We did what we needed to do, now we just wait.

Naina went back to the office, she walked into her and Meghnas office and saw her sister typing away in her laptop. Meghnna looked up and smiled at Naina.
Meghna: You’re back.
Naina: Yep, mission accomplished.
Meghna: That’s good, take a seat and have something to eat. You look hungry.
Naina laughed: I really am!
Meghna smiled, Naina took a seat next to her sister who gave her some water and a cupcake.
Naina: We saw the guy, he looked weird.
Meghna: What do you mean?
Naina: He didn’t look or act like a bad person.
Meghna: Chiku, these people have many faces and we don’t get to see all of them.
Naina: That’s true.
Meghna: Once we get home we’ll listen to the recording.
Naina: I hope we find something.
Meghna: We should do.
Naina: Well, we should get back to work.
The duo sat and completed their work, lunchtime came and Kunal walked in with their lunch.
Naina: Yay Jeeju! I’m starving.
Meghna: You have a big appetite today.
Naina: All this running around and computing missions works up an appetite plus work alone gets me hungry.
Kunal laughed: Well not to worry because I’ve got a lot of food.
Meghna: Why is that?
Karan walked in: Because I’ll be eating as well.
Naina: Karan?
Karan: Naina?
Naina: What are you doing here?
Karan: I’m here to have lunch.
Meghna: Let the boy give you a surprise Chiku.
Naina smiled.
Kunal: Yeah, you think he drove here just for the food?
Naina: I’d believe he did.
Karan: I would but today I actually wanted to see a pretty face.
Naina blushed.
Karan: Why are you blushing? I’m talking about Bhabi.
Nainas mouth up and she squinted her eyes.
Meghna: Karan!
She said smacking his arm.
Kunal: Yaar, don’t tease my sister-in-law like that.
Karan: Okay.
Karan ripped a piece of Roti and fed it to Naina who’s mouth was still open.
Meghna smiled and said: Chiku, chew your food.
The four of them continued fooling around and had their lunch, Karan left to go back to school.
Karan: See you in he evening.
Kunal: Bye.
He kissed Nainas cheek.
Naina: Bye.
Meghna: See you soon Devar Ji!

When they all got home and freshened up, they sat with everyone in the living area, Arjun ran downstairs and then hugged Meghna and Naina who were we sitting next to each other.
Arjun: You guys are the best and I love you both very much!
Naina: Arjun?
Meghna: We know we’re the best but what did we do to get all this love.
Arjun: I just spoke to Arohi and everything’s perfect!
NK: Was there something wrong?
Arjun: Actually…
Akshay walked into the living area with Arohi and Amrita.
Akshay: A lot has been happening.
Everyone saw the trio.
Akshay: The doorman let us in.
Nirmala: What a pleasant surprise, come in and take a seat.
Meghna and Naina got up.
Amrita and Akshay took a seat and Arohi stood next to Meghna and Naina, she hugged them.
Amrita: We’ve got some explaining to do.
Karan: We all do.
Dadaji: What’s been going on?
They all explained everything to Dadaji, NK, Nirmala and Sandhya.
Dadaji: So now what’s happened?
Akshay: Karan and Naina had installed a mic in the car if the man who followed Arohi.
Sandhya: He’d been following you?
Arohi: Yes Masi Maa, but now we don’t need to worry.

NK: Is it all over?
Amrita: Yes, we sent the police a recording of what the man was talking to Trishna about and now he’s been caught and out away.
Kunal: That’s great news.
Akshay: It really is, and I need to thank you all for the help.
Meghna: No Uncle, you don’t need to thank us.
Naina: We’re happy that you and your family are now safe.
Akshay: I’m grateful that Arohi calls you two girls her inspiration.
Meghna and Naina looked at Arohi and she held their hands.
Arohi: You’re both such good people, sisters, daughters, daughter-in-laws and Bhabis.
Naina: That’s a big compliment.
Dadaji: She’s not wrong.
Sandhya: Bauji is right.
Amrita looked at Sandhya and smiled, she walked over to her and held her hands.
Amrita: I hope we can be friends
Sandhya smiled back: Of course we can.
Akshay smiled at his wife, he did love her and then saw his friend, Sandhya.
Nirmala: You guys will have to stay for dinner.
Kunal: Yes, tonight Naina is cooking.
Meghna: Which Kunal is very excited about.
Arjun: But Meghna Bhabis been cooking all these days.
Kunal: Yeah, finally a good dinner tonight(!)
He said joking around making everyone laugh.
Meghna laughed as she nodded her head.
NK: Kunal, stop pulling my Badi Bahus leg and go and get the babies down.
Kunal: Sure.
Karan: Come Bhai, let’s go get them.
Naina: Come Di, you need to help me.
Meghna: Yeah good idea that way Kunal won’t eat!

Sorry for any silly errors and typos! I try to proofread ??
Love you! ?

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      Thank you! ? You’re so kind, I’m happy that I’m writing all good and happy things! And maybe you’re guess is right! ? you’ll have to wait and find out! Thank you so much ?❤ hope you have a fun and happy day too! ?

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