Swabhimaan 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Nirmala singing even after Nand kishore comes home. Sandhya thinks she has other card also and acts to talk to some doctor, and telling that Karan is getting treated by Vishal, and asks the doctor if he has any idea what he is saying, and says you means to say Karan’s illness is air borne and can spread with coughing, sneezing, laughing etc. Meghna hears her and is shocked. Sandhya gets happy and is sure Meghna will react. Naina and Karan are talking about music. Karan says I have seen your demo of playing mouth organ. Naina says it was not that bad. She says we both don’t know how to play Veena and says we have to start from zero. Karan asks her to concentrate on her engineering. Meghna calls Vishal and asks him to tell truly. She asks him what Sandhya told. Vishal says it

happens in rare cases. Meghna gets sure and goes to Naina’s room. He hears them laughing. She thinks about Karan and Naina’s words. She thinks she won’t let Naina sacrifice more, and goes to room. She holds Naina’s hand and make her get up. Naina asks what happened? Meghna asks her not to move and packs her things.

Naina asks what happened. Meghna says you will come with me right now. Karan thinks with which right, he shall stop her and thinks he knows why Meghna is doing this. Naina looks at Karan crying as Meghna drags her with her. Karan gets tears in his eyes. Tu Pyaar Hai plays……He goes out of room and sees meghna taking Naina. Sandhya gets happy. Karan thinks I have no right to stop her. Sandhya smirks. Karan thinks it is good that she went today, and thinks what he could give her, and thinks he will manage himself without her. He thinks about his marriage and their moments and cries.

Naina asks Meghna to tell. Meghna packs her bags also. Naina says this is wrong. Meghna says you are small and sees good in everything and says you don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Naina asks her to tell her once what happened? Kunal comes and asks Meghna why she is packing clothes and asks who is going and where. Meghna tells him that Karan’s disease is airborne and tells that it can be spread with laughing, coughing etc. She says I will get mad thinking if she laughed with him etc. She says Mamma gave her responsibility to me, so now we both will stay in guest room. Kunal says you have taken this decision alone, and says you didn’t tell me about your decision. He asks what about our relationship. Meghna says how can I let her stay there and says infection will be around her 24 hours and says she can’t take risk. Kunal says even I am related to her. He asks did you ask Naina? If she wants to shift or stay with Karan. He says she is not a kid. He asks how can you take decision for 4 people alone. Meghna asks him to tell her what she shall do. She says shall I leave my sister there to get infected.

Kunal says you will not go from this room. He says atleast I think of you as my partner and says he will shift to guest room and he don’t want any arguments.

Karan thinks if Naina will bring her breakfast. Sandhya calls Meghna and tells her that Naina is going to karan’s home. Meghna stops her from going inside and tells that this is her lakshman rekha and asks her never to cross it. Naina is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice story
    ek shringaar swabhiman

  2. Devihaa

    Today’s episode was heart breaking….
    I loved it when NaiRan were … Trying to play naina .. and laughing at each other… I was admiring them…
    But then… Meghna…Uff….?? Actually it’s Sandhya…. I getting…So much angry … That I’ll kill her..??
    The way naina was looking at Karan cryingly. …All the way… ??…Crushed my heart… And how Karan touched the place naina was sitting. …. ??…

    And guys…I’m going to murder…Someone…??.. Yeah…I’m going to kill that Sandhya.?.. If police caught me… Do come and bail me out…

    1. Devihaa

      Hey guys today I want to throw the hand for friendship…
      So ….Can we be friends…????…..
      I hope u will accept me as ur friend…

      1. #nairanlover:-)

        Yes I wanna be your friend.

      2. VINAL

        I am with you go & kill that sandhya

  3. Titli

    Karan.. samridh did commendable job yaar.. like seriously.. awesome acting.. he ran as if his life was going away, basically for once i thought, yaar ab toh confess karlo.. but then i remembered, realization hi nhi hui hai.. and precap-naughty karan.. naina se milne ka bahana.. toh janab isiliye niche nhi aaye.. taki naina se mulakat ho paye..
    And when karan said that from beginning only u laugh at me, nd his smile.. mardala.. but this sandhya is so evil.. and kunal, he is a perfect jeeju, husband and brother.. taking care of naina as well as he is with meghna, and loving his brother.. perfect person.. as a person i love kunal.. but i love nairan pairing..?❤️

  4. Ayonija

    Uff this Meghna. She is a sister not a mother. Naina has also mind. She knows what to do or not? She is adult now not a small kid. That Meghna is taking so much care. Well they both are sisters. But i know Naina and Karan will not leave each other and this will lead to their love

  5. Nila

    Oi devi cool yaar ya this separation makes realization as per u told and I too have same thought to kill those 2rs walli cheapedi(sandhya)???? and l love Nairan’s expression aaj??? and me too get teary eyes??

    1. #nairanlover:-)

      Have you seen the spoilers and upcomings.In that karan is saying naina to leave and will tell sharda about his skin disease.Dont know what’s gonna happen.

      1. Nila

        Omg ???feel bad for my cutie pie karan???

      2. Devihaa

        Omg.. but I hope naina will not leave..

        And yeah friends..??

    2. Devihaa

      Hi Nila.. hmm…. Ya I’m bit cooled now…
      Ss there expressions …Was… Wow… It was not looking like they were acting…
      Then…U also join me… Let us both kill that Sandhya.. Together…

      U know what I want samridh and Ankita to become real life couple too..??..

      Can we be friends…??

      1. Nila

        Me too want both became real life couple??so sweet??? of course we already friends na????(nanbanda)?i love Nairan?????

  6. Lovely story. Love the sisters bonding.

  7. Richa19

    It was such an emotional epi…. But I don’t understand one thing.. How can meghna be such a fool?? I mean if karan’s disease was air borne then the infection could hv spread earlier only… Coz his disease is not new…. Hope she uses her brain and thinks again…

  8. Certified_Bhootni

    Kunal ☹️

    Urghhhh, because of Meghna my Kunal had to leave the room and what the hell? How can she believe Sandhya? Urghhhhh this Sandhya should get kicked out so that NaiRan and Kunal could stay happy ?

    Today was sad when NaiRan spilt and Kunal got upset, mere Kunal ko kamra chodhna padaa, so dissapointed!! And why didn’t Meghna ask Vishal what Karan’s disease was!!


    I love NaiRan as a Jodi but I love Kunal ❤️

    Today’s epi was good, loved the way Naina and Meghna supported Nirmala.

  9. Love nairan❤.but please do some meghnal segments writters.please

  10. Today for the first time i viewed this serial and have started liking it ,many a times my sister used to force me to watch it but I would never but today I saw it from the most interesting turn of the serial and was awestruck , will never miss it from now onwards!!

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