Swabhimaan 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Naina getting the medicine bottle from Sandhya’s room. She thinks this might be the same bottle which Sandhya picked from the dustbin and thinks to keep it with herself. She sees cupboard and thinks Sandhya got angry with her last time when she opened the cupboard. Sandhya comes to Nirmala and says you must be upset with me. She tells that she was alone when Karan marriage happened. Nirmala asks her not to give clarification and says I know you and even Nand Kishore. She says there was no use talking to Sharda or her family at that time and hugs her. Naina searches for the keys and opens the cupboard. She sees Jharoka inside the cupboard. She opens the Jharoka and sees acchar bottles. She thinks if this acchar is brought from other country. Sandhya comes and says Bundi. Naina gets shocked and the achar bottle falls from her hands.

She asks Naina, why did she break precious achar bottle. Naina closes the cupboard. Sandhya says you didn’t taste it and got it break. Naina says she will get it cleaned. Sandhya says she has two ways to make her confess why she came. She says she can shout and tell everyone. She says you came here to search for my secrets in Jharoka. Naina says I am sorry, I shall not have come here. Sandhya says you will get answers and makes her sit. She asks her to talk to Nirmala how an ordinary governess became Nirmala’s sister and her kids Maasi maa. She asks her to ask Nirmala why she chose this life when she could have a beautiful life. She says your doubts will poisoned everyone mind and asks her to ask Nirmala. She asks her to close the door while going. Naina thinks I don’t know what you are hiding, but I will know now about this bottle truth. Sandhya thinks I knew you will come here again and that’s why kept this bottle. She says you will never know the truth in this jharoka.

Vishal checks the books. Khayati asks if he will stare the books or read it. Vishal says he is searching book of his interest. She asks what you are doing here? Vishal asks what is her interest? Khyati says it was my mistake to bring you here. She falls and Vishal holds her. Khyati feels shy and goes. Naina calls Vishal and tells him about the bottle. He tells that he will check.

Nirmala comes. Naina and Nirmala are making acchar. Naina tries to ask Nirmala, but hesitates. Nirmala asks her to ask without hesitation. Naina tells that sometimes we get something good unexpected. Nirmala asks her to ask. Naina tells that Sandhya takes care of everyone and have taken care of Kunal, Karan and Khyati. She says she has a question in her heart and asks why she didn’t marry, and says she must have a family, but she spent her life in this house.

Nirmala tells Naina that mistake is theirs as it is their duty not to introduce family members to the new member. She tells that Sandhya and I used to study in the same school, she was in English medium and I was in Hindi. She tells that they used to see the dreams together. When she was 18 years old, her dad lost the job and her mum was bed ridden with two younger brothers. A fb is shown, Sandhya tells her mum that she is going to college and have made food. Her brothers come and calls her. Her dad feels bad as all responsibility fell on her and he couldn’t do anything. Sandhya asks him not to feel bad and says very soon you will get job and I will marry also. She tells that she is preparing for IAS exam. Fb ends. Nirmala tells that her family went for teerath yatra, but Sandhya couldn’t go because of her exam. Fb begin, Sandhya gets a call and is shocked. Her family died in an accident.

Nirmala tells that she brought Sandhya here. Sandhya was missing her family and gave love to this family. She cries while telling her story. Naina gets teary eyed too. She asks if she didn’t think about marriage? Nirmala says I tried to make her understand and even Dada ji asked her to marry, but she didn’t agree and told that this is her family and we kept quiet. She says I hope you got your answers. Naina thanks her. Nirmala thinks she couldn’t tell her truth which will disturb the family peace, thinks she will never tell anyone. Naina thinks what to do? Shall I give this bottle to Vishal or not. Karan asks Sandhya not to worry and says Naina will be fine. Sandhya gives his mouth organ and says she got it from the garden and says I want your happiness. Karan says you cares for me so much. Naina hears them and thinks there are two sides of Sandhya, what to do?

Karan asks Naina to be away from him, so that she don’t catches infection. Meghna asks Naina to open the door. Naina comes out with rashes on her face. Sharda and Meghna are shocked. Voiceover, if Meghna’s dream come true.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I guess Masima had an illicit relationship with Kunal’s father. Maybe Kunal is Masima’s son n Karan is Nirmala’s son. Or maybe, Nirmala couldn’t be a mother. So, Masima had to do something.

    1. I thought the same too . Nirmala couldn’t get pregnant and Masima help her out by suducing NK while Nirmal pretended to be pregnant and hide it from her family. However after Kunal Nirmala soon gets pregnant and give birth to both Karan Kathy. That is why she don’t want Karan to succeed.

  2. But did Nirmala bring sandhya to Chauhan house after her marraige?

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