Swabhimaan 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kunal’s truth shatters everyone

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Swabhimaan 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nand Kishore telling that he wants to make a special announcement and says one more marriage will happen after this, and that will be of Kunal and Sawri. Everyone is shocked. Kunal asks what you are saying? Meghna says you are forgetting a big thing and says I am Meghna Kunal Chauhan, I am his wife. Nand Kishofre says I am in a big shock of 25 years. Kunal asks what happened then? Dada ji asks him to tell clearly. Nand kishore asks Dada ji not to blame him and says whatever I tell is clearly only. He says some people hide the things and don’t tell clearly. He asks Nirmala if she wants to tell something to them clearly. He then asks Sandhya to tell if she wants to tell something to her. Kunal asks Nirmala what Dad is saying? Nirmala is shocked and cries.

Kunal asks Sandhya to tell. Nand Kishore says today she has to tell truth. He holds Nirmala’s hand and takes her down from the stage and then takes Sandhya and Kunal also. He tells Dada ji that he has trust on his bahu, today she is standing like a statue. He says her eyes are lowered, even though I told about Kunal and Sawri’s marriage. He says she has been betraying her sasur, her husband and everyone. Sharda asks why he is blaming Nirmala and initiated the topic of Kunal and Sawri’s marriage. Nand kishore asks her not to interfere. He asks Nirmala and Sandhya to tell, but they are silent. Nand kishore holds Kunal’s hand and hurts his injured hand. Karan asks him to leave him. Dada ji asks what you are doing, he is your blood. Nand Kishore says I don’t care if his blood flows out, as he is not my son and he is not of Chauhan family. Dada ji is shocked. Kunal is in tears.

Nand Kishore asks her to call herself just Meghna and says Kunal is not Chauhan. He continues hurting his hand and says he is just Kunal. Naina thinks this truth might break this house. Nand Kishore leaves his hand and says he is not my son, and tells that Sawri told him. He tells Sandhya and Nirmala got admitted in the hospital and delivers baby. One of the friend’s baby dies, and the other gives her baby to her. He says they come to Jaipur and act as family family with us. He says that woman is Sandhya, who gave her son to Nirmala is Sandhya. Kunal and Meghna are shocked. Nand Kishore says your adarsh bahu fooled us since years and that baby is Kunal.

Kunal asks Nirmala to tell that Dad is lying and says this is not truth. He hugs her and cries. He says I am your son. Nand Kishore asks what you are asking her. Kunal asks him not to come inbetween them and hugs her asking her to tell that he is her son. Nirmala says when I took you in my lap, since then you are my son. He says she forgot that she didn’t give him birth. Everyone cries seeing Kunal crying. Kunal hugs her and asks her not to lie. He asks Dada ji to tell that he is his grand son. He asks Nand kishore to say that he is his rockstar son Kunal Singh Chauhan.

Khyati cries. Kunal asks her not to cry and says this is not truth. He tells Karan that everyone made him paraya in one moment and asks what is my mistake. He asks do you think that I am not your brother. Karan hugs him and says I will not accept if even God tells me this. You are my Ram and I am your Lakshman, I will not leave you. He hugs him and cries. Sandhya and Nirmala cry. Sandhya tells Kunal that this is truth, you are my son.

Nand kishore tells everyone that Sawri told me the truth on this condition that she will become Chauhan’s bahu. He says if Kunal wants to be Chauhan’s son then he has to divorce Meghna and marry Sawri. He gives him morning’s time to decide. Sawri smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Though truth is out finally… but I wonder in serials everyone believe villians so easily?????? they need not to investigate about truth…..

  2. Nk’s love for kunal was not true instead of supporting his family he believed on what savri said. ????

  3. Good acting from kunal… he is a best actor… wow.. i never see this range of acting fron any actor or acteress side… meghna is also good.. i think they never did over acting or unnecessary expressionzz.. good to watch the serial

  4. Best serial
    I like kunal and Meghan

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