Suvreen Guggal 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 6th September 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with suvreen working on her designs..preity walks in to ask wen to start 4m office to go attend magic bands clients..suvi hushes her up n says sun..yuvi is shown chosing his cloths n dressing up..ekdum style mar ke ..rathi to starts dressing up bt yuvi tels rathi to nt follow him today..he says that dnt bcum a kabab me haddi let suvreen n him njoy thr spl da n moments romantically.. ..rathi teases yuvi that wow 4 gf ur forgeting ur frnd..etc..finaly yuvi is al dressed up 4 d occassion n leaves waiting at d venue 4 suvi with roses in hand (i hate these red roses nw as they alwaz bring tears n mayushi 4 yuvreen ) suvi is as usual 4 that stupid brash magic band ppl held up n preity is stuk in jam so she too cnt substitute 4 suvis absence 4 magic bands performance stylings….

yuvi awaits n trys calling up suvi..suvi cnt answer as those quarelsum nerds starts scuffling blaming n holding each other responsible 4 thr previous failure n present struggle….so on being unanswered yuvi in frustrations throws away his mobile n sobs ..he breaks dwn n laments suvis absence..(cnt c him like this i hate cvs hate them hate them hate them )

those idiotic nerd unmagic band continues thr dhisum dhisum n shelly too cnt ctrl them..d man in charge who gvs those band chance to perform storms in n threatens to cancel thr show if shelly fails to calm her disorderly gang..n poor shelly seeks 4 suvis help..she desires too abandon al these chaos n go to yuvi bt being d gentle unselfish soul that she is d angelic suvi decides to help sort out things 4 shelly(poor suvi..alwaz bearing d burnt of others stupiditys )..finally she is pissed at d unmagic grp n decides to gv them a piece of her mind ..she tels them to close thr eyes n forget d past n concentrate n imagine themselves as musicians on stage..these hv sum desirable affect on those lunatics n they patch up n regrp n gt ready to deliver..

yuvi is nw shown teary eyed n his audible complaints r that suvi is happy n content as pepper..4 her its her wrk that is more important..nevr yuvis n his career..he starts walking by aimlesly..
rehan n ira arrives at d same venue(i dnt know d name sorry gt muddled) whr magic band wd perform..ira is surprised to hear that d table 4 two hs bin booked..she understands thr is no real meeting with any client rather rc hs tricked her to cum thr so that he can continue his train of incomplete thots..meanwhile rc excuses n walks in to d magic band members..aftr greeting them he requests on a paper 4 a particular song to woo ira..they agree hapily….rc notices thr costumes n asks who hs styled them..they answer its pepper..rc says this is 2nd time he is hearing pepper being mentioned..n that whoevr this pepper is she hs dun a fab job..he is impressed highly n longs to meet her sumda..suvi who hd spotted rc 4m a distance n ws lurking behind..ovrhears d full conversation..she is very pleased at rc’s lavish praises..she radiantly beams at herself..rc goes bak bt finds ira leaving..he sumhw manages to hold bak ira to mek her listen to watevr he hs preplanned..ira agrees only aftr she meks him admit he hd trickd her to cum thr..n they order 4 fine wine n lobster(alcohol alcohol smelly tacky yuck )

yuvi who ws walking by aimlesly dejectedly with his head hung low is stopped by alisha n her cheerful greetings..alisha asks yuvi whr is suvi?yuvi screams bak she didnt turn up ..alisha is taken alisha reasons with yuvi that suvi is nt a grl who wd fail her promises unles sum thing realy important hd held her up..alisha further tels yuvi that sum times it may seem that d work u feel is nt important 4 that person bt actualy its realy very urgently important 4 that gv suvi a chance dnt b angry on her without hearing her out(i forgive alisha ..she hs changed..she cd hv taken she defended suvi..she is gud nw every1 plz forgive her?)..yuvi nw is shown bit calmer n he says he wnt brood ovr d lost chance bt he wd rather keep his promises ..he says he hs promised sum1 long time bak sum thing n he wd fulfil it today …

shelly finds pepper aka suvi n hands ovr a white envelop(mony?)..suvi is very happy bt she waits 4 rc n ira to leave so that she can cum out of hidding..she notices rc going dwn his knees…

Precap:rehan bends down on his knees n asks ira 4 marriage..ira hs a stern al probability refusal awaits in her lips..suvi is staring at al these..enters soni n yuvi sudenly same place same time ekdum filmy timings ..n they too c rc ira proposal rejections drama..soni comments may b ira turned dwn rc as she dnt love him bt yuvi corrects her n tels no ira turned dwn rc bcoz ira knows rc dnt love her ..(nw am very confused )..then focus shifts to suvi who spots soni n yuvi thr together..n colour fades..

Update Credit to: JustMySelf

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