Suvreen Guggal 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 5th June 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Yuvi saying no to Alisha but she persuades and drags him to some people, Suvi watches after them, Alisha introduces Yuvi to the photographers, Suvi looks from far, Yuvi signals her he will be coming right back, Suvi smiles and signals its okay, Yuvi gets back to posing for the photographers with Alisha as Suvi watches them

On the other hand RC watches Ira talking to some people, he then passes by looking around, he sees Suvi and goes to her, RC asks Suvi if she isn’t enjoying the party, Suvi shouts through the music it’s a huge party and its over-whelming for her, RC tells her this is just the beginning there are more such big parties to come

Suvi says to RC she hopes there isn’t big surprises like ‘that’ in those parties, she said pointing towards Jolly

dancing with Vikram, Rohan and Geeti, RC laughs and tells Suvi he cant gurantee her that when Jolly is present in the parties, Ira watches the two talking from afar

Preeti is looking around for Rohan and finally sees him talking to Ira, Ira looks towards RC and Suvi again and excuses herself from Rohan, Preeti comes excitedly to Rohan and greets him, Rohan tells her she looks very beautiful today, Preeti shocked by what he said thanks him blushing, she then hesitates and tells him she wanted to say something, by the time she gathers up the courage to talk some random girl comes and pulls Rohan for dancing

Alisha is doing all she can showing off in front of the reporters, she tells them she never thought of becoming a model infact she never cared much how she looked, she then tells one of the photographers to click her right profile only as it looks best, she then goes on saying RC recognized her and Yuvi’s true talent and he insisted so much so she is very thankful to him
A photographer comes to Alisha and asks Yuvi to move to the side, Yuvi was about to step out when Alisha holds him back on his arms and poses, Yuvi looks around for Suvi in despair, as Alisha goes back to answering the reporters

Suvi looks at Yuvi and Alisha and thinks to herself Alisha isn’t leaving Yuvi, a reporter comes to RC and he starts talking to her, Suvi looks at Yuvi and Alisha and then at RC and leaves from there, RC looks after her as she leaves and goes back to the reporter who keeps asking him questions

Ira comes behind him and thinks she cant wait anymore and she needs to tell him that she loves him, she watches him while Jolly comes to her and tells her he has a surprise for her, Ira asks what and Jolly points to someone who comes to Ira and Ira gets shocked and exclaims to Varun how come he is here, Varun tells her he came to surprise her but seems like it isn’t a pleasant surprise for her, Ira tells him to shut up, the guy jokes with her that even being polite she does it so rudely

Ira punches him on the shoulders and says she still remembers how she punched him on the nose back in college, the guy says she had little mercy, Ira says its small mercy, she reminds him how the English teacher kicked him out of class for his little mercy, they start arguing over it, Varun tells her the ma’am was wrong and so was her favorite student Ira, she then tells him this argument will never stop

Jolly tells Varun that Ira never told him but she still has his pic with that mickey mouse trunks, Ira tells Jolly not to get any ideas she only has that pic because there’s mickey mouse in those trunks, Varun says ‘nahi’ dramtically and Jolly teases Ira is it only mickey mouse, she hits him and he says he will leave the two love birds now, Ira talks to Varun while glancing behind her at RC
Suvi is looking around for Yuvi, Preeti comes to her and tells her she knows how Suvi is feeling, Suvi asks how, Preeti says just as how even she herself is feeling as no one is leaving their boys, Suvi smiles and says they have to wait, Preeti asks but for how long, Suvi tells her they don’t have to get bored waiting, Preeti looks confused and Suvi drags her to the dance floor and starts dancing

Suvi indicates to Preeti towards Rohan behind her and tells her to go to him, Preeti shakes her head saying no, Suvi turns her around and pushes her to Rohan, Preeti goes near him and then comes back saying no to Suvi, she asks her if Suvi thinks it’s the right time, Suvi tells her it is the right time as its matters of the heart, she pushes Preeti to Rohan again but she turns and comes back saying no
Suvi sighs and then calls Rohan and asks him to come dance with them, she starts dancing with him and then slowly leaves Preeti and Rohan alone, Rohan dances with Preeti who tells him she wants to say something to him, she keeps hesitating and then finally says ‘I like you, would you like to go on a date with me’, Rohan asks what as he couldn’t hear because of the music, Preeti repeats again but he couldn’t hear her, just then the dj puts off the music and Preeti screams out loud that she likes him

Everyone’s eyes are on Preeti and Rohan, Suvi smiles while Alisha is smiling mockingly and Geeti and Vikram look at them tensed, Rohan says but he already has a girlfriend, Preeti looks up at him heartbroken, Suvi is shocked, Rohan says he thought she knew, Suvi looks shock and confused
Preeti starts laughing and tells Rohan this was all a joke as she knew he had a girlfriend, she tells him she had a bet with Geeti and Vikram to make him confess that he doesn’t have a girlfriend but since he does so she lost the bet, Preeti tells Geeti and Vikram that they won

Suvi watches Preeti teary-eyed, Rohan says ‘but’, Preeti cuts in and says he thought she was asking him out but she isn’t and she doesn’t like him it was all a joke, Rohan asks but she just asked for a date, Preeti seriously days no she wasn’t asking, she then mumbles what to say and then finally says out that she has a boyfriend
Rohan says thankgod as for a moment he got scared as he thought it was for real, Preeti wipes her tears and says even she thought for a moment it was real and leaves from there as Suvi looks after her depressed, the dj starts the music and everyone gets back to dancing
Preeti cries out in a corner saying it always happens with her as she is so unlucky in everything in her life, Suvi goes to her, Preeti hugs her and starts crying, Suvi apologies her for forcing her to talk with Rohan, Preeti says no it isn’t her mistake, its her own mistake as she shouldn’t have dreamt about something that can never be possible, she tells her she shouldn’t dream at all as since she knows its never going to fulfill then why should she dream

Suvi tells her one heartbreak doesn’t finish the life, Preeti tells her it isn’t one, it always happens with her that whichever guy she likes wnds up having a girlfriend or gives reasons like she is fat and all, she doesn’t understand why it happens to her, she says she has been unlucky always and will always be unlucky, Suvi hugs her as she cries more
Yuvi is looking around for Suvi but in vain, he thinks where she went gayab, Alisha comes to him and tells him to stay with her as they need to promote the calendar, Yuvi tells her off he even needs to spend time with Suvi and anyways he couldn’t go pick her up tonight before the party, Alisha angrily tells him Suvi is matured and if she could come to the party alone then she can take care of herself also

Yuvi tells her it isn’t like that, Alisha tells him off that they might never get such a chance but what does he care for her friendship and calendar, Yuvi tells her it isn’t like that, Alisha tells him if it isn’t like that then he should show it, Yuvi then asks her to say whom should they impress, Alisha points at the other side and they walk off there
Suvi frustrated looking around thinks to herself this is slow motion chopsey as she got so dressed up and she couldn’t even manage to talk to Yuvi for 2 min, and she even made Preeti do her own chopsey

Samar sees Suvi and goes to the bar where she is standing, Suvi notices him and moves away, Samar asks her if her boyfriend is having short term memory loss or does he have weak eyesight, Suvi confused asks what, Samar explains that either he cant see his girlfriend looks awsum today or he has forgotten that he had a girlfriend
Suvi replies to him it isn’t like that, Samar asks then why isn’t he with her, Suvi thanks him for the compliment and tells him she doesn’t like it when someone speaks like that about her boyfriend, Samar laughs and says usually she is cute but when she is angry she looks hot and he noticed always she is always angry, he asks her if she deliberately stays angry. Suvi laughs and says no

Samar asks her for champagne, Suvi says no alcohol, Samar says its not alcohol its champagne, he tells her its made with so much difficulty its really amazing, Suvi exclaims sarcasticallly she knows people squash the grapes with their feet and then whatever comes out of it… and she makes a disgusting face, Samar laughs and tells her she is a super-herione and her super power is to take away all the joy out of everything in this world, he calls her miss Ill-joy, Suvi says but it’s a fact, Samar says and to forget that fact he drinks the champagne
Some reporter comes to Samar and asks about his experience with this project, he tells her it was really amazing, Suvi was about to leave when he stops her holding her hand, Suvi looks at him and takes off her hand, Samar introduces Suvi to the reporter as fashion industry’s new talent, the reporter asks for her name again, he spells it out for her, Suvi smiles, the cameraman asks Suvi from how long is she in this industry, Suvi was about to answer but Samar interrupts

Samar tells him Suvi wont answer any questions now, Suvi asks why, Samar says because she has to go to a rescue mission, Suvi asks whom does she have to rescue, Samar whispers to her to rescue her boyfriend from Alisha, Suvi looks at him confused, he indicates her with his eyes, Suvi thinks to herself Maddy is so unpredictable

Precap: Alisha drunk tells Yuvi Suvi doesn’t even care for her as she has Maddy now, and that dress she is wearing is also gifted by Maddy, Yuvi gets angry, Samar stops Yuvi and tells him it isn’t like that how he is thinking, he tells Yuvi to relax, Yuvi looks at him in anger and punches him on the face in front of everyone, Suvi is shocked, Samar gets up and both hold each other’s collar about to hit

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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