Suvreen Guggal 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 25th February 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Yuvraj, Rathi and Mannu fighting..
Then Yuvraj calls Alisha.. Alisha asks him that everything is ok. He says yes. He asks: What did you say about the valentines day? She asks: What do you want to gift her? He says that he doesn’t know about the things.. He asks for help.. She says: Ofcourse, I’ll do everything for friends..! He says that the will meet her tomorrow morning. And then they hang up. Alisha speaks to herself: I’ll make sure Yuvi, Suvreen&Your first valentines day.. you will not forget it..
In the nest scene Puppa is talking to his wife (lovely) on the phone. He says that he is missing her.. And then he hangs up. He looks at the breakfast table and he gets shocked.. He asks : When did you do it?? And then Suvreen comes (with open hair and blue clothes).. She feeds her dad with food. He asks her why she is soo happy. She is imagining Yuvraj when he was holding her hand and when he was feeding her with cake. And then she says that she has decided to be always happy. then her phone rings.. and then she goes.
IT’S YUVRAJ THE CHEETAH!! He asks : what do you doing?
She says that she is giving breakfast to her dad. He says: AND…? She says: And what?? and nothing.. He asks: Do you miss anyone?
She says yes.. I’m missing anyone.. Yuvraj is happy to hearing that.. She says: I’m really very missing Mumma and Baby.. He asks: Mumma and baby??? She asks: What did you think?? Whom should I miss?? He says : I thought that you would miss me the most.. She asks him: If I’m missing you then?? He answeres: Then look at the outside of your house.. I’m outside of your house.. He says that he has two options: He will wait to her outside or he will come inside.. She says that he has to wait for her.. She will come outside.. And then Yuvraj says: Jhalli
In the next scene Rehan massages to Principal and says that he will resign from his position of being the head of the fashion..
In the next scene Yuvraj and Alisha in the college.. He says that Suvreen is different like the other girls.. Alisha says that today waht he does was normal coz the day was normal day.. but on valentines day he should gift Suvreen expensive things.. He says ok and goes. Alisha talks to herself: Yuvraj’s job is finished.. Suvreen is waiting for me..
In the next scene Suvreen tells to the others what Yuvraj did for her today. She doesn’t think that he will come to her house to pick her.. Suvreen is going to take the drinks and foods but then Alisha comes. She asks her: Did you planned everything for valentines?? Suvreen says that she planed a surprise for Yuvraj. But Alisha says NO NO NO NO!.. She says that she should not plan suprise for him.. Alisha says when she wanted to do a surprise then she can give him a gift.
And then Annie says to Zorro and Naro that she is jealous.. coz nobody did do to her what Yuvraj does do to Suvreen…
In the next scene Yuvraj drops Suvreen.. He asks her : Can you stay here? She says that she wanted to stay with him but her dad is waiting for her.. She says that they will meet tomorrow.. He says that he will pick her again tomorrow. Suvreen says: You don’t have to pick and drop me.. She wants to go but Yuvraj holds her hand and pulls her towards him. Their BG Tune is playing
She asks him what happened.. He says : Nothing. Thank she goes.. and before she goes .. she looks at Yuvraj.. When she goes Yuvraj’s phone rings.. Alisha calls Yuvi.. She asks what happened? He says that he was thinking of the valentines thing what Alisha said to him.. And then after a while they hang up..
In the next scene is in the fashion class. Rehan says that they have to do their assigments. And then the class ends. But Rehan says to himself that he forgot to say something. Suvreen asks him what happened? He says that he has an invitation for the class of Fashion event .. He says that Suvreen should give it to all. But Suvreen says that she can not come there tomorrow coz it’s valentines day. RC congratulations Suvi.. Because she & yuvi are together now. He says that he wanted to wish in the party but he couldn’t. Suvreen says that she was shocked and surprise. And she says that she doesn’t think that Yuvi will propose her. And then she goes.
In the next scene Zorrow wants to solve Yuvraj’s problems. Zorro says: If you can plan a surprise for Alisha then you can plan a surprise for Suvi too.
In the next scene Suvreen says to Alisha, Naro and Annie that she decided what she wanted to give to Yuvi. Alisha thinks: If Suvi plans a big surprise then my plan will not go on.. And she says that she won’t let it happen.

PRECAP: Yuvi & Suvi are talking in internet. Yuvi shows Suvi a letter (but I don’t know what it is)

And then in the next letter writes: WILL YOU COME ON A VALENTINES DATE WITH ME?? And then Suvi shows a letter too: YES!!! Yuvi is happy.. But then Suvis dad comes and says: Suvreen..!! Suvi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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