Suvreen Guggal 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 23rd April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Ira asking Suvi what she is doing in office so late.. Suvi replies that she has to finish of the broche that RC has told her to… Ira tells her if she is leaving late to shut the office as well Ira leaves.
The next day the shoot arrangements are going on.. Suvi is amazed seeing the set.. then the camera guy asks her to move out of the way… Shaina arrives.. Ira greets her.. then Ira tells her summer in Paris is just beautiful once all the work finishes we should go there for shopping and Shaina says yeah I will get my secretary to check the dates. Ira says to Alisha all set she says make up is sorted just the hair is left she goes I will just go call the hairdresser Alisha leaves… Ira then tell Shaina this intern is very bright she’s the daughter of Mrs Dewaan who is the fashion editor Shaina is impressed she says that’s nice… Ira then tell Shaina how to style her hair.
Alisha goes to Suvi starts panicking out pretends she needs help that Preeti has lost the footware she has lots of work to do hair and makeup is left and RC is shouting at her she goes Suvreen I need your help please help me… Suvreen says Alisha I can’t help you I have to sort the dress out… Alisha begs Suvreen to help her… Suvi agrees.. She puts the dress on rail and leave…Alisha smiles evilly.
Ira brings Shaina… RC adds the broche to the dress.. The photoshoot begins Suvi is very happy.. half way through the photoshoot the strap of Shaina dress comes off…everyone is shocked Ira shouts SUVREEN GUGGAL!!!!!!!
RC tries to console Shaina she starts shouting you call yourself a brand you bunch of amateurs… RC says listen… Shaina says bewaqoof loke, she says losers and leaves… Ira says to Suvi wait and watch she also leaves… RC isn’t happy with Suvi .
Ira apologises to Shaina but she isn’t willing to listen she says it’s all your guys fault.. Then she goes it’s her fault for trusting Ira and RC… Shaina then says how can Ira be so irresponsible how could she let all this happen.. she then says you have no idea what will happen if all this goes to the press Ira again tries to console her she tell her to shut up.
Suvi is very upset… Alisha is very happy they show us a flashback where Alisha had cut the strap when Suvi had went outside… RC says everything will be fine he tell Preeti to take everyone mobiles and cameras he tell everyone in the office sorry they have to give their mobiles phone and cameras… he doesn’t want the footage to be leaked outside… Suvi tries to speak to RC but he avoids her. Ira again apologises repeatedly to Shaina but she isn’t willing to listen.. she goes her being sorry isn’t enough.
Suvi explains to RC she stitched the dress properly all the flowers pins everything was properly done , she says she had checked it everything was fine… RC doesn’t say anything.. She says sir please trust me… RC again doesn’t say anything. Alisha is smiling evilly (hate the witch)
Shaina was about to leave the office Ira begs her she says I know you want to work with RC in the project please don’t leave just because of a stupid accident… She then says if you leave everything will go our company will finish before it even starts we will be on the streets… she says please don’t go… Shaina isn’t willing to listen she is about to go.. RC holds her hand he says he took everyone cameras mobiles… he goes I can assure you nothing will go wrong he apologises that he’s sorry for whatever has happened… he goes you’re a professional please finish the campaign off I’m ready to do whatever you want… Shaina agrees to complete the shoot… she goes her terms are that after this shoot she won’t ever work with them again and RC can’t ever work with her rival Sonam again… RC says promise he won’t… she says cool… she tell Ira she doesn’t want to see Suvi again make sure she doesn’t come in front of me… Suvi tries to apologise to Ira and Ira tells her to go to RC cabin make sure you don’t come out.
The photoshoot finally takes place… Suvi is in RC cabin she is very upset she says Ganuji yeh gharbar kaisi hui flowers bhi khode liaye teh Pins bhi kiyah tha.. kahiye na kahiye gharbar to hui hai lekin kaise..

Precap- Ira says to Suv because of you are reputation is gone to zero… SUVREEN GUGGAL YOU’RE FIRED


Update Credit to: Anam_Ali

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