Suvreen Guggal 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 21st May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Samar listening to Music on his laptop.. Yuvi comes inside his cabin and says Hi Samar.. waise mein tujhe.. tumhe Samar bhulah saktho hoon na yah mujhe bhi tumhe Samar..Sir bhulnah hogha… he then says I just came to say that I’m looking forward to the photoshoot.. after all you’re a big photographer and I am a inexperienced model… he says this Photographer Model class division is only for a short amount of time… democracy will change where me and you will be equal we will meet in some party, club or on the road… both of us will be equals… he goes to him if he had met him outside the office what would of happened.. Samar gets a magazine to read and doesn’t say anything back to Yuvi… Yuvi laughs he says lagtha hai iseh baat samaj agayi isliye bulathi

baand hai… Yuvi leaves.. Samar gets back to his music.

Now we see Suvi working in office.. RC rings her and tells her where is she.. Suvi says she will get out of the office in 5minutes and she will be at RC place in 1 hour… Alisha is talking about some bracelet with Geeti…Suvi is listening to their convo… Suvi then says kaisi baatien kar rehey hai why am I listening.. then she sees Rohan and Preeti together.. she says everywhere love is blossoming mere love ka kya hogha Ganuji Yuvraj itnah gussa hai mein kya karoo… we see Jatin and Soni talking he tells Soni to believe in herself and her talent… Jatin was about to pay the bill he says his lost his wallet.

We see RC and Suvi talking about designs she’s giving him suggestions.. Both are very happy… RC goes there’s a lot of work to do and less people just me and you, he goes first you finish of Jolly feather work.. RC does the drawings and Suvi does the feather work.

Back in the office we see Ira and Samar talking.. Samar is shouting he says fantastics suddenly Suvreen Guggal ko Mr India ka gadget milgayah aur woh gayab hogayi vanished in thin air POOF!!! I had told Suvreen to order the new lense and give briefing to the light people.. but Suvreen Guggal has even important things to do than this..Samar is very angry… Ira tells him to relax… Ira asks Preeti where Suvreen is Preeti says she has gone to RC house.. both Ira and Samar are shocked… Preeti says RC is working from home today he had called Suvreen to come to his house with all the designs and the golden feathers… Ira says to Samar she will send Geeti and Vikram to help him.. Samar says no thanks he can manage.. Samar leaves… Ira isn’t very happy she says why didn’t RC inform me he’s working from home.. Why did he call Suvreen for… Ira is angry and jealous.

RC shows Suvreen his design to ask her opinion… Suvreen says sir its perfect… RC is happy he then tells her that in fashion world you have to be creative and open to more ideas just because you like one thing that doesn’t mean the other person will like it… Suvreen goes sir I still have a lot to learn from you.. she says in college your every word for me was like bible and still is… RC says how many bibles… Suvreen says sir everyone respected you in college, she then tells him she had a lot of problems… she stayed in office… RC tells her she should of come to him he would of helped her… she says she didn’t want because he was already having problems setting up IRIS… she says she had to solve her own problems life was testing her she has to fulfil her dream herself.. RC says to her mark my words this city will fulfil all your dreams. He then says you stayed in jolly keh office (gesturing his hands like jolly) RC then says do your Mom Dad know she says no Sir

Back to Delhi we see Papa Guggal upset Mama Guggal asks him what happened.. he tells her that his office have blamed him of doing fraud of 10 lakhs… he is very upset.. he goes in my whole life I haven’t done any deceit… he cries.

Yuvi is waiting for Suvreen in office… Suvi comes.. Yuvi says I came here because I want to say something… Suvi says before you say anything I’m sorry.. Yuvi says I’m sorry I shouldn’t have overreacted… it’s not your fault you didn’t know I was waiting for you that’s why you went with Samar.. Suvi says yes but she should of phoned him.. Suvi then tells Yuvi Samar is a cool photographer whatever he is.. he isn’t Cheetha like Yuvraj.. next time he decides to plan a surprise for her to tell her she promises him she will give surprise reaction… she then tells him he should share his feelings with her.. if he doesn’t tell her how would she know that he is hurt…she then says if we don’t talk how will we sort the problem out.. she then says when this mute button comes in the relationship all the problems start.. she tell Yuvi to promise her that he will share all his feelings with her.. Yuvi says done… Suvi then says if that late night dinner offer is still available she is very hungry.. Yuvi says lifetime offer never closes… Suvi says ok then I will introduce you to Mumbai amazing interesting late night dinners Pav Bhaji.. Both Yuvreen go to the dhabba to eat.. Yuvi feeds Suvi… Suvi says Pav Bhaji is very famous here… she then sees bracelet on Yuvi arm doesn’t eat from his hands.. Yuvi is confused what happened to her… Suvreen is angry

PRECAP: Precap- Soni has no money to pay the rent.. she says she needs to tell Suvi… we see RC and Ira they tell Samar and Suvi they are going to show the final designs to the client.. Samar says good luck.. Suvi says RC Sir Ira isn’t very happy.. Suvi says to herself this isn’t the right time to discuss salary with RC sir and she says Good luck sir… RC and Ira leave… Suvi says what shall I do now landlord wants the rent today

Update Credit to: Anam

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