Suvreen Guggal 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 20th September 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with vikram geeti n alisha preity being shown already in office sitting n discussing..rohan walks in greeting every1 n then they start wondering whr is suvreen..vikram says if suvreen ws to cum she wd hv by nw as she is nevr late 4 her wrk..rc arrives..he notices suvreen’s empty chair halts n flashes a dishevelled luk at d interns n walks past..rohan geeti n vikram rues why suvreen didnt turn up…alisha chudail cums with her twai twai latke jhatke n moves her fire spitting tongue to badmouth suvi as usual n tels d other interns that hw can suvi face us nw aftr all these (lady macbeth serpentile cockroach) bt geeti quickly retorts that we hv spent hrs with suvi we know she can nevr sell information..cin every1 agreeing with geeti n nt doubting suvi alisha

changes her ovr confident tone n says hesitatingly that u nevr know wat circumstances n need of mony can mek ppl do..n walks away..geeti ignores her..rohan sudenly says that hs any1 noticed that evr since this manini case none of them hs received thr due salary..preity is nw zoomed..she luks discomfy abt nt gting salary..ira walks in asking preity to hand ovr d files of outstanding bills..preity hands it ovr n asks ira wen wd they gt salary..ira says iris is in truble they r aware that they cnt pay them bt they wd address d problem sun..
samar is shown with manini in her office..he is shown to slyly place a camera amidst books in a bookshelf while casualy chatting away with manini..he attempts flattery to please manini n win her confidence ..manini blah blahs abt her left n right profile showing a picture..samar decides to compliment manini more n tels she is more beautiful than d photographer hs dun her justice..if it ws he he wd hv brot out her beauty more efficiently(ya ya hang me )..n he moves close to her..samar places a pen cum microphone in manini’s pen stand on her desk..malini asks y is he buttering her so much..samar tels he is chancing..nt on her bt on d opportunity to click beautiful women r his weaknes(ya ya gadhe ko bhi baap banalo )..suvi n yuvi continues to view d footages recorded via d hidden camera n microph n r wide eyeed at samars antics
nw back at iris rc is shown flipping thru documents..ira trys reassuring that she wd fix eveything that thr lawyers wd bail them out of d crisis..rc says that ira we both know we r in a financial mess..d dream with which we started iris is falling apart..ira says yes we hv more bills to pay than d money we hv rc tels that perhaps iris wd b lost..thr is nothing they can do as his house is mortgaged too..they r in bad mess..
nw again samar yuvi n suvi r shown..they continue viewing manini’s footages..yuvi asks wats d next plan?samar asks hs suvi gt any ideas?suvi says yes..she dials up manini n says with style that its pepper calling..samar n yuvi’s jaw drops they r like ..suvi continues in a high profile glamorous tone that she hs heard manini is luking 4 her..n so she hs decided to contact her..suvi further tels that i hv sent u sum designs plz check it n i assure u that they r nt fake..manini opens a brown package n shuffles thru peppers sketches n compliments her gud designs..suvi tels manini that she intends to tek her brand to a higher notch so she is offering manini to cum wrk with her via a partnership busines…manini says that pepper ur creative as wel as busines minded n so confident of own talent..suvi as pepper replies wats d use of creativity if nt busines minded n talent alwaz allows arrogance..samar starts whispering that model i didnt knew ur gf is so noty n ws wrking as pepper..yuvi is taken aback by suvis revealations infrnt maddy n he asks samar to shut up..manini hangs up aftr adding that she is interested to do busines with pepper bt nt so fast..she needs time to wrk on d deal..suvi wsnt expecting she quickly adds that its f9..manini can tek her time bt remember to nt prolong it for ages as pepper is in demand..
aftr suvi hangs up..yuvi walks up to suvi n questions in anger y she is involving pepper again..n y infrnt samar..samar quips relax model i wdnt tell any1 that ur gf is pepper noty noty….yuvi again tels him to shut up..suvi tels yuvi she hs thot out eveything..yuvi says gr8..u hv already figured out n u didnt feel d need to consult he storms out of d rum..
samar n suvi continues viewing d footages on thr screen hoping manini wd put d designs sent by pepper at d same place whr she hs hidden d contract alas she doesnt.samar in d mean time comments that hw many names suvi hs princes gudgal pepper etc..suvi says cut d joke cum to d pt..samar says ok so wats this pepper story..he nevr thot suvi cd do sum thing like this..suvi says that she didnt do it with any intentions to cheat bt bcoz she needed extra money n she was abt to tel rc d truth bt this stupid manini ruined all..samar blivs her..samar asks suvi sdnt she go aftr yuvi to calm him dwn?suvi asks wat abt d footages then?samar offers himself as watchman..suvi luks up gratefuly at samar n leaves for yuvraj
suvi arrives n sees yuvi sitting on bed grumpily..suvi tels sory..yuvi says in colg we were a grp n we alwaz divided our wrk equaly bt nw suvi didnt feel d need to atleast brief him..suvi tels she knows exactly wat she is doing..n that she wd tel him her plans..yuvi says she risked herself again by dragging in pepper..y did she do that..suvi says its 4 iris..yuvi says iris n other ppl doesnt evn trust her..they think she sold manini infos then y is she so concerned 4 iris..suvi replies that iris is in truble as suvi ignored design registrations as she ws busy being doesnt matter if any1 blivs her or nt..rc sir who hs mentored her needs her..n she wd help..suvi adds that its her dream to wrk wit rc n iris is his dream so she wd sacrifice pepper n save iris(such an angel )..yuvi nw understands suvi n smiles n assures to assist her in saving iris..he says he hs gt a plan to find out whr manini hs hidden d documents n he at suvi

Precap: yuvi is shown giving directions to samar who is standing infrnt a digital safe.. yuvi tels samar to hit random buttons n gt d safe self locked due to wrong inputs..n watch d game

Update Credit to: JustMySelf

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