Suvreen Guggal 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 19th August 2013 Written Update

Suvreen is speaking to Jd .She asks her about her office ,suvreen tells her they will meet outside as she doesnot own an office.Yuvraj is worried as there is no signal for his phone.Rathi cheers him and when they are eating yuvraj goes to wash his hand as it is painted .At that time rathi tries to search for signal and he gets it and calls yuvraj but there is some fake message Yuvraj tells him to delete it.At that time again there is a message which is from Suvreen but by that yuvraj has already left.rathi doesnot read the message instead he tries to read the fake one and the phone stpos working.

Jd is shown as RC friend and she comes to meet him.Seeing this Suvreen tries to hide from them.Rc introduces his staff to jd and wonders where is suvreen.Preti sees suvreen hiding at that time Suvreen sends her message to tell Rc that she has to purchase some swatches sample.Rc tries to contact Suvreen .so she leaves her phone near sofa and hides behind the pillar.Rc picks her phone and goes inside.Suvreen decides she will go home but remembers her phone is with RC and if yuvraj calls so she is in fix.She talks to camera saying its end of suvreen and pepper.
Mamma guggal is worried about cleanliness of the house ask soni about the bai.Soni tells her she is not coming today.So mamma notes it in calendar so they can cut her salary.At that soni gets call for audition she leaves wearing short dresss which Mumma guggal diapproves but yet she leaves saying this is the dress she has to wear.later while cleaning the house she finds the rag torn so she decides to use old cloth and finds one top of soni which has holes and uses it.
Rohan is unable to do a sketch he keeps throwing them Preti gives him advice about color and fabric and it turns out good.he appreciates her ,even suvreen praises her.
Yuvraj is angry with rathi for spoiling his phone and wonders how he will contact Suvreen.
Suvreen is seated in desk faced covered with scarf when Jd asks her the way to restroom.She tells her the way and at that time rc calls her on intecom to meet in his cabin.
Suvreen enters and both Rc and Jd accuse her and Jd slaps her.I think its adream.

Precap Preti tells suvreen she knew about her freelance work and requests her to make her assistant .


Update Credit to: sujairohit

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