Suvreen Guggal 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 13th September 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with suvreen styling n helping geeti in her bridal luk 4 her engagement..suvi compliments geeti 4 her beauty..geeti asks..if she met her family yet.. suvi replies yes n they love her very much..geeti says thats y she cdnt tel her family any thing 4 fear of disappointing n hurting every1..suvi probes geeti whether d fear of failed love affair whether her her doubt in chosing a wrong partner in vikram made her give consent 4 arranged marriage..if thats d reason then she is making a huge mistake as not only it wd ruin 3 lives bt also if she cnt b happy herself hw can she mek others hapy?4 sum wrong choices in life its improper to give up making choices in life 4ever..suvi says her parents love her so she sd discus watever problems indecission she is suffering 4m with

them n sure they who wants her hapy wnt fail to understand that she is nt ready 4 this arranged marriage yet..geeti says no pt thinking ovr al these as vikram doesnt love her..
yuvi n vikram continues thr boys talk..vikram devdas continues unbottling his feelings..(realy smelly alcohol gaam me bhi khushi me bhi kaam aata hai?)..vikram justifys that d problem in thr relationship is bcoz its so hard to please geeti..if he gives a surprise geeti says y he didnt tel him b4 doing anything..if he doesnt give any surprise she questions y he didnt plan sum thing isnt he interested in doting ovr her vikram says karu bhi to kya karoo?rathi gives his expert comments that ya Sum1 made grls like this if they hv bin designed to mek boys dance to thr music every nw n then..they r impossible to understand..(we r nt like that ) hearing rathi vikram tels no its nt geetis fault its his fault..he cnt live without her..hearing this confession yuvi pounces on d opportunity..he asks vikram hs he said al these to geeti evr?hunched vikram nw sits up straight n realizes he hs nt..yuvi says its nt to late..lets go n gt geeti her everything n woo her bak in his life 4evr….vikram agrees hapily so cheetah n vikram starts 4 geeti’s house..

bak in geeti’s rum..geeti’s younger sister cums to hasten her 4 d engagement ceremony..n notices pepper witout her blonde luks..she asks suvi r u pepper or sum1 else..geeti asks her sister to keep quite n she wd explain al details later nt her sister stops pestering n in walks geeti’s mom..she is very pleased with geeti’s bridal dress n thanks n praises suvi..n hurries geeti n leaves..nxt geeti is shown cin off suvi..geeti thanks suvi 4 being arnd in her trubled times n that suvi hs bin a true frnd to her..suvi ws about to request her to nt reveal her pepper identity till she herself choses to publicly disclose geeti reads her mind n assures her without suvi mouthing any thots that being her frnd she wd keep pepper a secret 4m d world….n just then enters d scene driving a cab cheeah n devdas vikram..suvi is all smiles cin yuvi thr ..tho surprised at his unannounced arrival..yuvi informs her that being d chetah n as he hd promised to aid suvi in her mission geeti bachao he wd in his own ways deal with vikram n that he hs done it exactly this vikram nw emerges 4m d cab..geeti is nw ..vikram cums near geeti n tels her hw much he loves her..that he hs bin behaving stupidly with her ..that he is ready to talk to her parents abt them as thr is no confusions in his mind left nw..he asks her to give him a last chance..geeti is numb hearing al this n she only reacts by hugging bak vikram..nw d couple resolves thr past differences ..yuvreen luks on hapily..suvi says she is glad nw..yuvi says al problems suvi says no nt yet as geeti’s parents n thr consent needed vikran geeti n yuvreen aims 4 mission meet d parents

as usual aftr formal introduction of her frnds..geeti manages to confide to her parents that she n vikram r in love n she doesnt wish to marry d man her parents chose n she is young thr r lots of things to do..her career hs just started she doesnt wish to end up marrying nw..obvio her dad fumes..he feels that she is disrespecting them etc..wats d use of telling on d day of engagement n d would-hv-bin-in-laws gives thr additional sniding remarks super grl suvi interferes n coaxes geeti dad to rethink abt geeti n vikram..she tels them that they wanted to c geeti happy so fixed her marriage so if nw geeti admits she is unhapy then wats d pt of this engagement?no1 wd b hapy with d arranged marriage..geetis nevr-to-be-in-laws leaves in anger ..n finaly geetis parents says yes to vikram n geeti..(tg this chap is closed )..yuvi nw wispers to suvi that finaly every thing suvi mumbles in her mind that pepper issue neds to be addressed only then she can rest in peace ..

suvi returns n shows off her mom geeti n her family pics clicked in her cell..she shows her d bridal dress..her mom asks whether d frnd in truble abt whom suvi ws talking a day b4 is ovr with her problems?suvi remains silent..her mom leaves..suvi decides she must tel rc abt pepper..suvi receives a sms 4m rc enquiring abt pepper’s details n whether suvi cd arrange 4 her no. suvi replies to his sms in confirmative..

next day in iris..preity yuvi geeti vikram r shown debating on suvis decission abt revealing pepper pathak to rc..no1 feels suvi sd risk yuvi says he is tired of reasoning with her..n suvi is topper..1c she decides she wnt bak dwn..geeti asks yuvi who gv suvi such advice yuvi says madam u inspired suvi more ..geeti says my issue ws different..vikram says ya right..preity says vikram ur realy lucky that geeti forgave u..dnt hurt her again else i b4 she completes her sentence yuvi says if vikram hurts geeti again he wd teach vikram a lesson..vikram pleads plz dnt tek my class nw concentrate on suvis problem 4 nw its much bigger n important 4 d time being..n al d 4 broods sulkingly..

That malini lady is zoomed..clutching a rc frame her audiable (hebrew to me) comments r that she wd b announcing..discussing..stating sum things that wd change d world of rehan charles(4 better or 4 worse ?) n smiling..

Precap:Suvi is surrounded by vikram geeti preity n yuvraj..they in all probability tryin to stop her 4m telling rc abt suvi is shown asking them to show thr support 4 her to end her web of unrequired lies..

Update Credit to: JustMySelf

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