Suspense at its peak……………..Shakti

Suspense at its peak……………..Shakti

It is being hinted that Sowmya is a transgender. But I doubt whether doesn’t she know it herself. I mean her feelings, likes/dislikes of both genders, Curiosity of being treated different and most important issues of ladies.

She doesn’t seem to have any of these issues. When serial makers decide to pick up senstive issues such as these, why dont they stick to the subject? If they wanted to show a simple love story then they should have shown a normal girl only.

As far as we have seen till now, the woman who wants to kidnap sowmya is seemingly hijra born to Nimmi and Mahender. Even though we can believe that sowmya is ignorant of these issues at childhood, now that she is an adult she should have observed atleast one such aspect?

I agree not every serial follows its initial path revealed during its launch. But still we have our own new expectations. Vivian Dsena is absolutely spectacular in appearance while Rubina Dilaik is good(not equal to Vivian I feel). Surprising package Roshni Sahota is very impressive both in beauty and performance.

These are just my views. Please penn your responses below.

  1. Well rubina herself hinted DAT she’s not playing a transgender…dere must b sumthing else…maybe she’s one wid not properly developed genitals or something…let’s see na

  2. i fully agree with u and i also raise this point in the serial’s comments

  3. I think it has nothing to do with gender it must be plotted in a more seriously tackled issue

  4. Biggest twist harman nd sowmya got married!!!???? Some people surround him and gun point him as he fills her mang.. His father is also there… Kamya is shounting at her husband and vivian saying go and stay with ur wife and bahu..wats need to marry..and all and she is packing their luggages.. Crazy serial… But vivian is hot?

    1. pwincess pari

      Wowwwwww …. Harman n Soumya will get married ??????

  5. I don’t think she is a transgender. If it was like that she would have known it well. May be something different related to this matter. Lets see!! bt loving the show all the actors r jst superb!!

  6. I dont think she is a transgender, in her interview she said that she isnt playing any transgender character.

  7. pwincess pari

    Vivi ….. Ur style is d bezzzz part of attracting uzzz dear ??

  8. i dont think she is a transgender.i think she may be a pr*stitute duaghter and nimmi not his real mom.any how i love this type of suspense serials.

    1. Mona146

      I don’t think so since Nimmi shouts that she is her own and maninders daughter. I wish they reveal suspense soon.

    2. I also think the same

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