The Survivors (raglak and swaron) intro

Hi. This is my first ff. Hope you all will like it.


Swayam:a teen of 16 years. Sports captain of his college. Role played by shantanu maheshwari.

Sharon: a teen of 16 years. A good athlete and dancer. Role played by vrushika mehta.

Lakshya : a soldiers by profession.Calm and logical. Has vast knowledge about weapons. Role played by namish tanega.
Ragini : a military nurse by profession. Logical and responsible. Has vast knowledge about medicinal plants.


Thearatical trailer

Swaron dance. Sond playing in background.
Fire aroundLakshya and swayam. They are shouting names of ragini and sharon.
Ragini is lying lifeless in Lakshya’s arms. He is crying seeing her.
Swaron hug is shown.
Sharon points gun towards swayam. Sound of gunshot is heard.
Swayam in sharon’s arms
Ragini nursing Lakshya’s wounds.
Sharon hugs swayam whoose hands are covered in blood.
People accusing lakshya and swayam of bringing bad luck resulting in death.
Ragini instructing everyone to avoid touching each other.
Darts raining on people from bergs.
Lakshya is shown flying bergs
So this is the intro of main characters and a trailer. Please coment and give your views.

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    interesting, update soon

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