The Survivors (raglak and swaron) chapter 7

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Chapter 7
Swayam and Lakshya looked at one another and then at the distance left. Two days of continuous hike and no sleep and less food had tired them. They had prefered not to sleep to save time. Swayam had even started wondering whether Lakshya was able to read the map well or not. He was relieved to find that he was able. Lakshya had also got the same doubt growing in his mind.
Lakshya: we have almost reached. Lets take a quick rest.
Swayam: wouldn’t it be better if we reached the cottages first.
Lakshya:no. We may have to leave them to survive. And its just fifteen minutes from here.
Swayam: ok. Lets rest then.

After 10 minutes of rest, both got ready for journey.
Lakshay:swayam, i understand your feelings. But don’t forget that we don’t know how the virus spreads.
Swayam:ok. Now lets get back. We have to make further plans also.
The two start their journey. They were a few steps away from the first cottage when they spotted Sharon coming towards them. Her eyes met Lakshay’s and she stopped just some steps away
Sharon: the virus is spreading. Stay away from me and others because we don’t know if we have it or not.
Both Lakshay and swayam were shocked by her speech.
Swayam :(in mind ) so this is why she is not looking at me. She is afraid she will not be able to control her emotions and hug me.
Sharon : come on. We need to discuss. But remember that we don’t know if we gave ut or not.

The three started to go to the place sharon was taking them to. On the way, swayam and Lakshay noticed people peeping at them from windows but not coming out of their cottages.
Sharon: after you two left, we discoverd that almost all who had been hit with darts died. The one or two left complained about headaches and also died after few minutes. 5 minutes was the maximum time. In evening some more people started complained about headaches. They said that they were feeling it was about to burst. The thing others hadn’t reported was that they were feeling that there were bugs in their head. Mishty came up with a thought that the darts may have contained sone kind of virus and that maybe it was spreading throgh touch as most of the people who touched dead bodies had died. Ragini, Mishty and i then helped people remove the bodies and told them about our guesses. That is the reason no one was coming out. Ragini made us all wear gloves bit you never know.

The boys understood that she was afraid she might be having the virus. They reached a place where there was some noises coming.
Sharon : this is the place where the infected have been kept to secure others.
Swayam moved forward to take a look. He saw that the people were beating their heads continuously. Swayam backed away seeing their condition.
Sharon: follow me. Others are in Mishty and ishaan’s cottage.

The three went inside the cottage. There were two boxes placed in between the two beds that each one was able to talk to others directly. Mishty and Ishaan were sitting on opposite ends of a bed. Ragini (with sad look) was sitting on the end of the second bed. Sharon sat on the opposite end of that bed and signalled the boys to sit on the boxes.
Sharon: now tell what you discoverd.
Lakshay: not more than u did. We saw a box which had 50 darts filled with a virus. The virus was VERY DANGEROUS as written on the box. We tried to question the pilots but the male one attacked me and the female one said that they had got orders. She crashed the berg after that. Luckily we were safe (hiding swayam’s unconsciousness ). We then searched the ruins and found this work pad. It has the map that leads to the headquarter of our enimies. We thought to go there for finding cure of the disease.
Ishaan: well from what we heard, the virus was effective the first time it was used. Then it could have been spread by touch, let us consider this, abd tge people infected went mad.
Ishaan: so now we should leave for their headquarters.
Ragini : but we need to take some food, water and other material neccessary for the journey.
Mishty: remember to wear gloves while collecting things and then bathe properly to secure yourself.
Everyone started collecting the things. At the last moment mishty fainted. She woke after a minute.
Mishty: my head. It pains and is going to burst.
Precap : shocks and nightmares.

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