The Survivors (raglak and swaron) chapter 20

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Chapter 20
(continued after end of flashback)
Lakshya :(in mind) I was pulled out of my trance by Swayam called me (in reality, shouted). Damn Swayam, I was enjoying my Ragini’s memories. But the look on his face stated that he was worried for me. (to Swayam) I am alright. Just a piece of previous life came as a memory. Have we reached?
Swayam : yes. If you, manage to peep from this tree’s trunk without being caught, you can see that they are camping. Notice the huge flames of bonfire.

Lakshya:(in mind) as my mind overcomes the memory, I register that we are behind a tree. Also, the sounds of the songs has increased. I took a look at the singers and gaped. Swayam was right, the flames of bonfire were so huge that I was afraid the trees may catch fire. But the camp was busy singing songs to ‘please nature’ as Naira had earlier suggested.
Swayam and Lakshya were discussing things when a voice shocked them. They turned towards the noise and found that a woman and a man were standing, their eyes glued with them.
Woman : I see that you and your friend are discussing something. I think the talk is about us. Wanna join us?
Lakshya : no thanks, we should be leaving.
As he turned to leave, the woman called after him.
Woman: wait my boy. You will have to come with us. I have a feeling that you are spies from the other group.
Lakshya didn’t knew what the other group was, same was woth Swayam. Lakshya felt uneasiness creeping onto him.
Lakshya: look, we aren’t from the other group. We the other group means. We should better leave. I
Woman : well, if you aren’t spies, then why are you scared. Trust me, we never hurt innocent.
Swayam: We are not spies, understood. We were just relaxing, we heard your songs and came here to know why you left Naira to rot.
Woman :so is she with you?

Swayam : yes and I wanna know why u left her?
The woman stepped closer to him. When she almost reached him, her expressions sent a shiver down the spine of the two.
Woman: I had doubt on you from starting, but you shouldn’t have brought Naira here. (she whispered and then shouted)
Before he could realise, Swayam felt a rope around his neck and found himself being dragged away by a man. He fought against his captor but could not overpower him. His instint told him that he was for a big trouble. He gave up. One glance at Lakshya made him sure that he was having the same treatment and was struggling to get free.
Swayam : Lakshya give uo. We won’t be able to get free.
But Lakshya, being himself did not gave up struggling. His captor was surely finding it difficult to drag him. Lakshya made sure of that. After what seemed after half an hour(due to tiredness caused by fighting), Swayam found himself being made to sit on knees and his hands tied behind his back. Same happened with Lakshya, but he received some blows as he was not surrendering to the mob and was continuosly kicking and punching his captors to get free, After his hands were tied, he still continued to kick. Hos captor pushed him and hit him on head.

Swayam: hey stop it, you kniw that he can’t run as his hands are tied.
Swayam’s captor punched him in stomach. Swayam coukd feel the presure and wanted to vomit. He knew that soon they would be covered woth bruises all over the body. His captor stepped on his chest and smirked at him. He was about to hit him on head when a voice asked him to stop. Infuriated, ge threw the rod away and Swayam vould see a man. He seemed familiar. Swayam knew he had not met him but someone had described him.
Precap : Talk with the captors.

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