Sunshine In The Darkness (SwaSan) Shot 13 by Marsuu

Sunshine In The Darkness (SwaSan)
Shot 13:
Recap: swasan marriage and swara got call from hospital that her friend aliya got conscious.

After cutting the call swara ran to her room to tell the good news to sanskar that aliya is out of coma. She has been waiting for this day since long time. ” sanskar ” swara shouted entering inside the room. ” shhh!! Shiddat is sleeping ” he said while taking his clothes from cupboard. ” you know what??” She asked excitedly. ” how would i know if you won’t tell?” Sanskar said rolling his eyes. ” aliya got conscious” she told him.
” really???” He was also surprised. ” that’s good” he said smiling at her. He had never seen swara this happy before. Her eyes are shinning and teary because of happiness.
” so we are going to hospital” swara said.
” ofcouse we will go” he said. Sanskar got ready and swara made shiddat ready and after informing sujata they left to hoogly where aliya is admitted.

Swasandit reached at the hospital. Shiddat is sleeping in sanskar’s arms. They inquired from reception and went to the room where aliya is there. Swara open the door and saw her best friend smiling at her. She ran and hugged her tightly. She always wanted aliya happy. Before sanskar came, aliya was the only person in swara’s life. ” I’m so happy” she wipped her tears and said. ” how are you??” Aliya asked slowly. ” fine” swara said.
” arjun didn’t came??” Aliya asked heavy heartedly. ” still you are thinking about that man who left you when you needed him the most” swara got furious. ” calm down” aliya said. She look at sanskar and then the baby in his arms. ” who is he??” Aliya asked. ” ohh i forgot to tell he is sanskar my husband” swara said pointing to him. ” hello aliya” sanskar greeted her. ” and is this your baby?” Aliya questioned. ” yeah she is shiddat, aliya she is your daughter” swara told her. Swara had some strange feeling when she said ” your daughter” because till now shiddat was only her daughter. ” my daughter” aliya took deep breathe and tears fell from her eyes. Due to the commotion, shiddat is awake now. ” can i hold her?” Aliya asked. ” ofcouse ” swara took shiddat from sanskar and gave to aliya. Aliya softly kiss her cheeks. ” thank you so much for taking care of shiddat swara, now I’m fine i will give her best life ” aliya said and swara skipped her breathe. The fear of losing shiddat engulfed her heart. Sanskar held her hand as he noticed her changed expression. ” why are you thanking aliya, shiddat is my daughter” swara managed to say. ” yeah ” aliya repied.

After talking to doctor, swasan decided to take aliya with them to maheshwari house so that she could recover quickly. Later they all left. Swara is sitting with aliya at back seat to support her and shiddat is in her lap sleeping. ” swara thanks for naming my baby as shiddat” aliya said staring at shiddat. ” ohh god stop saying thanks for every little thing and i know how much you love shiddat name” swara smiled. ” ok when you met sanskar?” Aliya asked. ” few months ago i got job in sanskar’s house and then we started liking each other and we got married yesterday, you got little late to attend our marriage ” swara frown at last. She wanted aliya to be there on her marriage. Swara explained how she spend this one year without aliya. ” you are the best ” aliya said. ” i know” swara roll her eyes and then laughed. Sanskar is lost in his own world. He don’t know how to study what’s happening. So many questions are revolving in his mind. Will aliya take shiddat? Ofcouse she is going to ask for her daughter. How will swara react?? He know swara can’t even think of leaving shiddat. He is not understanding anything. He hoped for the best. Soon they reached at maheshwari house.

Sujata welcomed them and swara took aliya to guest room leaving shiddat with sanskar.
” shiddat” sanskar call her and she instantly look at sanskar. Shiddat look here and there finding for swara. ” my baby is hungry?” He realized she didn’t drank the milk since long time. Shiddat lie on sanskar’s chest. He smile and went to guest room. ” swara give milk to shiddat ” sanskar said. ” ohh yes i will bring her milk” swara ran to kitchen as it’s already late. ” sanskar can i have shiddat?” Aliya asked. ” sure ” sanskar gave shiddat to her.

Swara came with milk. ” swara i will feed her” aliya said. ” you can try but he drink only from me and some times from sanskar ” swara said giving bottle to aliya. Shiddat started crying when aliya tried to feed. ” let me do aliya ” swara said picking up shiddat. Aliya nodded unwillingly.

After all were done with dinner, sanskar is working in his room and swara enter inside.
” where is shiddat?? It’s too late she should sleep” he said. lifting his head from laptop.
” sanskar, aliya wants to sleep with shiddat so i will also sleep in her room. What if shiddat needed me” swara said sitting beside sanskar. ” so you will leave me alone??” Sanskar narrow his eyes. ” it’s not like that please for shiddat and it is only for one night” swara pleaded. ” okay but don’t give these expressions” sanskar signed. ” why??” Swara raised her eyebrow.
Sanskar pull her closer and whisper leaning on her ” because i feel like kissing you”. Swara smile and kissed his lips quickly. ” then you should have kissed” she said slowly. Sanskar was shocked with her sudden action. ” don’t provoke me swara” he warned and she laughed. ” good night” swara said. ” good night and sweet dreams” sanskar kiss her forehead. Swara left and sanskar slept after completing his work.
To be continued….

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