Summer Palace Horror SS Ronakshi,Mehrya, Asya, Drikshit, AdYa SS Part3

Summer Palace Part 3
Thank you Reena for the Abhishek Verma-Niti edits.


Alekha:Let us celebrate this beautiful moon lit sing.
Yug:I agree with Alekha.

All others:Ya Karan..sing.
Karan brought his guitar.

Karan started singing….All the couples are dancing.

Gupchup Gupchup Chup Chup oo
Gupchup Gupchup Chup Chup oo

Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain
Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain

Magar Chupke Chupke
Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke

Sabhko Ho Rahi Hai
Haan Sabhko Ho Rahi Hai
Khabar Chupke Chupke
Ho O O O Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke

Sansoon Mein Badi Bekarari
Aankhoon Mein Kehi Rat Jage
Kanbhi Kanhi Lag Jaye Dil To
Kanhi Phir Dil Na Lagey
Apna Dil Main Zara Tham Loon
Jaadu Ka Main Ise Naam Doon

Jaadu Kar Raha Hai
Jaadu Kar Raha Hai

Asar Chupke Chupke
Do Dil Mil Rahe hain
Magar Chupke Chupke

Aise Bhole Ban Kar Hain Baithe
Jaise Koi Baat Nahin
Sabh Kuch Nazar Aa Raha Hai
Din Hai Yeh Raat Nahin
Kya Hai Kuch Bhi Nahin Hai Agar

Hoton Pe Hai Khamoshi Magar
Baateen Kar Rahin Hain
Baateen Kar Rahin Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke
Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke

Kahin Aag Lagne Se Pehle
Uthta Hai Aisa Dhuaa
Jaisa Hai Idhar Ka Nazara O O
Vaisa Hi Udhar Ka Samaa
Dil Mein Kaise Kasag Si Jagi
Dono Jaalib Barabar Lagi
Dekho To Idhar Se
Dekho To Idhar Se
Udhar Chupke Chupke
Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke
Sabhko Ho Rahi Hai
Haan Sabhko Ho Rahi Hai
Khabar Chupke Chupke
Ho O O O Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain

Magar Chupke Chupke
Magar Chupke Chupke
Magar Chupke Chupke
Um Hum Chupke Chupke
Ah Haa Chupke Chupke(Pardes).

Rakshit-Drishti noticed Karan lonely and upset seeing Rohit-Sonakshi dance.They went near Karan after the dance got over and the others got busy with their respective partner.
Drishti:Karan…we know what’s going on in your mind though others do not know.You love Sonakshi.Right?
Karan was painfully silent.
Drishti:You should move on as Sonakshi loves Rohit.Forget her.
Karan:I cannot forget Sona.It’s impossible.
Rakshit-Drishti became upset.
Karan:Let Sona be happy with Rohit.I will never come between them.
Rakshit-Drishti were relieved.
Rakshit:Karan..but have you ever thought about how Sona will feel if she comes to know about your feelings?
Karan became upset and walked away.
Rakshit:I feel sad for Karan.He is all alone while we all are with our love.
Drishti:One day Karan will meet his true love.
Rakshit:I hope so.

After the dance…
Sonakshi:Dancing was really a fun.Right Rohit?
Rohit:Simply dancing was a fun or dancing with me was a fun?

Sona:Obviously dancing with you Rohit.
Rohit:You are feeling that dancing with me was a fun.But I am feeling that romancing you was a fun.Because for me dancing with you was romance.
Sonakshi blushed:Rohit…you have only romance in your head.

Rohit:Not only head,but my whole body is filled with romance.Romance has been spread from my heart to other body parts also.You want to see? are crazy.
Rohit looked at her with his romantic eyes:Crazy for you.
He pulled her closer making her blush.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

The next day…

They went for sight seeing.

Alekha:This place is so green.
Yug:Yes.It’s a village.That’s why.
Yug saw a boy cycling.He went near him.
Yug:Can I borrow your cycle for some time?I promise that I will bring it back here itself.
The boy agreed and Yug thanked him.
Yug started riding the cycle with Alekha behind him.They enjoyed a lot.

Aditya was drinking and walking.The others went ahead.Suddenly he saw a woman near the tree.He smiled at her in a flirty manner.Suddenly her face turned scary.

He got scared.She pushed him and he fell on the mud.His lower body was drenched in mud.
He screamed.The others came near him.
Aliya:What happened Aditya?
He embraced her.
Aliya:What happened Aditya?

Aditya:I saw a strange woman here.Very scary face.I think she is a ghost.She pushed me down.

Aliya became upset.
Aliya:What are you saying Aditya?Are you in your senses?

Aditya:Why are you talking like this Aliya?I am saying the truth.
All of them started laughing.
Drishti:The ghost can be inside that locked room.But why should the ghost follow you here?This is not anyone’s private property.
Rohit:Stop drinking Aditya.Because of drinks you are hallucinating.
Aditya:No..I am saying the truth.
Karan:Nonsense!Aliya…you control his drinking habit.
Aliya stared at Aditya angrily.
Aditya:Aliya…believe me.
Aliya:Stop it Aditya.
Aditya got frustrated that no one is believing him as he was drunk.

They all went their ways for sight seeing.
Rohit-Sonakshi were walking together holding each others hands.
Suddenly Sonakshi heard some sound.
Sona:Rohit..I think I heard a woman’s voice.
Rohit:No Sonakshi.You simple feel like that.
Suddenly Sonakshi closed his mouth with her palm.
Sona:Keep silent.Then you will hear the voice.If you keep on talking we both won’t be able to hear the voice.
Then listened carefully.

Then they heard a woman’s voice.They turned back.They saw a woman throwing grains to the hens and talking to them.
Rohit-Sonakshi were relieved.
Rohit:She is not a ghost.Only Aditya can see the ghost because of the drinks he took.
They both laughed.

Shaurya-Mehek sat near the beautiful river.They splashed water at each other.
Thy laughed.
Mehek:This place is so beautiful and romantic.
Mehek:Your great grandfather and grand mother lived in this beautiful place.So they must have been very romantic too.
Shaurya:May be.We can also be romantic.
Mehek blushed.
Then they got into a sweet eye lock.

Zoya’s duppatta started blowing in the wind.Asad held it.She smiled at him.He smiled at her too.

Rakshit-Drishti were standing near the river lost in each other.

Rakshit:When I look at your beautiful eyes I forget myself.
She blushed.
Rakshit:This place is also not beautiful when it is compared to you.
She blushed.
Drishti:Even I am not able to enjoy this place as when you are near me I can see only you.
They smiled.
Drishti:I love you Rakshit.
Rakshit:I love you too Drishti.
They embraced each other.

After reaching home Aliya applied ointment on Aditya’s wounds.

Aditya:Aliya,you don’t believe me?
Aliya:Aditya,just stop that nonsense.Ok?

Aditya lost his control:Why the hell are you not believing me? are damn irritating Aditya.
She walked out angrily.

At night….

Aliya was feeling the cool breeze in the compound.
Aditya came there:Aliya.
Suddenly Aliya saw sparkling green eyes in the darkness.

She got scared.
Aliya:Aditya..look there..
He also saw sparkling green eyes.They were very scared.
Aditya:See..I told you that some unwanted spirit is there in this place.
Aliya:I am sorry Aditya.I did’nt believe you.You were right.
Aditya:At least now you believe me.That’s enough for me.
Suddenly they saw realized that the sparkling eyes have disappeared.
Aliya:What kind of mystery is this?

They said this to others.
Alekha:What nonsense is this?They must be some cat’s eyes.
Aditya:They were not any cat’s eyes.
Aliya:Aditya is right.
Rakshit:Aliya..being with Aditya,you are also thinking like Aditya.
Aditya:Oh will I make you guys believe it?
Azad:I still can’t believe that spirits exist.
Zoya:After having a personal experience also you can’t believe it Asad?You are unbelievable.

Asad:I don’t know why..still my mind says that it’s only superstition.
Shaurya:Then go open the closed door.Even after warning you,you can’t change.
Asad was silent.
Rohit:If you guys are scared whether there are roaming ghosts here we will leave this palace.
Sonakshi:What nonsense!We came here to enjoy.Such a grand palace and such a beautiful place.So cancelling this trip and returning because of a superstitious reason will be a blunder.
Rohit:But these people won’t understand it Sona as they are always dreaming of ghosts.
Rakshit:I agree.It may be true that spirit may be residing in the closed room as Asad became a victim.Not sure.But I don’t believe that this place is haunted by ghosts.
Mehek:Exactly guys.So let us rubbish such thoughts and continue enjoying our vacation in this marvelous Palace.
Karan:I think Mehek is right.
Still Aditya,Aliya,Drishti,Zoya were tensed too.
Rakshit:Why are you worried Drishti?You did’nt have any scary experience till now.
Drishti:You are right.But still because of my strange dream I have an unknown fear in my mind.
Rakshit:Leave it Drishti.You are still thinking of that stupid meaningless dream.Forget it.
Drishti:I am trying to forget it.But I don’t know why I am not able to forget it.
Rakshit became dull.

Drishti was sleeping.
She saw 2 scary eyes watching her.
She got up from the bed in fear and ran out.While running her arm hit the door and got hurt.
She knocked at the door of Rakshit’s room.
Rakshit woke up.
Rakshit:Who is this?
Drishti:Rakshit…please open the door.
Rakshit was stunned:Drishti…
He opened the door.
Seeing him she held him tight.
Rakshit:What happened Drishti?

Drishti:Rakshit…I saw a horrible dream.
Rakhit:Again a dream?
Drishti:Listen to me Rakshit.I saw two scary eyes watching us.
Rakshit:Drishti…you saw this dream because the mad couple Aditya and Aliya hallucinated 2 eyes watching them.That was simply disturbing your mind unknowingly,So you saw it as a dream.That’s it.
Drishti:But Rakshit…I don’t think that it was just a dream.
Rakshit caressed her:I told you that it’s only a stupid dream caused by the fear formed in you by Aditya and Aliya.Trust me.
Drishti:Are you sure?
Drishti was relieved.Suddenly he saw a small wound on her arm.
Rakshit:Oh…your arm has been hurt.

Drishti:The thumb lock of the door hit me in my arm.Don’t worry.
Rakshit:Why are you so careless Drishti?
He went and took an ointment.Then he came near Drishti.
He started applying the ointment on her wound.

The next day…

Mehek was relaxing near the pool side.
Suddenly somebody pushed her into the pool.
She started screaming.

Mehek started drowning in the pool as she did’nt know swimming.

  1. Adhu

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    Overall episode has horror vibe now.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u so much

  2. Shesha485

    Superb episode. Aditya and Aliya are the eye witness of supernatural events. I am liking Aditya-Aliya pair and also Yug-Alekha too. Yug-Alekha cycle ride is nice. Pity that Karan is still single, Who will be his new lover? Rohit’s flirt is hilarious. Drishti’s dreams are thrilling.

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