Summer Palace Horror SS Ronakshi,Mehrya, Asya, Drikshit, AdYa SS Part 7

Summer Palace Part 7

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They met some people who know the history of the Palace.
One person named the young Prince of this Palace.Still you don’t know the history?
Shaurya bowed down in shame.
Tej:Today’s generation is like that.They don’t want to know anything about their ancestors. They just need fame from the ancestors.Pathetic.
Another person named Andy:You are proud of your grand father as he was a great King.But do you know how he was?Do you have the guts to bear the truth?
Shaurya:I am willing to face any bitter truth now.My friends and I just want to know the truth.Only then we can get peace of mind.
Andy:Then listen….

Flash back….

Prince Karn and Princess Uruvi were deeply in love with each other.


Ek Dil Hai
Ek Jaan Hai
Dono Tujhpe…
Dono Tujhpe

Qurbaan Hain
Ek Main Hoon,

Ek Imaan Hai
Dono Tujhpe
Haan Tujhpe
Dono Tujhpe
Qurbaan Hain
Ek Dil Hai…

Ishq Bhi Tu Mera Pyar Bhi Tu
Meri Baat Zaat Jazbaat Bhi Tu

Parwaaz Bhi Tu Rooh-E-Saaz Bhi Tu
Meri Saans Nabz Aur Hayaat Bhi Tu
Mera Raaz Bhi Tu
Pukhraj Bhi Tu

Meri Aas Pyaas Aur Libaas Bhi Tu
Meri Jeet Bhi Tu, Meri Haar Bhi Tu
Mera Kaaj Raaj Aur Mizaaj Bhi Tu…

Mere Ishq Ke,
Har Maqaam Mein
Har Subaha Mein,
Har Shaam Mein
Ik Rutba Hai,
Ek Shaan Hai

Dono Tujhpe
Haan Tujhpe

Dono Tujhpe
Haan Tujhpe

Dono Tujhpe
Qurbaan Hain

Ek Dil Hai
Ek Jaan Hai

Dono Tujhpe…

Dono Tujhpe

Qurbaan Hain


One day Shaurya’s grand father happened to meet Uruvi and fell in love with her at first sight.
He proposed to her:Rajkumari Uruvi…seeing you the emotion of love aroused in me.I imagine you as my wife.Will you be my life partner?

Uruvi became upset.
Uruvi:Please forgive me Maharaj Harihar..but my heart goes to Rajkumar Karn.I can only be his wife.I cannot imagine anyone else in his position as my life partner.

Harihar burnt with the pain of rejection.
He considered Prince Karn as his biggest enemy.
Harihar fought against Karn in the war.

He won the battle by killing him and acquiring his Kingdom.
Uruvi was shattered seeing Karn lifeless near her.

But before Uruvi could mourn his death Harihar
married her forcefully.

Harihar tried to touch Uruvi romantically.Uruvi shoved him with hatred.
Uruvi:Don’t dare to touch me.I am only for Karn.
Harihar:You are forgetting that Karn is no more.

Uruvi:Even though Karn is not in this world our souls are connected.You thought that by killing Karn you can get me?Then you are a fool Maharaj.I will never let you win.
Uruvi took a bow and arrow to kill him shocking him.

But at the right time Harihar held her hand preventing her from killing him.
He threw away the bow and the arrow.
Harihar:I love you a lot Rani Uruvi.But my love for you is not more important than my life.So as self defense I have to do something which I hate the most to do.
Uruvi:You do anything.But I will finish you as you murdered my Karn brutally.
Uruvi took a knife from the near by table and tried to stab him.But Harihar stabbed her to save himself.
Urvi fell down dead.
Harihar felt upset.
Harihar:I really love you Rani Uruvi.But you made a mistake by trying to kill me.I can’t forgive you for that.


Tej:After that Harihar married another woman.She is your real great grand mother Shaurya as she was the one who gave birth to your grand father.The people say that Uruvi’s soul is still roaming around without any peace.She is craving to take revenge.

Shaurya:But my great grand father who did injustice to her is not alive now.Then what revenge she has to take?
Andy:She hates your palace as her blood fell there and her biggest enemy Maharaj Harihar stayed there.So she wants to kill whoever stays there.So not only in this place but she will follow you guys anywhere you go in this place.Because she knows that you all stay in that palace.

Mehek:I think Aditya was right.She saw your great grand mother Uruvi’s spirit when we went out.
Rakshit:We did a blunder by not believing Aditya.

They all returned to the palace.

Shaurya:I can’t believe that my great grand father was so cruel.Everyone respected me as I am his grand son.But now I am ashamed to be his grand son.
Rohit:But these are speculations.We have no proof.None of your ancestors are alive to confirm whether it’s true or not.
Sonakshi:It could be true Rohit.Otherwise why would anyone try to kill the innocent people like us?Who else can be so angry with us to kill us?

Rohit:That is also a point.
Drishti:I think the woman who killed Alekha and tried to kill me is Rani Uruvi.
Zoya:If so,I think Rajkumar Karn’s soul is also with Rani Uruvi and his spirit only tried to kill me.

Rakshit:May be.
They all looked at Uruvi’s picture on the wall.
Karan:Can’t believe that she is a cruel revengeful soul who wants to kill innocent people like us just because we stay in this palace.

Shaurya:Let us all leave this palace to save ourselves.
Drishti:No Shaurya.We should put an end to this problem.If we leave this Palace will remain haunted forever.As the heir of this Palace don’t you think that you need to purify this Palace?

Shaurya was confused.
Mehek:Drishti is right Shaurya.As the heir of this Palace you have some responsibilities.You need to protect your palace from evil spirits.

Drishti:I think we should conduct a puja to get rid of the spirits.
Mehek:But Drishti…when somebody pushed me to the pool I did’nt feel that it’s a spirit’s job.I felt that it’s a human being.
Asad:Though I experienced the spirit’s power here that day when I tried to save Zoya from the killer I also did’nt feel that it’s a ghost.

Rakshit:It’s so confusing.

All were in a dilemma.

The next day…

All of them entered Drishti’s room singing happy birthday song to her.
She smiled.
Rakshit:In the evening we are planning a small celebration.So be ready.
Drishti:So much happened here.We don’t know whether our friends are alive or not.Now how can we be in a mood to party?
Rakshit:No Drishti.Everything will be alright.I really feel that nothing has happened to our friends and all of them will return once we trap the killer or the Uruvi-Karn’s ghosts who are after our blood.

Drishti:I hope it really happens.Missing all of them.
Zoya:We also miss them all.
Mehek:But we can’t just live in tension.We need celebration also.
Sonakshi:And how can we miss our dearest friend Drishti’s birthday celebration?
Drishti smiled slightly.

Rohit-Sonakshi went for shopping to buy a dress for the party.
Sonakshi:Rohit…I am confused.Which dress should I wear for the party?
Rohit picked up a purple dress.
Rohit:This one will look good on you.Simple and elegant.
She smiled.

Rohit held her from behind.
Rohit:I can’t wait to see you in this dress.

She smiled.
Rohit:When you wear this dress I will…
Rohit lifted her up in his arms.
Rohit:I will carry you in my arms like this.
Sona:Rohit…what is this?Put me down.It’s a public place.
Rohit smiled:No..

Manager of the shop came seeing it with a shock:Romance is not allowed here.Go home and romance.
Rohit-Sona got embarrassed.Rohit put her down.
Rohit:He is jealous.
Rohit-Sona burst into laughter.

Drishti got ready.
Drishti:I don’t have the lipstick which matches my dress.I feel incomplete.
Mehek:Sonakshi has this colour lipstick.
Drishti:But she has gone for shopping.
Zoya:So what?We are her friends.If you take her cosmetics box from her bag she won’t say anything.So take it from her bag.
Mehek took Sonakshi’s bag and opened it.
Drishti searched for the cosmetics box.Suddenly a photograph fell down from her bag.
Zoya took the photograph.
It was their group photograph which has Sonakshi,Karan,Rohit,Rakshit,Drishti,Yug,Alekha,Asad,Zoya,Aditya,Aliya,Mehek and Shaurya.All the faces excluding Sonakshi’s face was circled.
Zoya was shocked.
Zoya:Look at this photograph.
Mehek and Drishti looked at it and got shocked.
Zoya:Is Sonakshi the killer?
Mehek:Is she the woman who attacked Drishti and stabbed Alekha?
Drishti:How is it possible?The same time Sonakshi was with you all.
Zoya:Right,Sonakshi was with us when you and Alekha got attacked.But this photograph in her bag shows that she has something to do with the murder.Otherwise why only her face is not circled in this photograph?
They all got confused and tensed.

Is Sonakshi the killer or the real killer/ghost is trapping her?

  1. Shesha485

    Wow, this episiode is full of surprises. The past of Uruvi and Karn is bit weird as I don’t think they are taking revenge on Harihar’s grandson and his friends. Drishti, Mehek and Zoya’s statement is mysterious. At first I thought, Karan would be murdered in the episiode but it seem like it won’t happen. The photograph is bit shocking. All were circles including Rohit but except Sonakshi. So, there are humans too involved in this murder or revenge? Please update the episiode soon as it is going very interesting than in the premier episiode.

  2. Jasminerahul

    thank you very much

  3. Adhu

    Interesting episode!! History of palace is strange , is it just a story by people to fool everyone? Iam feeling that Karan is the real murderer. My odd feeling probably. Story is getting more interesting episode by episode. Waiting for next episode.

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    Wow! Interesting…I love it!!! Waiting for next episode.

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