Sumit Sambhal Lega 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sumit Sambhal Lega 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simran asking Rajneesh to hurry, his parents will be coming. She opens door and gets surprised seeing her parents. Nirmal asks where are other girls. Simran says they went for work. Pavitra says we came to meet you. Rajneesh comes in towel and says I think we should call plumber. Simran covers him, while her parents are shocked seeing him in shorts. Rajneesh gets photo frame and covers himself.

Rajneesh says I m repairing the tap. Simran says he was repairing tap and signs Rajneesh to keep her parents pic. Pavitra asks Simran what is Rajneesh doing here. Simran says I invited his parents for lunch, so he came for help. Nirmal says Nirdharit informed us that you are adamant to marry Rajneesh, against our wish, think what did we go through.

Simran puts

hot tea and her hand burns. Rajneesh cares for Simran and dips her hadn in water jug. Jasbir and Dolly come there. Simran introduces her parents. Jasbir and Dolly greet Nirmal and Pavitra. Dolly asks Rajneesh whats this and removes that cloth. He stands in short. Simran asks him to go.

Jasbir asks Nirmal to sit, and says so you are from Karnal, I m from Delhi. He jokes on wives. Dolly says don’t listen to him, he has habit to joke, I made aloo tikka from home. Pavitra smells it and keeps it back. She says thanks, we don’t eat this. Dolly says maybe doctor told you. Nirmal says I don’t eat aloo tikki and parathas. Dolly says it means you never had parathas and pickles.

Nirmal says no, I never wanted to. Jasbir jokes. He asks Simran to switch on tv. Rajneesh wears proper clothes and come. Nirmal says we don’t have tv at home. Jasbir asks how do they pass time. Nirmal says by discussion on swami ji’s pravachan. Pavitra asks Simran did she go in satsang. Simran says no. Rajneesh says I told her to come with me, we will go together. Jasbir asks Dolly to get aloo tikki for him else he will not leave her. He runs after her. Rajneesh stops them. Jasbir says I will become animal. Sumit and Maya open door and see them. Sumit shuts door and tells Maya to come home.

He says we will go mall, you can do shopping. She asks who is inside. He says Simran’s parents versus mum and dad. Maya says move and gets inside. Rajneesh pushes Jasbir and makes him spit the tikki. Nirmal and Pavitra start leaving. Maya greets them. Nirmal says we will leave now, Simran we will talk on phone. Maya stops them and says we met for the first time, I know they are different, I also felt so, but I got habitual to them with time, we are a happy family now, give them some time, 9-10 years. Nirmal says yes, but our family is different, we can’t adjust. Simran says enough, you go, we will talk on phone. Nirmal asks is this way to talk to parents. Simran says you are stopping my marriage with the one I love. Rajneesh says its my parents’ mistake, they were playing kabaddi for tikki. Simran says my parents play with other’s feelings and show they are great. Pavitra says such words are because you are away from satsang. Nirmal says Simran you were not like this. Simran says I was like this, and you did not see it, I kissed Rajneesh on his cheek, I m not ashamed. Pavitra says I m fainting.

Nirdharit comes there and greets them. He says I got khichdi. Simran says you came to take me along, away from Rajneesh. She goes to room. Rajneesh asks her to open door. Nirdharit asks did anything happen, and greets Jasbir and Dolly. Pavitra says our Simran is not ours now, she is talking like bad character. Nirmal says she is in bad company. Dolly and Jasbir taunt them and call them liars. Nirmal says enough, lets leave Pavitra ji.

Sumit asks Maya to leave it, you tried a lot. Maya asks Nirmal to have food and not insult food. Jasbir says yes, I love food. Maya says give some time to Simran, you have lunch, come. They all sit eating. Sumit says I think all problems should be solved on dining table. Nirdharit and Pavitra complain about food, and Dolly fumes. Pavitra says we are pure veg. Jasbir says we are pure non veg. Nirdharit asks for water. Sumit jokes. Maya asks them to sit. Sumit asks Nirdharit to come out, if he is done. He takes Nirdharit. He says its too much, I know what are you trying, that Rajneesh and Simran don’t get married. Nirdharit says friend, your family is enough for it. Sumit asks him not to add fuel in fire. Nirdharit shows true colors and says what if I add, I m in queue since 10 years. Sumit says so you are also after Simran. Nirdharit says I have made many guys leave. Sumit says see how I get Simran married.

Sumit asks Simran not to listen anyone, family means problem, be away from them, listen to your heart, you and Rajneesh love other, love is enough for marriage. Simran comes out from the room and thanks Sumit. She says sorry Rajneesh and they hug. Nirmal stops her. Simran says we are going out for lunch to finalize our marriage date. Jasbir is busy watching cricket and says sixer…. Sumit smiles and stops Nirdharit. He whistles and shows off to Maya. Dolly catches Sumit and says family means problem. Sumit says Simran’s family.. they laugh. Jasbir dances saying india won. Simran’s family looks on.

Jasbir meets his old friend and spends time with her. Dolly calls the lady very sweet to regard Dolly’s husband as hers and hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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