Sumit Sambhal Lega 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sumit Sambhal Lega 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasbir getting unwell. Everyone worry for Jasbir. Jasbir calls his friend Nippy so that Dolly does not come along. He says man passes seeing the hospital bill. Sumit and Rajneesh say we want to come with you. Jasbir farts and says I m fine, I said its just gas. Nippy asks the not to worry, he will take care of Jasbir. Later, Jasbir comes home after getting checkup done. Dolly cleans the door and asks what did doctor say. He cleans the floor and says I have troubled you a lot, but now I will not trouble you, I will become your friend and live with you. She gets worried.

Dolly goes to Sumit and tells him that Jasbir is acting weird, he is washing utensils. Maya says its great. Sumit asks did he get hurt on head. Dolly says I think he fell from scooter. Jasbir sings

sad songs and asks Sumit to bring balloons for him. He says he realizes time passes soon. He asks Sumit will he take care of Dolly after he passes. They all get shocked. Dolly asks what did doctor say. Jasbir asks Maya to take the chequebook, he has signed equal amounts for everyone. Rajneesh comes and hugs Jasbir. Jasbir asks him not to cry, it happens. Rajneesh says Papa has go anytime. Jasbir says I m here for some time. Maya asks Dolly not to cry, they will take second opinion. Jasbir refuses for it.

Rajneesh says I will call heart specialist. Jabsir scolds him and shakes. Jasbir asks him not to go anyone, swear on him. He says I will take Aaliya and Avi to park. Dolly cries.

Jasbir takes care of the kids. Jasbir then divides the property and says I want to go without anything. He says all my sherwanis and pyjamas for Rajneesh. Rajneesh asks what will I do of your pyjamas. Jasbir says you and Simran will know that. He says my drilling machine will go to Sumit. Maya and Dolly look on.

Jasbir tells Maya that Sumit has taken him to Dr Chaudhary and they took my blood sample. He gets angry and calms down, as this does not matter now. He gets sad and asks for remote. Sumit says cricket match is coming. Jasbir says no, we will play Dharmic channel, remember Lord. Sumit and Maya see each other. He asks Maya to light incense stick.

Rajneesh says Papa ji changed so much after this misunderstanding, he presses my uniform. Sumit says new and improved Papa ji became my friend, we have gone to cinema to watch an adult movie, we have plan tonight too. Maya says wow, it will be fun like Aaliya and Avi enjoy with him, Jasbir takes them to park and take over the see saws. Dolly says he is cooking breakfast for me, then I take 2 hours to clean it, they all laugh saying Jasbir changed so much.

Sumit says but old Papa ji was better. They all agree and say yes. Dolly hugs Sumit and cries. Jasbir lies down and says we all like puppets. Dolly asks him not to joke. He says death is not a joke, but a poetry, you can wear off white after I die. He looks for Rajneesh. Maya says he has gone to get your report. Rajneesh brings the report and says its all clear. Jasbir gets up and is glad. Rajneesh and Sumit hug him.

Maya says I was sure he is fine. Rajneesh says Dr Baggi was fraud, he takes 50rs for checkup and then send for many tests. Dolly asks what. Jasbir says you referred Chaudhary and he takes 500rs. Dolly says you mean you troubled us to save 450rs, Yamraj will come today, I will kill you. Jasbir runs.

She scolds him. Jasbir asks her to be quiet and taunts all the things he did for them. He cries and asks Dolly to make Dahi kachori with imli chutney. He scolds Rajneesh and asks him to iron his brief. He asks Sumit to plauy cricket match and its enough for Maya to manage kids. He leaves. Sumit says we wanted old Papa ji to come back.

Its night, Jasbir wakes up and says he has stomach ache, he wants food. She asks him to eat fridge itself. He asks her to make dahi kachori for him. She says his new days were better than this.

Sumit tells Simran that he wants to give special gift for Maya. Simran and Maya argue with Rajneesh and Sumit. Dolly is angry on Jasbir and comes to them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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