Sukor tension wala muhaabat episode 12

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Recap sukor wake up from thier romantic passion and return home sukor learn that thier marrige has been fixed suraj gets angry whilst chakor gets tensed chakor is home alone suraj decides to visit chakor and finds out chakor is alone and romances with her…

Suraj kisses chakor neck…chakor olv suraj u know it and ik it we both know what’s happening and we cant avoid it…chakor turns around and holds suraj face…chakor;suraj my rishta has been fixed with vivaan whilst your’s has been fixed with Tina? what are we going to do…suraj;simple we just get married?chakor;what?…suraj;obviously we have to find a way i cant let my wife become a bride of another man..but i dont wanna talk about all that…chakor;but suraj…suraj puts his finger on chakor lip and hugs her…chakor olv suraj we cant avoid this topic forever? suraj;well tonight is my lucky night as no1 is around to disturb us..chakor walks out towards the balcony…suraj grabs chakor hand and starts to dance with her…chakor smiles and the moonlight shines on them…chakor sees the neighbours trying to see what is going on chakor pushes suraj in and shuts the doors to the balcony…chakor;suraj! U really shouldn’t sneak in like this what would happen if kapoor uncle and aunty saw us they would gossip to the whole of azazdganj and it would even spread to Lucknow…suraj;oh so u wanna get back to secret romance…chakor;secret romance?suraj;how can u forget those days wen u wanted no1 to know but i still found ways to see you and let them gossip what are they going to say that a man is romancing with his wife? chakor turns to the window and leans towards it suraj follows and hugs chakor from behind…chakor;but society doesn’t know that we r married everyone thinks im marrying vivaan and ur marrying tina…

we have no witnesses…suraj;thier is a witness this moonlight…suraj turns chakor around and pushes her against the wall he leans ontop of her and goes really close to kiss chakor closes her eyes the thunder strikes suraj shivers and chakor laughs…suraj turns chakor and lifts her up chakor leans on suraj…chakor;suraj what are you doing? And look at the time its 12:30am u should head back home…suraj;spending time with you i dont realise how many hours pass by and how can i leave my wife alone i need to be here to protect her right…chakor;well im not a child i know how to look after myself and go…suraj;u heard the thunder and u wanna send me out in the dark cold weather…chakor olv suraj i know u wont listen to me anyway? chakor;i can’t believe kamal uncle wants the engagement tommorw…suraj;chakor i said i dont wanna talk about this and dont worry i have a plan to stop all this now trust your husband and focus on him…suraj takes chakor to her room and lays her down on the bed…chakor;you know the way to my room…suraj;well obviously it’s not my first time here iv come here alot of times to meet u that i knew they way which would lead to ur room…

suraj sits besides chakor but chakor pulls suraj and hugs him..chakor;promise me that you won’t ever leave me…suraj turns chakor ontop of him suraj smoothly tucks chakor hair…suraj;i promise to never leave u chakor leans foward to kiss suraj chakor lays her arms across suraj arms…chakor gets a phone call…suraj olv first the thunder now this stupid phone call? chakor picks the call…chakor olv a unknown number? chakor;hello? Ajay;hi chakor this is inspector ajay how r u…chakor;inspector ajay..suraj signals chakor…suraj;who is inspector ajay? Chakor signals suraj to be quiet…ajay;so miss chakor has ur baapu told…suraj snatches chakor phone and shuts it…ajay;hello hello? Looks like there was weak connection il call again tommrow? chakor;why did u do that…suraj;becoz this so called inspector ajay was distracting u from me suraj grabs chakor and leans ontop of her… suraj;now where were we suraj leans closer to chakor and starts to undress her..chakor smiles…suraj takes the lamp light off and snuggles with chakor…

Precap sukor engagement day will suraj plan work ria and adi come to support chakor whilst sikki and munna come to support suraj

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Sukor’s romance was hot. What is suraj’s plan, hoping it works. Waiting for next

    1. Thank u suraj will try runing both engagements

  2. Amazing update! Loved Sukor romance, especially the moonlight scene. Will Ajay come back? Happy to see Sukor college friends back, they were fun. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

    1. Thank u ajay is eager for chakor he will be bk but later ans express his love

  3. @piyal thanl u☺

  4. Wow tippu di amazing romance this ff is so cute filled witg sukor i love this ff so much every sukor fan should reas these as there is so much sukor romance going on

  5. @piyal i agree idk why there’s less comments ob these fantastic sukor ffs that are better then current serial track

    1. thank u 🙂

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