Sukor saacha pyaar episode 4

Recap suraj and chakor get married after tejswani learns that imli is pregnant with vivaan child and gets chakor to marry suraj…sukor sughraat suraj grabs chakor and throws her on the bed..

Chakor tries to get up and fails suraj leans on chakor…suraj touches chakor face with his finger…suraj;so after 10 years we finally meet and how do we meet as husband and wife besides u turned out to quite good looking my gulam…chakor tries to push suraj of…chakor;never in a million years would i ever dream of meeting u or marrying you since iv come bk in azaadganj and after i defeated kamal naryan an even bigger beast was formed and that beast is you..chakor bites suraj and runs in the bathroom she locks the door…suraj;ow u jungli billi always ready to attack but u cant deny the fact that i know own u…suraj changes his clothes and falls asleep…chakor locks herself in the bathroom…chakor;no!how can i get married to someone like that and ontop of that mai baapu and imlu r blaming me for everything i never wanted to marry a man like suraj…chakor cries in pain and falls asleep on the floor…

Imli wakes up and hugs vivaan…vivaan notices imli touch and wakes up…vivaan;imli i feel bad what i did to chakor…imli (gets irritated)why is everyone always on about chakor oh poor chakor that is not our problem anymore! Imli changes her clothes and heads downstairs she starts of with a pooja and smirks…imli olv i will prove im the best bahu look at this chakor she is still sleeping chakor i will always beat u in everything becoz im number ek…imli finshes the pooja ranjana and tejswani head downstairs…ranjana olv this cheap girl thinks i will accept her that will never happen..tejswani olv this cheap girl wanted to be my bahu and now she is acting as the perfect bahu…chakor wakes up and takes a shower chakor comes out the bathroom and sees suraj sleeping chakor dries her hair suraj wakes up…suraj;stop making that noise and let me sleep…suraj opens his eyes he stares at chakor…suraj;so chakor how was ur new room i mean u enjoyed staying in the bathroom…chakor opens the door and heads downstairs…tejswani;oh here comes by beautiful bahu…

tejswani stands next to chakor and makes her sit on the dining table…imli stares at chakor in anger…vivaan comes down and stares at chakor…chakor sees vivaan and tries to control her tears…suraj gets dressed and heads downstairs he sits next to chakor…chakor gets anxious seeing suraj close to her…imli serves the food to vivaan and ranjana imli smirks…imli olv look at chakor no1 will praise u for sitting…tejswani;imli u should sit next to ur paathi i mean in higher society the bahu’s of the family sit and eat together we don’t hold these cheap low class village tactics i mean chakor understood as she is educated but ur from the baasti so u wouldn’t know all this…ranjana olv tejswani u stole my bahu and made this cheap larkhi my bahu she is an embarrassment??

Precap media come for chakor suraj is happy as he is getting attention from chakor suraj decides not to separate from chakor imli pregnancy is revealed imli on purpose informs that the father of her child is suraj

  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Imli is so cheap. Waiting for sukor relationship to develop. Here tejaswani is supporting chakor. Waiting for next

    1. Thank u im portaying imli of what i think of her and tejswani will support chakor

  2. Sukorian

    oh nice so Imli got a gud lecture from Teju haha being the no 1 ?. Poor Chakor but I think Suraj will change

    1. Thank u imli always thought she is no1 in current serial ? wen she confessed with vivaan she knew sukor didnt like each othef but wanted to prove she was best bahu

  3. Interesting update! Sukor’s chemistry is clear already. Looking forward to the next part.

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