Sukor saacha pyaar episode 3

Recap tejwani swaps chakor for suraj after learning imli is pregnant with vivaan tejswani successfully gets sukor married to one another…kuastri is shocked to learn chakor has married suraj…

Kaustri;what is all this…kaustri olv imlu told me she is expecting suraj buchua how can chakor get married to him she is suppose to be vivaan bride…chakor is shocked and stares at suraj…chakor olv how can i marry suraj rajvanshi after his father lost his mental state this man has been torturing azaadganj for a long time…imli notices kasutri shouting and heads downstairs with vivaan…suraj olv this chakor the bundua who always stopped me from what i wanted has today become my wife? This woman that is standing infront of me is my longtime rival…chakor i promise im gonna make u pay and suffer for everything you did mark my words im gonna make sure u beg for death and u wont even get that…kasutri;chakoria how can u marry imlu suhaag im ashamed…chakor;mai i did nothing i didnt know that it was this suraj i can never dream of marrying a man like suraj! Suraj olv well prepare for nightmares dreaming time is over…tejswani olv i cant speak or say anything i got what i wanted but poor chakor is gonna get the blame…bhavan raises his hand on chakor but tejswani stops bhavan…tejswani;how dare you touch my bahu she is innocent in all this…ranjana olv? tejswani how dare u take my bahu il make u pay…tejswani;instead of attacking my bahu look at your daughter imli why is her maang filled with sindoor…everyone stares at imli…imli olv i have to do something quick imli walks down the staris and smacks chakor…chakor trips and suraj catches her suraj holds chakor tightly and stares at her in anger chakor gets up…imli;mai its all her fault i knew since she heard im getting married to suraj she couldn’t stand it that’s why she texted vivaan to come and meet her in my room i thought it was suraj whilst vivaan thought it was this chakor but little did we know this mastermind tricked all of us mai she is to blame! Kaustri;bhavan lets leave chakor u have put us to shame from now we only have one daughter imlu chakor u r dead to us and dont ever step in our house…tears role down chakor’s eye…chakor;mai dont do this the guests leave as bhavan and kaustri walk out imli smirks and laughs…tejswani olv look at this cheap gavar lieing dont worry wen the tables turn i will reveal u and throw u ur husband and ur mother in law out of the house…chakor opens the not of her veil…chakor;i dont accept this marriage im leaving…tejswani stops chakor…tejswani takes chakor and goes inside a room…ranjana sees imli and gets angry she leaves suraj sees imli with vivaan and gets angry vivaan leaves imli hugs suraj…imli;look at this chakor she separated us suraj dont spare her i will always love u…imli leaves and joins vivaan…vivaan thinks of chakor…vivaan olv oh no how can i hurt chakor how can i be so selfish chakor im sorry and i will always love u…imli sits down and falls asleep vivaan turns the lights of…tejswani;what do u think ur doing ur the eldest bahu of rajvanshi family everyone witnessed the wedding what will people think if u r roaming around roads accept ur marriage tejswani takes chakor and makes her sit on the bed she covers chakor face with a veil and leaves…chakor cries…suraj drinks and thinks about chakor he breaks the glass and heads upstairs in anger…suraj enters his room and sees chakor he locks the door and smirks..

Suraj walks towards the bed and sits besides chakor he lifts her veil…suraj;what’s this ur husband has come to see u and ur crying…chakor stands up and walks away from suraj…chakor;your not my husbandur a beast who ruins people’s lives stay away from me…suraj stands up and walks towards chakor chakor walks backwards and hits the wall suraj grabs chakor arms and puts them against the wall…suraj;if im not ur husband then why r u in my room sitting on my bed waiting for me to come bundua chakor accept the fact that you r now my biwi u r now chakor suraj rajvnashi and will nowbe my gulam…suraj laughs and gets closer by chakor…suraj grabs chakor and throws her on the bed…

Precap what will happen to suraj and chakor…

  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Hate Imli she is so selfish. How can chakor’s parents mistrust her. Waiting to know how sukor’s hate will turn into love. Waiting for next

    1. thank u i wanted to use imli as the main villian as in the actual serial i see her as the no1 villain in sukor love life

  2. Amazing update! hate vimli, why can’t they accept their marriage, they were already having an affair. BuKha are behaving just like in the serial. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

    1. thank u tejswani will expose imli as she dislikes her in future epsidoes

  3. Bidisha Karar

    Waiting wait ing

    1. thank u:)

  4. Sukorian

    hate imli ruining everything selfish ? waiting for next

    1. I imli is villian here but her evilness will not prevail

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