Sukor possessive lover episode 6

recap suraj drinks in worry vivaan instigates suraj that chakor is only with him for pit suraj vows to never leave chakor…

chakor makes suraj sit and gives him a glass of water chakor lays suraj down suraj falls asleep holding chakor hand…chakor olv this kamal naryan has wrecked suraj life up the trauma suraj faced has left his mental state in a mess …chakor holds suraj face and leans foward to kiss suraj forehead…chakor;suraj you are my love i will never leave you i dont know how and when but i fell in love with you when kamal naryan tried to humilate me and u were chained up you were the only one that broke those chains and protected my dignity thats wen i realized that this chakor till now who has fought for every today has someone that is always willing to fight her suraj i promise you that i will never leave you we together will defeat kamal naryan and i will make sure that i will cure you and get you the help you need…chakor tucks suraj in and leaves..chakor stands on the balcony and recalls suraj recent behavior…

chakor olv suraj seems intolerant has kamal naryan fed something to suraj? has ragini tampered with suraj food? whatever it is im gonna put a stop to all this chakor dials the number to a doctor but imli comes and falls on chakor feet…imli;didi please stop vivaan he is going to meet the gun supplier since ragini is critcal vivaan has taken over please didi stop him..chakor makes imli stand…chakor;i tried my best but vivaan is fully on thier side now he will not listen to u or me! imli;didi please try one more time…chakor;fine imlu on ur saying il try convincing vivaan imli smiles and chakor heads by vivaan…vivaan;so u have realized that ur waste of space husband is of no use…chakor;u dont have the right to talk about suraj like that and forget suraj this is nothing to do with him this is all down to u why cant u tell imli about ur medical reports u r just misleading her and do u really think she wants money…

vivaan grabs chakor…vivaan;it is easy for u to say i mean ur husband can give u a child but me i cant even give the one thing that makes imli happy which is a child! i mean ur husband is quite generous im sure he wont mind giving imli a child again! chakor smacks vivaan…chakor;i came here on imli sayings she is really worried about u but u ur disgusting to have cheap thoughts about imli and suraj that way and besides suraj dosent eye imli at all whatever happened between the 2 was a drunken mistake! and you always claim me and suraj live in the past its you that lives in the past and dont u dare utter suraj name from ur mouth u let my sister down and now i have to convince her that her paathi is fully controlled and has become the lap dog of kamal and ragini rajvnashi chakor leaves in anger vivaan walks after chakor…suraj wakes up and holds his head he notices chakor is not in the room…suraj;where has chakor gone?

suraj searches the whole room and the bathroom…suraj sits down and shivers he holds his face with his arms…suraj;how can i fall asleep! i should have known they wanna take my chakor away from me i need to find her suraj takes out his gun and leaves suraj reaches the hall and sees glass everywhere suraj remembers vivaan words and sees his hallucination vivaan;chakor will leave a waste of space like you…suraj;shut up shut up!!!! suraj starts to shoot at the haveli objects…suraj;chakor is mine only mine! chakor sees chaggan chaggan invites chakor to his house vivaan leaves seeing chakor with chaggan suraj enters the baasti he creeps around the houses and spots chakor with chaggan…chaggan;chakoria its been sometime since iv last seen u im gonna make u my special chai chaggan leaves to make chakor chai chakor smiles…

suraj olv they took my chakor they want her to live in the baasti i wont let that happen suraj creeps in from the window her puts a cloth over chakor mouth chakor loses consciousness and falls in suraj arms…suraj olv chakor im doing this for ur safety i do not want to harm you at all…suraj lifts chakor in his arms and leaves…suraj sneeks chakor in the haveli he lays chakor on the bed…suraj steps out his room and locks all the windows with keylocks he also locks the door with a keylock…suraj sits besides chakor…suraj;iv got u bk ur safe now suraj tucks chakor hair…suraj;thats it kamal has to die he wants to send u away from me…suraj stares at chakor…suraj;chakor i love u alot i wont leave u i need u to stay with me…suraj comes closer to chakor and touches chakor face with his hands suraj leans ontop of chakor…

precap what will suraj obsession do to sukor…

  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Suraj’s obsession is getting out of control. Chakor also loves suraj. Hoping that chakor will be able to cure suraj. Waiting for next

    1. Thank u ☺

  2. super cute epi.faltu vivan.
    thanks dicided for updating soon.plz update next part soon
    love u di

    1. Thank u il try updating everyday☺

  3. Awesome, loved Chakor’s reply to Vivaan. Hope Chakor find the reason behind Suraj’s behavior. Hope Suraj doesn’t harm Chakor. Looking forward to the next update.

    1. Thank u suraj wont harm chakor as he is crazly in love with her

  4. crazy Suraj can get in big trouble. agreat update

  5. Bidisha Karar


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