Sukor possessive lover episode 3

Recap suraj beats shiku and vivaan for touching chakor suraj gets relesed and shoots in the haveli…

Everyone runs down ragini and kamal are shocked…suraj;kamal narayan u did a big mistake releasing me i told u once im out i will not be accountable for my actions…shiku,ram singh munna patel catch him suraj shoots all 4 and laughs suraj;ur little lap dogs wont stop me today…kamal signals balwari to capture chakor suraj sees balwari he sees a knife and grabs it suraj enters the haveli he walks towards chakor suraj olv how dare he touch chakor! Suraj slits balwari wrist and stabs his arm several times…kamal closes his eyes…chakor is shocked…chakor olv why is suraj brutally beating him up like an animal balwari screams in pain and dies…

chakor;suraj!what are you doing! Suraj holds the gun and knife…suraj;dont think u r all free ur all next u made me a bundua and u think u can all live happily im suraj il change my name of one day you all will be licking my shoesuraj aims the gun on kamal hegrabs chakor hand and heads to his room…suraj shuts the door…suraj holds chakor face…suraj;chakor did they harm u r u ok suraj hugs chakor i wont let u out my sight now im here to protect u…chakor pushes suraj…chakor;suraj i thought u changed what u did today makes u no different from kamalnaryan all he does is kill people! And look ur hands are covered in blood…suraj grabs chakor waist…

suraj;this blood this was taken out to show that family that if they touch you then there will be a war of blood in this haveli suraj looks around his room and smiles he opens his wardrobe and sees his clothes suraj takes his clothes and goes for a shower…chakor olv what is happening to suraj he is becoming so violent? suraj comes out he smiles..suraj;thank u chakor for everything u got my room back and all my items…chakor makes suraj sit and brushes his hair…suraj stares at chakor he takes her hand and kisses it…suraj;but the most valuable asset that i have is u…mahiya plays…vivaan bangs the door to sukor room yet again in a druken state..chakor runs and opens the door..vivaan;so chakor now ur done and with pity finshed with suraj comd bk to me i need u this imli is useless she cant do anything vivaan touches chakor shoulder from the corner of suraj eye he gets a glimpse of vivaan touching chakor suraj gets his knife he slits vivaan wrist…

chakor;suraj!what r u doing he is drunk…suraj;today i will kill him…chakor;imli imli! Imli comes running and is shocked to see chakor trying to hold suraj bk…chakor;take vivaan and lock ur door imli runs of with vivaan..suraj;no1 can stop me today…suraj pushes chakor…chakor falls and hurts her wrist…chakor;ow suraj hears chakor pain and runs to see her wrist suraj lifts chakor and makes her sit on the bed…suraj sees a small bruise…suraj;i cant beleive i did this i hurt u? suraj takes the knife and slits his wrist…suraj;this is the punishment i deserve for causing u pain…chakor;suraj ur bleeding chakor rips her duppta and wraps it on suraj wrist…chakor is anxious seeing suraj behaviour…

precap suraj takes his behaviour to a whole new level as he kills ragini for touching chakor kamal fears suraj and thinks that shiku was right

  1. wooow suraj is so possisive and obssesed with chakor i really wanna read more and the precap and the episode wow suraj cant see chakor in pain being locked up in th stable has caused suraj some serious damage but superbe update really cant wait for next episode!

    1. thank u glad u like it its a different concept from the serial as if focuses on suraj possessiveness and obsession 🙂

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Suraj is so obsessed & possessive for chakor. Hoping that chakor will calm down him a bit. Waiting for next

    1. Thank u nd chakor will try her best

  3. Awesome, Suraj can’t see Chakor in pain but he needs to control himself. I wonder how Chakor will handle him. Looking forward to the next part.

  4. super update di.suraj is dangerous lover but he should not kill any1.he can punch .but overall loved suraj and chakor.

    1. Thank u im trying to show in this series that suraj is a obsessed lover but if u thinking killing is to far then i wont let suraj kill anymore☺

  5. Bidisha Karar

    Lovely story
    Likes the new look of suraj over possessive loving it plz do continue

    1. Thank u nd iwill

  6. plz di update next part ……

    1. I updated ☺

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