Sukor-My love Episode 03

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In Airport

Vivaan: are you okay? (I hope you are all remember vivaan hold imli)
Imli: I’m okay. Thanks for your help.
Vivaan: its okay…can’t you walked properly? (asked generously)
Imli: what?
(Meanwhile grandma and raj comes to them)
Grandma: are you okay?
Imli: I’m okay Patti (grandma).
Grandma: thank you so much Mr.…?
Vivaan: oh…I’m Vivaan.
Grandma: didn’t I say don’t run imli?
Imli: sorry.
Grandma: okay. Come imli….
(imli follows grandma and turns to see vivaan angrily but he smiled at her)
Raj: hey vivaan….why are you smiling?
Vivaan: what???? Nothing
Raj: okay come we have a meeting in the evening
Vivaan: okay….

In chakor’s home

Imli takes grandma to their home….
imli: Gayu we have to surprise chakor and ma
Grandma: okay dear….
Imli: chakor… ma…. Come here I have surprise for you….
Chakor & Kasturi: what…. Surprise…. (Grandma stand behind imli)
imli: you will see…(saying that imli step aside)
Chakor: hey pinky… saying that she hugs grandma
Grandma: leave me….(pretend anger)
Chakor: why are you angry on me?
Grandma: why don’t you know?
Chakor: why? I really don’t know (asked cutely)
Grandma: why don’t you come to visit me?
Chakor: because of college… now I’m free bird…. Do you know something? Yesterday I’m finished my last exam….
Grandma: that means you’re finished your college?
Chakor: yes pinky (said happily)
Kasturi: chakor stop… attai(mother-in-law) how are you?
Grandma: yes I am. Can’t you say by look at me?
Chakor: pinky she has problem in her eyesight….
Grandma: I know… (Said both laughing)
Kasturi: why are you teasing me attai with her?
Grandma: It’s all for fun…don’t get anger…
Kasturi: okay okay please come inside…
Grandma: is match start?
Chakor: it’s going to start…
Grandma: where is bhuvan?
Chakor: of course dad is in office…
Imli: ma, gayu I have to go to office. I have a meeting at evening…
Kasturi: okay… all the best but come home early
Imli: okay ma
Chakor: bye cutie…
Imli: don’t make mom anger. (Chakor smiled at her)

Chakor and pinky sits in sofa to watch match

In Rajkot
India-Australia one day series 5th match
Australia won the toss and chooses to bat
After 45 over Australia get 280 runs all wickets are down
Our Suraj babu takes 3wicket and 30 runs bowling 8 over

Chakor and grandma see the match happily
Around 5.00PM
Imli calls chakor… chakor picks the call…
Chakor: what imlu?
Imli: chakor I want your help… I forget my file… so…
Chakor: so???
Imli: bring it for me…
Chakor: no… India is going to bat
Imli: please
Kasturi: what is the problem?
(Chakor explained to her)
Kasturi: (anger at chakor) go… chakor
Chakor: imlu tell me where is the file? (imli tells about it)

Chakor takes the file and goes to office in her scooter
(the goon see chakor and inform to his head)
Head: hey just follow her… I will tell what to do?
Goon: okay bro….

Chakor parks the scooter and running towards imli’s room and collide with someone and fell down on ground.
Chakor: sorry sir I’m in rush that’s why?
Man: don’t you have eyes? Stupid… (Said in anger)
Chakor: what? Stupid…. Didn’t I say sorry then why are you calling me stupid….
Man: Can’t you walk properly?
Chakor: Say sorry to me…
Man: not in your dreams…
Chakor: how rude you are?
Man: I’m not rude you are the one who have the eye problem (saying that he walk from there)

(Meanwhile imli’s P.A Kavi comes to chakor and asks for file
Chakor gives the file to Kavi)
Kavi: are you okay?
Chakor: I’m okay…
Kavi: go home I think it’s going to be raining
Chakor: okay akka(sister).

Chakor while riding scooter, it suddenly stopped
Chakor wonders what happen to this.
Chakor: no… no… I have to go to see the match. (Meanwhile rain start)
Oh… no… chakor parks the scooter and calls bhuvan and tell him everything
Bhuvan: okay don’t worry I will come to pick…. Just tell me where you are right now
Chakor tells him the address.

The goon sees everything from far and tells the goon
Head: hit her using your car and remember make it like accident
Goon: don’t worry bro…

Because of heavy rain chakor waits about 2 hours
In Rajkot as usual because openers last their wicket early… suraj is now batting get 56 runs
Commentary: its last ball of the match… India needs 6 runs to win… the match is in suraj hands
Suraj hit the balls everyone in shocked is it going to be 6 or out?

Meanwhile bhuvan comes to chakor with his car but in opposite lane
Bhuvan: (calls chakor) cross the road
Chakor: but appa(dad) scooter
Bhuvan: I called mechanic he will pick your scooter… don’t worry come…..
The goon sees chakor crossing the road and hit her
Bhuvan:(see this) shouts chakor……

A couple sees the accident from far (I hope you remember the couple)

Precap: chakor soul comes out

I am deeply sorry…… if I am bore you all
Thanks for reading my ff
I hope you all like this ff
Please comment for me if you want to change anything

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  1. It’s really nice…

    1. Mala

      Thanks Nisi

  2. what chakor died??? ??? where suraj man?? nd romance between vimli???

    1. Mala

      You will know next episode is chakor died or not?
      Thanks for commenting

    2. Mala

      This is first time for story writing
      I don.t know how to make interesting
      I am learning
      So bear with me
      In future episodes I won’t disappoint you all

    1. Mala

      Thanks Niriha

  3. it was amazing but what do u mean by the precap”chakor soul come out”?

  4. Interesting ep!

  5. It is good but a lot of grammatical mistakes are there sister.Apart from that it is good.

    1. Mala

      Next time surely I will rectify it

  6. plz give the next episode as soon as possible um waiting sis….???

    1. Mala

      I’m happy that you are waiting for my post
      Thank you so much

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