Sukor journey to love episode 24

Recap rajvnashi family share that sukor are gonna become parents suraj thought the surprise party was for his sucess of gaining a top job…sukor r shocked looking at the reports…

Sukor look at each other in shock and dont know how to react…tejswnai and kaustri bring out the cake sukor cut the cake and feed it to one another…chakor;looks like all ur wishes came true in just a day! Bhagya feels some pain…arjun;i will take bhagya to the hospital…kaustri and bhavan hug chakor…kaustri;i cant believe im gonna be a grandma and the big surprise is that we r naming our house in ur name…chakor;mai baapu why?bhavan;ur our only child…bhavan olv what imli did is unforgivable only u my child proved that ur our true child betiya im so proud of u!kaustri and bhavan leave…veer;nanu today i will sleep in ur room…tejswani;come on everyone tommrow is the baby shower…suraj;?why is everything happening so soon..tejswani veer and kamal head of to bed…sukor reach thier room and feel distressed…chakor gulps…suraj olv perfect timing for u chakor to confess ur love…suraj closes the door and sits besides her…suraj;well the family thinks this is my child but chakor i only confessed my love a few hours ago…so how can this be my child?

suraj tries hard not to laugh…chakor have u cheated on me? chakor gets up…chakor;no!?how can u accuse me! U very well know its ur child! I mean teej night…suraj;teej night?but u sed that was some1 else ?chakor;it was me alright! Suraj hugs chakor…suraj;i always knew it was u…u tried hard hiding it but u left some much evidence…chakor feels embarssed and turns red…suraj;why r u feeling embarssed aftet all i am ur husband that u love very much dont u?suraj turns chakor around so that she can face him…chakor feels shy…chakor;suraj i love you…sukor hug one another….kamal cant stop smiling…tejswani;i cant believe this is all happening im still in shock? arjun phones tejswani…arjun;bhagya had the baby its a boy! Veer overhears…veer;im a big brother…tejswani;we r coming right now tejswani kamal and veer get ready…kamal;yes veer u r now a big brother!u have a responsibility towards u now ir choote brother will look up to u…tejswani;we should let chakor rest lets go the trio leave…suraj;who would have thought that this marriage would turn into a journey of love suraj tucks chakor in bed and both fall asleep tejswani hugs bhagya and the baby…veer;but i thought i was gonna have a sister me and maami even thought of a name?kamal;dont worry if ur maami has a girl we will name her that…veer;but i want maami to have a boy otheriwse the girl will be by herself…arjun;dont worry next time we will make sure u have a sister? bhagya gets discharged and everyone heads home…

chakor wakes up and gets ready she heads downstairs and is surprised seeing everyone sitting in the hall…tejswani;chakor come and meet the newest member of the house!chakor sits besdies veer…chakor olv this baby is so small and fragile? how will i be able to raise someone so small? tejswani hands the baby to chakor…chakor hesitates but holds the baby…tejswani olv soon chakor will be a mother and will hold her own child…chakor smiles and holds the baby carefully…veer;i bet maamu has no idea what’s going he must be dreaming in his fantasy…chakor starts to laugh…suraj wakes upand notices chakor is gone he heads down and sees chakor holding a baby…suraj olv chakor already had the baby?oh what am i thinking suraj sees everyone happy…veer; oh here is the last person present? hey maamu come and meet my new brother…suraj;brother how come no one told me…suraj olv oh no now iv got 2 people that will always pester me? veer pulls suraj and makes him sit besides chakor…suraj stares at the baby…suraj olv so cute unlike this veer? suraj takes the baby of chakor…kamal;its good u and chakor hold a new born baby as it will help u out alot? suraj;papa i will be able to raise my child and i will raise it my way..

tejswani;my family is complete and so happy i hope no evil eye turns towards us…come on everyone we need to prepare for the baby shower of chakor…tejswani helps chakor get ready…the guests come suraj goes bk to sleep…tejswani wakes suraj up…tejswani;you dont have any shame do u ur gonna become a father which is a big responsibility and all the guests are waiting downstairs and ur still sleeping? suraj;fine suraj gets ready tejswani leaves suraj holds chakor back…suraj;today ur looking to good? chakor;at this rate every one will leave hurry up suraj!chakor helps suraj and drags him down…chakor sits down and recives gifts…the guests eat and leave…veer hugs chakor Nd cries…veer;i don’t want to leave!! Arjun and bhagya pack thier bags…kamal;veer is right arjun beta let them stay i mean ur new deal is in bangok for a yr ur going so far away…arjun;papa im sorry but thistime the deal is for a yr and i cant stay away from my family for a yr i hope u understand papa…tejswani;beta i understand bhagya greets tejswani suraj kamal and chakor they leave…kamal;veer and the baby have gone now what will we do?

tejswani;kamal jee dont worry u have me tejswani takes kamal up…suraj sits besides chakor and holds her hand…suraj;chakor i see the happiness in ur eyes and i always want u to stay happy…chakor leans on suraj shoulder and hugs him…kamal and tejswani look on…tejswani;our son is so happy with chakor and chakor is so happy with suraj who knew vivaan and imli wrong doings was a undercover disguise for suraj and chakor to unite! Kamal;well tejswani jee it was our planning that lead them to fall in love now its evident that these 2 love one another! Suraj olv oh no its my first day at work and i forgot? suraj runs upstairs and rushes chakor follows suraj…chakor;what have u done! Why did u throw everything on the floor? suraj;its my first day at work and im late chakor helps suraj and hugs suraj…chakor;dont worry everything will be fine..suraj kisses chakor and leaves…suraj reaches the company and is introduced to the team as the senior minister of accounting…suraj finshes his first task and gets bored…suraj olv?it was much fun sitting at home!

Lakash phones suraj…lakash;sorry suraj i couldn’t make it to ur baby shower party but i cant believe u got ur job and ur having a child! Suraj;well the job is quite boring? im sitting around drinking tea and i finshed thr first task…lakash;but look at ur post ur gonna get paid millions atleast u dont have to rely on ur parents its been a yr since iv been looking at still never got anything bk…suraj;dont worry yaar ul get somthing sooner or later…lakash;see you suraj im going bk to bed…suraj olv i wish i could do that to…veer video calls suraj…veer;hey maamu i miss u so much…suraj;then why did u leave me ur on the otherside of the world…veer;i wanted to wish u goodluck on ur first day and look after maami..suraj;it would have been better if u were hear to look after both of us…veer;how can i do 2 things at once iv got my own brother dont worry soon ul have ur own children then i know u wont miss me anymore…suraj;well u hold a special place in my heart which no one can take…veer smiles and waves goodbye…chakor walks past tejwani and kamal room chakor smiles…chakor even after 40 yrs of marrige they like mai baapu have so much love for one another…bijli;chooti Malkin there’s a letter for u!chakor opens the letter…

chakor olv how can i forget the scan chakor rushes by her doctor…chakor;sorry im late? doctor;chakor it doesn’t matter lets see how u child is progressing…chakor lays down and the doctor scans chakor…the scan finshes and the doctor discusses with chakor…doctor;chakor ur right on progress and its important for u to eat healthier and congratulations ur having twins?chakor;twins i thought i was having one?chakor olv will i be able to take care of 2 children???

Precap chakor has her children will sukor be able to cope kaustri bhavan kamal and tejswani get over excited to learn chakor is having twins

  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Suraj is so naughty, loved the way he was was teasing chakor. Loved sukor romance. sukor will have twins. Waiting for next

    1. Thank u so much!

  2. super update di and thanks for doubke today epi too much.sukor cuteiiiipi.
    plz di continue it and plz update it soon.
    And wating for the reaction when suraj know that he will get twin babies!!

    1. Thanl u suraj will be surprised

  3. Amazing update. Loved Sukor’s shock at the news. Loved how Suraj made Chakor confess about their night together. It was so funny how Suraj was going to miss his first day at work. Sukor are having twins, awesome. Can’t wait for the next part.

    1. Thank u im gald u enjoyed this update

  4. Sukorian

    loved it n the twins point I have it too in an arranged marriage ????

    1. Thank u sorry dor late reply

  5. Bidisha Karar

    Wowwww twins so excited

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