Sukor ff-Nafraton me chupa pyaar (part 8)

Hi guys here is the next part of my ff
It is shown that both suraj nd chakor continue their argument

Chakor:now please just stop this argument because I m having lot of works to do.i don’t want to waste my precious tym on you.


Chakor:nothing golden words r not repeated again and again

Suraj goes to say something to chakor but she moves from there

Suraj:this chipkali never completes the argument she always ran away when ever I goes to tell her something see next tym I will not let this chipkali to ran away before I complete my words


Imli:so di how is your first class nd who is your dance partner

Chakor:don’t ask me anything about my dance partner today what all was happened because of him only

Imli:what?what happened today nd nd y r u becoming angry nd y u don’t want to say anything about your dance partner

Chakor:nothing i m becoming angry because I just hate my dance partner nd today my lecturer scolded me because he started fighting with me

Imli:what !who is he?

Chakor:u remember somedays before I was talking to u about one donkey who flights a lot with me nd he is only my dance partner he is my enemy number 1 now give some ideas to get rid of my dance partner I don’t want him as my partner

Imli:oh so he is the same person

Both chakor nd imli start thinking what to do.after a while

Imli:hey di I m having a nice idea

Chakor:really then say me what is it quickly

Imli:u just exchange your dance partner

Chakor:hehehe first of all our lecturer will not let me to exchange my dance partner nd second thing who will become my dance partner

Imli: are di somehow u convince your lecturer na to exchange the dance partner

Chakor:ok if I convince her also then who will become my dance partner

Imli:vivaan’s bro.

Chakor:vivaan’s bro who is he nd why he will become my dance partner

Imli:are di I will convince vivaan nd vivaan will convince his bro to become your dance partner. Nd u know vivaan’s bro is also there in that competition.nd u nd vivaan’s bro will make a nice pairing.

Chakor:wow that’s a nice idea but r u sure every thing will happen according to our plan only

Imli:yah di now u just stop taking tension

Chakor again starts thinking imli sees her

Imli:di now what happened

Chakor:I was just thinking about vivaan’s bro don’t know how he is I think he is also a cute boy like vivaan

Imli:ofcourse di if he is vivaan’s elder bro then he must be also like vivaan only

Chakor:did u meet him

Imli:no di but I see him he is so cute nd handsome like u only


Imli:yah di

The same discussion happens in the boys suraj says to vivaan he don’t want chakor as his dance partner vivaan also gives a same idea to suraj as imli gives to chakor .vivaan says that he will convince imli to convince chakor suraj also thinks that how imli’s sister is .vivaan says him that she’s a nice girl nd she will suit u alot.after this discussion the four of them went to sleep


imli goes to vivaan she hesitates to say about chakor

Vivaan:imli what happened u r looking so nervous


Vivaan olv:oh how should I say imli about suraj already she is looking so nervous don’t know how she will react when I will say her about suraj

Imli olv:common imli u can do it for your didi

Imli:vivaan I have to say u something

Vivaan:yah say

Imli takes a deep breath nd finally she exaplains all the mattter to vivaan about chakor vivaan becomes so happy by listening this.vivaan also explains her the samething how about suraj

imli:really your bro is also not satisfied with his dance partner

Vivaan:yah even he also wants to change his dance partner

Imli:I think both our elders r same

Vivaan:yah just like me and you

Imli:what? did u say something


Imli:so when u r going so say your bro about our discussion

Vivaan:in leisure period

Imli:ok then I will also say my didi in leisure peroid

Vivaan:one more thing when your sister will meet my bro

Imli:I will ask her to meet him in lunch ok

Vivaan:ok my bro will be glad to meet your sister

Imli:even my di will also be glad to meet your brother

To be continued……..

  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Waiting for sukor’s reaction when imvaan introduce them to each other

  2. Awesome! Sukor will get the shock of their lives, vimli are cute. looking forward to the next part.

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