Sukor – Dard wala love (Chapter -9)

Chapter -9:

In Chakor’s room,

Chakor and Suraj were lost in thoughts about The Dance. Chakor was normally giggling seeing suraj lost in thoughts.

Chakor:Ab kya hua, Mr. Headstrong??? Continue Nahi karogi kya!!

Suraj: Am I headstrong for you???

Chakor: Ha, how much attitude you used to show to us????

Suraj: Let me see that too………

Suraj started chasing Chakor whereas she’s running like an athlete.

Suraj: You will eat like kumbhkaran but how come you run so fast!!!

Chakor : How dare you ??? Main Kumbhkaran jaise kaate hoon!!! How Mean!!!

Suraj: Not only me, but everyone says the same!!

Chakor: Huh!!! See I will show you!!!!

Chakor starts chasing suraj whereas suraj was making funny comments on her. Chakor caught him but slipped over him and both landed on the floor . Suraj was lying below Chakor. Both are immersed in each other’s eyes.

Bgm plays (Mahiya…….. Maine tujhko hi )

Chakor’s phone rings. Both of them come to reality.

Suraj POV: Why this stupid phone must ring now??? Huh!!! But why it bothers me??? God knows!!! Who’s this now?? Vivaan ya Imli!!!

Chakor: Hey Aarav!!!

Aarav: Chakor actually I’m also returning back to the hotel to give the two pairs some privacy!!! What do you say???

Chakor: Yeah that’s a nice idea!! Here, Suraj is also feeling bored as I was in a meeting.

Aarav: Yeah when didn’t he feel bore???

Chakor: Haha???

Aarav: Keep smiling Chakor!!! You look so cute when you smile!!!

Chakor : How do you know whether I’m looking cute without seeing me???

Aarav(whispers): Bas theri chehra toh hamesha meri yaadon mei rahegi na!!!!

Chakor:What??? I didn’t hear you!!!

Aarav:Nothing important.

Chakor:Okay!! Come soon!!! Bye

Aarav: Bye!!!

Chakor cuts the call.

Chakor: Suraj!! Aarav is coming to the hotel!

Suraj:Why??? (POV: Yeh saala toh hogaya mere hasty mein)

Chakor: Relax!! You shouted like if any ghost is coming!! It’s just Aarav na!!

Suraj: Ha just Aarav na!!! (Fake smile)

After sometime Aarav arrives,

Chakor: Thank god Aarav!! You are life saver!! Give suraj some company!!!

Aarav: Sure thing!!!

Chakor goes to the next room of the same room and opens the laptop for the meeting.

Aarav: Sorry bro ??

Suraj(lil annoyed): For????

Aarav: For coming between you and Chakor Bhabhi.

Suraj: What??? Don’t shout!!!

Aarav: Why bhai?? I know you love Chakor ❤️❤️

Suraj: I love her!!! I knew it!!! But she doesn’t love me !!! And I will never force her myself !!! And don’t spill it out again!!!

Aarav: Tumhari lovestory . Tumhari wish!!!

Suraj: Better if you!!!

After sometime Chakor completes her meeting. She comes there. She’s shocked seeing Suraj with his phone and Aarav with his!!!!!


Aarav and Suraj: Yess Madam!!!

Chakor : What are you doing??? Aarav I told you to give company to Suraj na!!! But you???

Aarav bends down his head.

Chakor: And you , Mr. Troublemaker Rajwanshi!!! I told you too na.

He bends his head too. Aarav laughs at it.

Chakor: No need to laugh like a monkey Mr. Gupta!! Otherwise flies goes into the mouth.

Sukor burst into laughter whereas Aarav was fuming!!!

Chakor: You both disappointed me!!!

Chakor leaves. Without noticing anyone, Suraj and Aarav leave to their respective rooms.

In chakors room,

Chakor was lying on the bed remembering her childhood days . There was a small smile creeping on her lips.

“I remember you!!! Your killer looks may make many girls fall in love with you but I’m not in that Category”


Chakor and Imli were playing in the ground. There comes Aarav and two , three girls surrounded him and was talking to him like they were seeing him for the first time.

Aarav was annoyed. So he shouted a lil bit at them. He left.

Chakor : How rude na??? How can he shout at girls like that???

Imli:It must happen like that only!!! They were annoying him from the morning.

Chakor : Whatever it May be !!! Still he must have been good to the girls like he was with me last night!!!

Imli: What??? Aarav was a ? angry lil man!!! So….. You must have misunderstood him for something else!!!

Chakor: No he’s good.

Imli(teasing): I think he’s interested in you

Chakor(Almost lost her breath): No way!!! I’m not interested in him!!!

Imli: Then are you interested in someone else???

Chakor: Stop it Imli !!! I’m leaving !!!

Saying that Chakor is leaving to the class room when she again strikes with a man with killer looks and muscular body which is none other than Suraj Rajwanshi.

Suraj:Hey Chakor!!!!

Chakor(gulping): Oh you!!!! Suraj from last night’s party. By the way the party was awesome.

Suraj: Thanks but the credit goes to my Brothers.

Chakor: Oh that’s so sweet of you!!!

The bell rings.

Chakor: What’s your next period???

Suraj: Mine!!The boring Physics.

Chakor: I see!!! Mine is Biology

Suraj: Oh see you soon!!!

Chakor:You too

Chakor was about to leave but Suraj stopped her.

Suraj: You are so beautiful in that dress yesterday.

Chakor not understanding how to respond as none of the boys ever complimented her this way.

Chakor??: Thank you !!

Suraj: Are you interested to come to my home???

Chakor (shocked): What???

Suraj: Oops!! Actually Imli and Vivaan are also coming so, if you are interested, then you too can come and join us!!!

Chakor: Yeah !!! I mean if there is less homework then I will definitely come. If not you know ……

Suraj: Okay !!!!

They both left to their respective classes.

Chakor POV: Shall I go?? Ahh why to go to some stranger senior’s house!!! Yeah of course he is stranger na. I went only to his one party not all of them neither I know him since my birth to go!!! Why problem??? Let’s ask Imli!! Whatever she says..

At the lunch break,

In the canteen,

Chakor: Hey Imloo!!

Imli:Hello Chakor!!! What’s your curry???

Chakor: Beetroot!!!

Imli: Yuck!!! I hate beetroot!!! How can you even eat it !!!

Chakor:Stop it dear!!! It’s beetroot not any poison!!! By the way it’s good for blood.

Imli: Oh you only can eat it.

Vivaan and Aarav comes by.

Vivaan: What happened Imli???

Imli: See for yourself!!! Chakor bought Beetroot today!!!

Vivaan: What???Thats my favorite!!! Where’s my portion Chakor ????

Chakor (proudly): Here take it!!!

Imli is glaring at Vivaan. Aarav noticed it and asked”What’s the matter, Imli?”

Imli stands up.

Imli: You duffer Rajwanshi!!! You know I hate beetroot but still you are eating it and even giving credit to Chakor. See I will never talk to you!! Huh!

Imli leaves.

Vivaan: Sorry Chakor!! I can’t eat it !!! That devil will eat my brains. Here you have it!! By the way it tastes awesome!!!

Vivaan leaves behind Imli too!!! Aarav and Chakor burst into laughter.

They Hifi each other.

Aarav: That’s funny !!!

Chakor: Yeah it is!!!

Aarav: Hi Chakor!!!

Chakor: Yeah hi!!!

Aarav: Are you interested to come to our house???

Chakor: What???

Aarav: I mean like some playtime. Imli and Vivaan are also coming.

Chakor: Oh Actually suraj already invited me!!!

Aarav(shocked): OMG!!! That silent killer invited you!! Can’t believe it yaar!!! Okay see you afterwards!! Bye!!!

Aarav left only Chakor is remained. She’s eating silently when a girl came and sat beside her. Chakor got shivers but managed.

Girl: Hey!! Chakor!!! Mata Rani!!! What’s your curry???


Girl: You stupid girl!! Don’t you have your senses working!! Why are you stammering??? Are you scared of me??? (Chakor was about to say something) Yeah I know you are scared of me !!!! You pig!!!!

Chakor was about to leave but this girl caught her hand.

Chakor: Please leave me alone!! I need to leave to my next class!!!

Girl: Sit here it’s my order!!! Otherwise….

Chakor: What??

Girl: You want to know you creep little orphan who had parents.

Chakor(verge of crying): I’m not an orphan!!! I have my parents!!!

Girl: I haven’t seen them anytime!!! Did you see them?? I don’t think so you mad Orphan!!!

Along with this girls many girls join and tease Chakor ??.

Chakor starts crying. Then someone comes for her rescue.

Flashback ends.

Chakor was lost in thoughts when she heard someone was knocking at the door. “Chakor please we are sorry, we really are sorry??”

Chakor opens the door. ?

Chakor: Suraj!!! Aarav!!! Don’t be sorry for me, be sorry for yourself!!! I thought you both are spending a quality time together but you are doing it with the mobile!!! Do you know how hard it will be without our closed ones with us??? Do you know how hard it will be when we have no one to share??? Do you know how it will be when everyone, our close relatives close their doors on our faces??? Do you know how hard it gets when no one cares about us??? Do you know how hard it will be when no one understands us??? Do you know how hard it will be when there is no such shoulder where I can peacefully lie on it and relax?? Do you know it??? I know you don’t know it!!!

We always value of best things in life when we lose it. And I know that pain!!! I know it !!! I know it!!!!!

Saying this, Chakor faints. Aarav and Suraj were in a shock listening to her emotional words and now her fainting down. They both catch her at a time. They both were feeling guilty for hurting their chubby Chakor by their silly behavior. Aarav and Suraj look at each other in despair.

PRECAP: Care for Chakor By Surav

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