Sukor- Dard wala Love (Chapter-6)

Episode -6:

After the long flight journey, they all reached Rome. The troop reached a hotel to fresh up.

Imli : Hey guys, let’s fresh up and meet at 4 in afternoon.

Chakor : Okay!! Let’s move then.

Single rooms for everyone.

In Chakor’s room,

Chakor was feeling very tired and was sleeping. She was looking very tired. Just then, someone knocked her room. She opened the door. Imli was standing there.
Chakor : Imli,  what happened?? Problem hai kya??
Imli : Kuch nahi Chakor!! Bas meri dosth ke saath time spend Karna chahthi hoon,  if she don’t give any objections!!

Chakor : Any friend will have problem with their bestie!! Come in!!

Both Chakor and Imli were sitting on the couch and we’re talking about their childhood!!!

Imli : Chakor!! You don’t know how much I missed you!! Even I don’t have hope to find you!!! But today, what the help Rani has done, I can’t even stop with just a thank you!!! But don’t think I forgave you for your disguise!!

Chakor : I’m sorry Imli!! But I know how much you miss me but even I missed my beautiful friend a lot!!! And congrats for your wedding!! I never expected that you will love Vivaan!! You don’t know how much big mad he is in your love!!

Imli : But nowadays, that love has decreased!!! He is not at all bothering about me and flirting with girls !! Okay!!

Vivaan : So this is what the reason you are ignoring me!!

Chamli : Vivaan!! When did you come??

Suraj : When you both are talking about my bro??

Vivaan : Why are you angry with me for a silly reason??

Imli : Is it a silly reason for you??? Listen!!! If I ignore you and flirt with Antone how it will be for you???

Vivaan imagines the scene and gets numb.

Imli : And so I am!!

Imli left the room in anger whereas Vivaan realised his mistake!!

Chakor : Go and apologize Imli!! She will forgive you!!!

Vivaan : Yeah I’m going!!!

Vivaan also left. Only Chakor, Suraj and Aarav in the room.

Aarav : So Chakor how’s everything going on with you???

Chakor : Everything is very well!! So I heard that Suraj got Best Business man award!!

Suraj : Yes!!! But Aarav is not less than me!!!

Aarav : I have already said you na bhai ki I will be your competition next year!!!

Chakor : Oh that’s great!! All the best!!

Aarav : Thanks Bhabhi!!!!

Suraj and Chakor were shocked!!!

Aarav : Oops tongue slip!! Okay you both carry on!!

Aarav leaves.

Suraj : Woh…. I’m sorry for what Aarav said!!

Chakor : No problem!! But that’s sure that I’m going to become his bhabhi!!!

Suraj (shouts) : What??? I mean how???

Chakor : Imli is Aarav’s bhabhi.  Right??

Suraj : Yes!!  So what??

Chakor : So Bhabhi’s friend,  Bhabhi!!

Suraj: Oh, in this way!!!

Chakor : Yeah!! In what way did you thought???

Suraj : Nothing!! Bye!!! Take rest!!

Chakor : Bye!!

Suraj also leaves Chakor’s room.

In room,

Chakor while sleeping felt some shaking sensation. She woke up and found that her body is shaking.

Chakor : No this shouldn’t happen again!!!

She immediately took a medicine and water and drank it immediately. Then, her body stopped shaking.

She breaks down in her place and cries!!!

Chakor : Why me???

At 4:00 p. m.
Everyone gathered at the waiting room and are waiting for Chakor!!! She come in a long black skirt and white jeans top which was sleeveless!!! She was looking very bubbly!!!! She went to Imli and was talking with her.

Suraj : Beautiful!!!
Aarav : Bhai!!!

Suraj : What??
Aarav: Chakor is beautiful right??

Suraj : Yes (realises) No nothing!!! Okay let’s go!!

Suraj leaves.

Aarav : Bhai love story and my revenge story begins…………


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  1. Awesome. Loved the bond between friends. Chakor didn’t realize that Aarav is hinting that Suraj loves her. So Chakor is suffering from some condition, is it psychological? Aarav’s revenge is a big twist. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

    1. Smiley010403

      Yeah you’re right!!!!! Keep waiting!!!!

  2. Nice update do.Update asap

  3. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Loved the bonding of friends. So aarav knows that suraj loves chakor. Is chakor suffering from something serious. What revenge aarav is talking about. Hoping there is no problem for sukor. Waiting for next

    1. Smiley010403

      Maybe Aarav may become problem but don’t worry our sukor will cross every problems that comes in their way!!!!

  4. Bidisha Karar

    Awesome plz update soon

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