Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya cleaning the fish tank and thinking about Yuvraaj. She sees one fish has gone in drain and thinks what to do now. She tells Suhani that snoopi has eaten one fish and Suhani is shocked. She says I told Snoopi not to do this, what will I do now. She asks Soumya did she see Snoopi. Soumya says he run away. Suhani goes to Snoopi and scolds him for eating the fish. Sharad says Snoopi is with me since long time, and he did not go out. Suhani sees the legs of snoopi and says its dry. She says Soumya was cleaning the bowl and said snoopi ate the fish. He says she is lying. She asks why will she lie. He says as she always lie, she won kabaddi by lying. Suhani checks for snoopi’s hair in the room, and looks shocked.

Suhani says Sharad that you were right, snoopi did not go to room, I did not get his hair in room. She says how will we find the fish, and asks Snoopi to help. Snoopi finds in the room and then barks at the basin. Sharad says it means Snoopi did not eat fish, and Soumya has drained it, maybe its in basin. Suhani gets tensed and says what will we do now. She asks Sharad to check outer pipe. He says it goes out. She says lets go and see. She says if anything happens to it, it will be much problem. She bumps and into Ramesh and Menka falls by the onion. Sharad tells Ramesh about the basin pipe. Ramesh tells everything.

Suhani and Sharad sit near the water pipes and wait for the fish to come. Sharad talks to snoopi and says he will Suhani. Soumya comes in Suhani’s room and calls her name. Soumya asks Ramesh about Suhani. Ramesh says they all are finding the fish. Soumya says why are they finding when I told her that snoopi ate the fish.

Suhani talks to Sharad. He asks her to wait and it will be fruitful. Suhani is glad seeing the fish and a dog comes there. Yuvraaj calls Suhani and asks about fishes. She says its fine. The dog jumps to get the fish and snoopi comes running to save the fish. The other dog runs and the is saved. Suhani falls and Sharad holds the fish bowl. Pratima comes and asks whats going on. Suhani says I got the fish. She says its long story. Suhani thanks snoopi for helping her. Sharad tells Pratima that Soumya did this. Suhani says no, she did not do this intentionally.

Sharad says Soumya has made the fish go in drain and blamed Snoopi. Suhani defends Soumya. Pratima says its fine now, Suhani go inside and freshen up, but remember Soumya is wrong, and she knew her lie can make Yuvraaj angry. Sharad says why did she lie and blamed this dog. Pratima asks Suhani to be careful. Suhani says yes and goes, thinking why did Soumya lie to me. Soumya looks on. Yuvraaj comes home and sees the fish bowl. He says where did Suhani go, I will make you have food today. He reads the instructions and puts the food. He goes in washroom and sees Suhani cleaning the dress.

He asks what happened. She says I was playing with snoopi and fell. He teases her and laughs. He takes her pic. She throws water and he leaves. She says open the door, I will see you. He opens the door and she falls on him. Saawre……………..plays………………They have an eyelock.

Sharad tells everything to Yuvraaj about Soumya’s foolishness to drain the fish in basin. Yuvraaj says what and goes to talk to Soumya.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i like that twist…………… yuvaraj should know it………..

  2. Snooopy love u

  3. i like this episode …

  4. now yuvraj getting close to suhani…

  5. I like this episod a lot

  6. But sowmya wil think that suhani told to yuvi and she wil plan something again. I dn’t like that.

  7. Hurrayyy….at last at least now sowmya’s lie got caught n yuvraj came to know about it

  8. your’e right

  9. Im glad soumya’s lie got caught

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