Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya saying no need to do this marriage if you feel I m not right for Yuvraaj. Dadi says you were always right, and your friend has always cheated you. Pratima asks Suhani how can this change. Suhani says Dadi hates me a lot and so got angry. Pratima apologizes to her being helpless. Suhani says I will go to decorate the room. Yuvraaj says no, this time its not about anger and hatred, its something else, something big happened that Dadi has forgiven Soumya. Sharad says maybe Dadi came to know our plan.

Saurabh comes to Rags and asks what is she doing, why is she preparing to go in Soumya’s marriage. Rags says yes, the credit goes to him, he was drunk at night and told her the plan. He is stunned. She asks did he think he can fool her so easily and asks what will he do now. Saurabh says she is supporting their enemies to make them lose. Rags says she is not doing this for Soumya, but for herself, Dadi won’t take a step without me.

Soumya asks did Suhani do this. Dadi says you should thanks Rags and respect her. Soumya nods. Yuvraaj hears everything. Suhani asks Ramesh to get flowers. Rags asks her to decorate the room well, as its her ex husband and best friend’s suhaagraat and passes taunts to her. Suhani gets sad. Saurabh looks on. Yuvraaj comes to Soumya and asks what happened. Soumya says so much happened that… he asks what. She says Suhani is trying to make us separated, how can she do this. He says why does she look wrong, you also did this. She asks what does he mean.

Saurabh comes to Suhani and says I m really sorry, I m a bad brother, I told everything to Rags and spoiled our plan, Dadi came to know this, I did a big mistake. Suhani says no need to say sorry, lucky sister get a brother like you. He says all this happened by my foolishness. She says maybe this was written in my fate, no one can change it. Yuvraaj tells Soumya why can’t he see happiness on her face if she wanted to marry him, and asks her not to repeat past mistakes.

He says I want you to think well before deciding and don’t do anything that make you regret later. He leaves. Lalita asks Murali what kind of father is he, to be sad in Krishna’s marriage. He says Krishna is unhappy. She sees Krishna and asks what happened, its his marriage, forget it and move on. Krishna says else you need to return 10 lakhs to Birla family, how can she sell his happiness. He gets angry and defends Soumya. He leaves. She says how did he know about 10 lakhs.

Suhani decorates the room and Yuvraaj looks on. He thinks Dadi should have not made Suhani do this and recalls their first wedding night. Snoopi gets on the bed and they laugh seeing him. Snoopi leaves. Yuvraaj says sorry Suhani, I was very angry that night. She says yes, but Snoopi was with me all night. He says you were scared of snoopi at that time, how did she manage. She says she can’t manage everything.

He says I m sorry, I could not do anything, my plan failed, it does not mean I will marry Soumya. She says even then our relation would have…. She cries.

Soumya comes to Suhani and asks her about her big cheat, she tried to make her and Yuvraaj away. Suhani says yes, you also did the same. Soumya says she was not happy in her marriage, she saved her life. Suhani asks whats this. Soumya sees 6 and says 6. Suhani says now I can see 9, its about opinions and view, I don’t see you happy now, you have to decide you have to really marry or just being adamant. Soumya asks her not to tangle her in talk and accept her mistake.

Suhani smiles and asks does she think so. Soumya says yes. Suhani makes her recall the holi day and says I felt my best friend cheated me and you said you gave me freedom. Soumya says its true. Suhani asks her to know the truth that she does not love Yuvraaj, she wants to become Soumya Birla, not Soumya Yuvraaj Birla. She asks her to think does Birla name matter more than real love.

Soumya recalls her words. Dadi, Rags and Menka come there. Dadi asks Pratima to do the shagun rituals. Pratima refuses and says she will never accept Soumya as bahu. Dadi scolds her. Yuvraaj says its fine if mum does not want to do shagun. Dadi asks Rags to do the shagun.

Rags makes Soumya sit and does the shagun rituals. She gives designer saree and diamond necklace. Dadi asks Suhani to take Soumya and make her ready for marriage. Menka gives the bridal dress and jewelry to her and taunts her. Yuvraaj is worried and does not know anything. Suhani says she has a plan.

Dadi tells Yuvraaj that he did first marriage against his wish and now she is asking him her happiness, and keeps his hand on her head, asking him to support her and marry Soumya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell !!!!!this serial it’s sucks now and dadi I will kill u and stupid yuvraj and it’s all happened because of you shaurab I just hate u now shit shit!!!!!

  2. I agree with u Aparna Saurabh u suck!!!!! And dadi you are a vamp and will be hated by yuvraaj. Just wait and watch

  3. i just knew this
    entire drama will be in shadi

  4. aparna jst chill yar may b there is something gud after this….may b yuvraj wil cum to knw that he loves suhani….by this yuvani cum closer. ..
    hope so…..

  5. hmmm vry funny!soumya told suhani to accept her mistake.she is reacting lyk she didn’t do any mistake, only suhani did all tis.

  6. such a shit
    why to make plans against dadi n sowmya
    can’t this yuvraj speek out his feelings that he dont want to marry sowmya
    and he is happy with suhani.
    soooooo dumbb
    even then he can make dadi realize his happiness
    speak out yuvraj speek out

  7. daadi is very bad……….& i hate rags ,menka & soumya very bad…….

  8. Oh god wht yuvraj vl rply 4 suhani’s ques waitng 4 tat promo episod

  9. hello everyone.. im sure we all know about the earthquake in nepal last week.. i would kindly like to request everyone.. that if anyone around you is trying to help then please join them
    in the way u can.. thank you!

    1. of course. i will do my best n ur a good person with a kind mind

  10. lol soumya will marry Krishna :L just watch haha

  11. suhani wt’s plan u have we r eagrly waiting for next episode,when soumya will realzed her mistake,dadi has taunted so many times yhen also she was nor know who is her loved ones.again she was cheating to yuvaraj.yuvaraj y u r not speaking out she was cheater.

  12. Why are the serial makers dragging this so much? No one in Yuvraj ‘s place will be silently observing and making futile and stupid plans to avoid this unwanted wedding and wait till they reach the shaadi Mandap before doing anything concrete. What is stopping from telling his likes and dislikes to his senile and demented daadi? If he is such a dud it is better Suhani leaves and goes. When will Soumya learn that Suhani is not cheating and coming between her and Yuvraj but she is breaking her best friend’s wedding? Just fed up. For more airspace you are unnecessarily creating this foolish drama. Show more maturity in Suhani too .

  13. yuvaraj atleast speak nw dumb

    first saurav shuld giv divorce to ragini

  14. krishna ll be the groom instead of yuvaraj all ll know after marriage

  15. yuvraaj is a coward

  16. episodes r going bored

  17. I agree with u @ k,saurabh should divorce rags,then she will come to her senses.

  18. wow suhani you are amazing that you and yuvraaj look great and I am your biggest fan and I always watch your programmes everyday on star plus at 6;30am and you are doing amazing that you are bringing soumya and Krishna together great work guys keep it up xxxxxx

  19. Why does the serial have to go bad it hey were so so close saurabh ur an idiot?

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