Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani seeing Soumya’s phone with Yuvraaj’s name. Dadi, Rags and Menka see this along Soumya and smile. Dadi says prepare for tomorrow’s function, this time we have to give her such pain that she does not stand back again. Suhani comes to her room and sees Yuvraaj with his phone. He messages Sharad that he has to surprise Suhani, as she helped in event tagline and this time too, so he should do something for her. He asks when did she come. She says when you were busy on phone. He asks about the presentation, is she ready. He says yes, I would have not gone for any event, but tomorrow its different, so I m going. She asks whats different. She says model is Soumya, she may not be comfortable with Saurabh.

She says I was thinking to gift something to Soumya. Sharad messages Yuvraaj to see picnic video with Suhani, she will be happy seeing it. Yuvraaj laughs and Suhani thinks he is chatting with Soumya. Its morning, Menka tells Suhani that Yuvraaj is going out with many models, I heard 2-4 were his GF too. Rags says everyone is not insecure like you, right Suhani. Suhani nods. Menka says good proposals came for the shoot better than Soumya, but she is your friend and she is sad, so we are doing this. Suhani says Dadi knows well. Menka asks her to keep pics in Yuvraaj’s room and gives her. She tells Rags that she did the work.

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Yuvraaj arranges for the photo shoot and Dadi comes to him. She says don’t feel bad, but what Suhani did as wrong, she was asking Rags about your GF before marriage, she is spying on you. Yuvraaj says Suhani does not do this. Dadi says she stays angry these days, don’t know what she thinks, its your matter and explain her in your way, it will be good. Dadi smiles and leaves.

Yuvraaj comes to Suhani while she gets ready. He asks is she has to do this nonsense talk, its better she stays at home. Suhani thinks of Soumya’s words and asks why is he making an issue, what happened. He says you have told Rags…. She says let it be, you have long list of excuses, if you don’t want me to come, I won’t, don’t make any excuse like on exhibition. He asks how can she say this. She says she felt bad. He says fine, then talk to wall, not me.

He asks her for the last time, does she has to come. She says no. He leaves angrily. Dadi, Rags and Menka smile seeing him leave alone, and Dadi asks Rags to tell this to Soumya. Pratima asks Suhani why did she not go. Suhani cries. Pratima asks her to say what happened. Suhani says nothing, you go, I don’t want to go. Dadi comes and sends Pratima saying she will talk to Suhani, she will bring her.

Dadi asks Suhani to clean her face and come, they need her, her face shows she fought with Yuvraaj, she is taking her as her bahu, not his wife, as she saved their respect, she wants her to be with them. Soumya asks Yuvraaj why did Suhani not come. Yuvraaj says her mood was not such. Suhani is on the way with Dadi. Soumya and Yuvraaj get inside the lift and she cleverly stops the lift by the emergency stop button. Suhani reaches the hotel.

Soumya says why did the lift stop. He says I will see and checks. She smiles shamelessly. Suhani says the lift is stuck at 6th floor. The man says Yuvraaj is inside, call the lift man. Suhani says he is my husband and runs to the 6th floor. Dadi smiles. Yuvraaj says there is no network. Anuj and Saurabh come along Pratima. Soumya says she is getting short of breath, she has claustrophobia. He says relax and holds her. The man says lift is fine, the button is stopped from inside. Pratima says why will anyone stop the lift like this. Soumya leans on Yuvraaj, and the people open the lift. They all are socked seeing Yuvraaj cupping Soumya’s face and being very close. The guard says see them, now understand why did they stop the lift, rich people are such, they enjoy and scold us.

Rags asks Soumya is she fine. Yuvraaj says she had panic attack, she will take rest and will be fine, she has claustrophobia. Suhani looks on. Yuvraaj says take her Rags. Suhani scolds the guard and asks him to think before saying anything wrong, my husband was helping my friend, she got asthma attack. The guard shows her the mark on how lift was stopped and she gets angry. Saurabh asks Suhani to calm down. Menka teases Soumya asking what happened.

Dadi asks Pratima to manage Suhani, as she is creating a scene. Pratima says Suhani was worried for Yuvraaj and sends him. Soumya asks Menka not to joke and Rags scolds Menka. Soumya says if I knew I m claustrophobiac, I would have not done this and scolds Soumya. Anuj asks Soumya to come as Dadi is calling her. Yuvraaj asks Suhani so she came. Suhani says Dadi brought me, I don’t lie, go and ask Dadi. He says fine, don’t get angry. She says she feels their fights are increasing. He says I know, so after conference, I was taking Sharad’s help and ……we will talk at home. He gets a call and goes. She says what is he doing along with Sharad.

Sharad asks Suhani to see this video of their picnic dance. Suhani is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Saumya is dam irritating I just hate her plz suhani open your eyes and see the reality and throw out ur so called bestie who wants to became ur sautan..blo*dy b*t*h

  2. how can someone be so selfish..

  3. I think truth will come out 2mrow’s episode………….

  4. i just dont understand what they wanna show somya as.. is she after yuvraj or his money?? im confuuuuuused!

  5. She wants both

  6. This show just irritates me! it spoils my whole week! Soumya is a terrible friend, she is easily influenced by dadi who is suppose to be an elder teaching the younger right from wrong. I’m failing to see the light from this show.

  7. Oh god wht hpng here i cnt digst 🙁 pls suhani u go to home if u attend d party tat 3idiots make u cry n yuvraj to


  9. Wat a bullshit serial nowadays it is not gng so gud why this yuvaraj is dng like this

  10. Cnt undrsrnd ye dumb drame ka end kab hoga..i hv evn lft watchng serial n read updates only..

  11. wht you guys think …why may happen tomorrow

  12. Soumya if u r dead in lift I would be so happy but it was a plan to get yuvraj closer to what a friend are u?sorry sorry sorry not a friend enemy I wish suhani come to know all the truth about u and Krishna leave this bullshit Soumya and marry the new girl

  13. Maanam ketta sowmya…shameless women in the world.

    1. Na othukuren…….

  14. i don’t want to see yuvraj & suhani separating….

  15. dadi bakwas nautanki hope suhani c video wit open eyes how soumya get irritates wen she c yuvaraj n suhani together atleast she will her hw bad dat b*t*h

  16. liked da spoiler nw suhani has doubt on soumya 🙂

  17. hi asha,u value love?can i love u?kiss u?plz answer……r u single my honey???

    1. if asha accept your love wat would u do ?? 😛

  18. But this dadi is a worsted/bad dadi all over the world

  19. Gud to read updates rather than watching nonsense in serial n wasting 30 mins

  20. Dadi is super hypocrate and shameless old woman…and you soumya am sure you will never win uvraj’s love… ragin and menka that behaviour of yours will just ruin your happiness bcoz…your plans always fail suhani has a very strong heart…

  21. excuse me rahul.shut up & mind ur own business.discuss only about the show

    1. u r great……..keep going….. anyway hi. I am sree

  22. Stop the stupidity

  23. Either Suhani is blind or just plain stupid!

  24. that old hag dadi is a stupid! actually soumya loves Krishna.dadi is the one spoiling that too.

  25. how can an old lady behaves like this?i always think that grandma’s r right & they teaches us right. here what’s the case????

  26. suhani kurachu smart aavanam. ethu oru dull character.

  27. what the hell is going?!
    plz stop thz serial or change the concept
    i hate soumya

  28. i can’t believe that dump girls like suhani r still alive in this world !

  29. harsha this is Hindi serial either u talk English or.Hindi so that others can understand……hey malayali njanum oru Malayaliaanu

  30. Suhani entha engane pottathikale pole behave cheyunne…….just open ur eyes and realise the truth………sowmya is ur enemy nt frnd……

    1. suhanikku bhudhi kammiya 🙁

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