Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags waking up by a hangover. Menka comes to her and sees that Rags does not remember anything. Menka fills her ears against Suhani. Rags is shocked knowing Suhani tried to spoil her image infront of Dadi. Suhani comes and greets her. She brings lemon water for her and talks in nice way. She leaves. Menka says see she is acting so sweet, I will take revenge, you take rest. Rags comes in Menka’s words. Menka smiles. Krishna talks to someone and says we will come tonight. He says Soumya about Kabaddi league. Rakhi says you did not take me anytime, She says she wants to see. He promotes the Pro Kabaddi league and says we will see it on Soumya’s mobile tv. They smile.

Suhani comes in her room and thinks she forgot to say sorry. Yuvraaj calls her from the bathroom. He says call Maa. She says Maa went to temple, what do you want. He asks her to give his towel from his cupboard. She says I will give it, why are you shy. He says first dry your hands. She gets the towel but messes his cupboard. She gets tensed as he comes out. He says he will change his clothes. But she stops him. Sharad comes as Yuvraaj opens the cupboard. The clothes fall and he does not see it. Sharad also praises Yuvraaj. Suhani smiles and wants Yuvraaj to just leave. She says go. Yuvraaj leaves with Sharad. She takes a breath of relief.

Anuj sees his pics and smiles. Menka comes and says wow, great pics. She says where is my pics, why did you not take me. He says you take hours to get ready. They argue. Dadi scolds Suhani not to call Ramesh as brother. She scolds Ramesh and asks him to clean the house well. Menka hears this and thinks to get some idea and says she is incomplete without Rags. Suhani asks Ramesh to give lemon water to Rags. Saurabh comes to Rags and asks her to lemon water. He says Suhani was sent this. Rags speaks against Suhani. He says he will take her out, they did not spend time. Rags says I won’t go out with you.

She asks him about yesterday when Suhani teased him. Saurabh says you were drunk, what did Suhani do. Suhani helps Ramesh in cleaning the room. She gets tensed seeing Snoopy and calls Ramesh for help. Snoopy walks towards her and barks. She gets afraid. Yuvraaj comes to her rescue and they get tangles in a curtain and get closer. Music plays…………… He asks are you still afraid of snoopy, he likes you now. She says I don’t know. He frees her. She smiles. Saawre…………………plays……………………….

Menka comes and gets an idea to spoil the floor with mud foot marks. She goes to Suhani’s room and gets her shoes. She does so to put the blame on Suhani. She bumps into Ramesh and he asks whose shoes is she taking. The shoes gets mixed and she scolds him. He leaves. Rakhi tells Soumya that she is feeling hungry. Soumya says let Krishna come, he will cook. Rakhi asks her to get something from outside. Soumya says its not good for you. Rakhi argues with her. Soumya gives her bread and jam. Rakhi throws it. Krishna comes and sees Rakhi’s bad behavior and gets angry. Menka uses the shoes and puts it in mud. She says now the house will have earthquake, Suhani will be gone now. She smiles.

Suhani and Ramesh sees the mud spots. She says she will clean it before Dadi comes. Dadi is walking towards the main entrance. Suhani starts cleaning.

Update Credit to: Amena

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