Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna seeing Suhani and Soumya’s pic. She says I should not get so angry. Suhani sits on the bed. She gets labor pain and tries reaching door. She calls out Krishna and falls down. Krishna comes and gets shocked. Suhani asks her to call everyone. Krishna looks at her. Suhani says your baby needs doctor, call someone. Krishna calls Saiyyam and could not connect. Krishna calls doctor and says aunty has labor pains. Doctor says I m sending ambulance, keep her awake, don’t let her faint. Krishna sprinkles water on Suhani’s face. Suhani sees Yuvraaj…. She faints.

Saiyyam reaches everyone. Pratima, Dadi, Rags and Bhavna are on the way in car. They talk about Suhani’s child. Rags says no one will call me Dadi. Dadi says just I m Dadi in this house, Pratima will be Choti Dadi. Rags says okay, but I will be just Rags. Dadi asks Saiyyam to take car to organic shop, she has to buy some organic powder.

Krishna takes Suhani in ambulance. Dadi and everyone come home. They look for Suhani. Bhavna calls Suhani. The phone rings at home. Bhavna says Krishna took Suhani to hospital. Pratima asks Bhavna to call doctor. Doctor says Suhani is unconscious. Saiyyam says her number is off.

Krishna prays for Suhani and her child. She calls home. Nurse asks her to sign the consent form. Krishna says no, I can’t sign on this, I will call her son. Nurse says but we can’t wait, Suhani is critical, the baby can fall in danger, please sign on it. Krishna signs on the form. Bhavna says doctor is called at city hospital. Krishna calls Pratima and says aunty’s operation is happening. Pratima says don’t worry, we will come.

They all rush to hospital. Krishna thinks of Suhani and cries. Everyone come there. Saiyyam hugs Krishna. Doctor comes and says congrats, its a girl. Everyone smile. Pratima asks can we meet her. He says after some time, you can meet her in private room. Everyone meet Suhani. Suhani smiles.

Saiyyam says you scared me, don’t do this next time. Suhani says Krishna was with me, Pratima used to say I always save Krishna, she stays scared because of me. Pratima says your excess love made her weak. Suhani says no, my love made her strong, she did not cry and made me reach hospital, we are fine because of her today. She asks Dadi to make child meet her mum. Nurse gets baby and gives them. Krishna sees baby. Bhavna gives baby to Suhani. Suhani asks Bhavna to take baby to her mum. Bhavna takes baby to Krishna. Krishna cries taking the baby and hugs her.

Its morning, Pratima tells doctor about Krishna and Saiyyam, baby’s parents. Krishna hears this and goes to Suhani. She takes care of Suhani. Suhani says you have to stay awake and dance around baby now. Krishna holds her hand and cries. She says I behaved badly with you, even then you are doing this.

Suhani says Soumya saved my Yuvaan. Krishna says you gave me this child. Suhani and Krishna have a talk. Suhani says Krishna you will become world’s best mum, baby is in nursery. Bhavna comes and asks for baby. Saiyyam says she will be in nursery. Bhavna says she is not there. Pratima says she is not with Suhani and Krishna, did anything wrong happen. Bhavna asks her not to worry. Saiyyam says I asked doctor, they are finding baby, don’t worry.

Dadi talks to Krishna. Dadi pays money to someone/doctor and thanks him for help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. D baby is soo cute..Jst like Krishna ??

    1. Mithila Farzana

      Right..they would look perfect mother-daughter..cuteness overloaded.

  2. It was very emotional when Suhani gave her child to Krishna. I couldn’t stop my tears. My mum gave her first born to her sister in law, since she couldn’t have children herself and this just reminded me of the pain my mum goes through whenever she remembers that time, even after 25 years. It’s good Krishna finally realised the big sacrifice Suhani is making for her.

    I think Dadi have replaced the child, as she can’t accept that Krishna and Sayyam will raise Yuvraajs, specifically a Birla, since they are not Birlas themselves.

    1. Glad to know that such beautiful souls exists in real life ?

  3. I think suhani knews about the plan of dadi..?? N thats the reason she will behave weird… Coz I know very well… After giving the child suhani will never take it back… Something is fishy..
    Sarita, do know about upcoming twist…????

    1. Sarita

      haan soni suhani bina reason ke kuch karti hi nhi.wo baby dene ke baad wapas legi to big reason hoga.uska name suhani khud ki life hell ban jaye but dusro ki life ko suhana bana hi deti h.finally krishna ko apni mistake realize ho hi gai

      1. I agree sarita,suhani hamesa bhala hi karti hai but hamesh usko bohut kuch sehna padta hai.O poor selfless suhani.Suhani deserves respect for her unconditional love ,care and support.She is soft and kind-hearted but mentally strong.Because of this quality she fights against every odds.

    2. Agar soni,woh sirf sapna scene nikla toh?????Lets c kya hota hai..

      1. Rima, woh dream scene hai…

  4. Yes the baby is cute, but how long is this going to last. Like I said yesterday, suhani give Krishna that hope, then she is going to break Krishna and saiyyam heart.

    All because they aren’t Birla’s!

    Suhani is going to take side of the people that, cause arguments and problems. But she wouldn’t care because they are Birla’s.

  5. Happy tat now Krishna understood suhani finally BT where is the baby?? Oh the baby was soooo cute.. One thing to b noted yuvraj was nt with suhani during all her three pregnancies.. Sad for tat.. Nw what is the new drama?? Again what is dadi up to?? Altogether it was a wonderful epi with Krishna suhani n importantly the baby.. Felt like hugging the baby… How cute she is..

  6. Saiyyamlover_17

    Omg what’s with this dadi drama now. Like I actually thought she had changed? Guess that’s never gonna happen? Just confused in what she has done. Hope she hasn’t swapped the babies or something? But that baby is too cuttteee❤️❤️ Kriyam’s baby girl is finally hereee

  7. Sarita

    i m proud of my suhani.n yuvAni baby is so cute bilkul yuvAni ki tarah.

    1. Ya….. Child is really cutiepie… ????
      I also like babu n the way menka used to talk with little babu… N she must never take care about him, he must always cry…… [Menka’s son]
      Even golu was cute n small cute yuvan n yuvani in arms of YuvAni but face was not shown…
      Even child saiyaam was cute with mark on his nose…

      1. i agree soni.suhani ke saare bacche sundar huye h.soni bahubali dekhli kya????

    2. Suhani ki sabhi babies bohut hi cute the.and aaj ki new baby v bilkul suhani par gayi hai.

    3. Nai dekhi..??. Exam k wajah se… Badme dekh lungi….

  8. Peace. . . ?_#H

    Finally everything’s sorted. . . Today’s episode was quite emotional, even I had tears in my eyes, couldn’t let them flow in front of everyone ? So I managed to stop them from flowing out. . .

    Okay, shall I assume that as peace? Between Krishna and Suhani fans? Because Krishna and Suhani have reconciled so why not us. . .

    Hope the last moments are spent with happiness and peace but when Daadi’s here then peace ka sawaal hi nahi uth’tha.

    I loved that few second hug between KriYam and the daughter is so cuteeeee, I also loved Suhani and Krishna scenes, KriAni. . . How’s that name? Lol, you don’t have to use it but I will ?

    KriYam are happy then I’m also happy ?

    I would also like to apologise if I said anything bad against Suhani or hurt any of you but I really didn’t mean it, I might have said everything in annoyance but I can’t forget that Suhani is also a fictional character and especially a woman who has also suffered.

    But I really have nothing against Suhani.

    I started watching Suhani Si Ek Ladki when it was first out and I really liked YuvAni’s Jodi from the beginning but now I love KriYam more but I don’t hate YuvAni, I still like them.

    Well this is all I had to say and I hope we stay united till the very end of SSEL . . .

    I’ll reveal my name in the end/last episode.

    1. Me too, glad Suhani and Krishna are together.

      KriAni <3

  9. Dadi probably took the baby and might have rags raised it. After all they did the same with yuvani. Leopard can’t can’t change their colour. Snake is always a snake.

  10. repeat telecast time plssss.

  11. Again finally I thought that suhani will join her up family and the rest will leave happy ever after but here you played yet another boring game by changing babies?????? Omg bassss now God end the show

  12. i stand corrected if anyone thinks i am wrong in my comments but i did not start this i am too old for this crap

    1. Me too .Let us stop this and enjoy the show. Have a good day

  13. 4.00 am and 7.00am

  14. Sorree, the other way. Dunno why my first comment appears below the second.
    Btw, you guys still watching?

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