Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvani and Dadi trying to convince Yuvaan for not marrying Krishna. Dadi tells him Yuvraaj and Suhani’s marriage story, when Suhani got to know Yuvraaj loves someone else, she did not wish to marry Yuvraaj, and she will understand you if you are not willing to marry. Yuvani asks him to say truth to Suhani. Dadi says Rags, Yuvani and I are with you. Sharad talks to Yuvraaj about the traditional clothes. Yuvraaj refuses to Sharad’s choice. Yuvani supports Yuvraaj. She tells she kept a party at night and theme is white. Yuvraaj says sure, I have to buy white clothes now. Suhani smiles seeing them.

Dadi asks Yuvaan to tell anything freely and not be scared. Yuvaan says I m nervous, I m going to propose Baby. Dadi says Baby is lucky that you love her, just speak by heart. He keeps a note for Baby and a gift. He shows the red dress to Dadi and says I will ask her to wear this tonight. Dadi says this will suit her. Sharad and Yuvraaj leave from home. Dadi signs Yuvani. Yuvaan keeps gift and note in Baby’s room and goes. Suhani thinks to tell Yuvaan about the party. Krishna gets the note and smiles. Suhani sees her hiding something. She sees the note. Yuvaan writes I want to tell my feelings to you infront of everyone. Krishna gets shy and runs. Suhani says I wish Baby got to know this, she would have left home, are they keeping party for this.

Krishna gets ready. Suhani helps Yuvraaj in selecting the clothes. Baaton me ho khubsurti……plays………. Yuvraaj and Suhani see their children pic and smile. Yuvaan gets ready. Baby gets Yuvaan’s note and smiles. She takes the white dress and says I will thank Dadi. Dadi says its last day of Krishna in this house.

Everyone meet in hall and like the decorations done by Yuvaan and Yuvani. Yuvaan comes. Yuvraaj says he went on you to confess love infront of everyone. Yuvaan confesses his love and describes the girl who won his heart. The girl wear the read dress comes there and stands in the darkness. Everyone smile. Yuvaan thinks she is Baby, and expresses love for her. He says I want to tell you, that I love you. He sits on his knees and forwards hand to her.

Saiyyam comes to meet a man and throws money. He gives some bottle to that man. The man throws it on the floor and adds other tablets in the bottle. He says this will do the work. Sharad says now proposal is over, switch on the lights. Yuvaan gets shocked seeing Krishna. Everyone smile. Suhani takes Krishna to Yuvaan.

Dadi asks Rags where is Baby. Baby thinks when will Yuvaan come, why did he ask me to meet on terrace. Saiyyam goes to Yuvraaj’s room and changes the bottle. He says Yuvraaj won’t be able to hear his own marriage shehnai. Yuvraaj thinks Suhani is worried, she wanted to tell something about Baby. Suhani recalls how she got the note and understood its for Baby, and changed the note. Baby comes there. Dadi and Rags see her and go. Suhani goes to Baby. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to talk to her, and goes.

He asks whats happening. Suhani says nothing. He says you told me in morning, that you are going me about Baby. She asks him to take medicines first. He asks her to answer. He takes the tablet. He says I have taken tablet, now please tell everything to me, don’t avoid me, I want to know truth. She says Yuvraaj, I heard Baby telling I love you to Yuvaan. He asks what. She says its strange thing, she confessed love on Yuvaan’s engagement day. He says yes, strange, what happened. She says Yuvaan may have kept party for Baby, not Krishna, I read the note. He says it means Yuvaan loves Baby. She says no, he does not love Baby. He asks how do you know this.

Yuvani asks Yuvaan what’s wrong with me, what happened to you, you will have to spend life with Krishna. Yuvaan says shut up, I m marrying Krishna, that’s final.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Instead if dadi, rags and yuvani trying to harm Krishna why don’t they concentrate on saiyyam and see what he’s doing to harm yuvraj. Dadi’s always saying suhani is bad for him, why don’t she see what others are doing that can harm him. I don’t understand where the writers are heading with this track.

  2. So cheap this saiyaam….. Stupid… Y he is after yuvraj life…. Donkey saiyaam….
    I can’t understand how small teenage boy can crime so much …. May b following fathers foot step….. Nonsense…

    It is free express here.. Its not 4 the saiyaam fans

  3. i dont understand saiyyam is much younger to krishna and they wanted him to marry krishna. i think director forgot the past story

  4. Was it Yuvani in the precap,,,or Baby,,,,

  5. I am not Indian, but I watch two Indian show. They don’t have any moral lessons. It is only bad things; if you want to know how to kill, to kidnap, to be a conspirator it’s easy by watching those shows. That mean in India if you have money, you can do anything that shame. I’m so sorry if I say that, but it’s what your writers show Indian is.

    1. It’s quite a immature thing to generalize Indians based on these stupid story scripts,,…Bad ppl are all over the world ,not just in India….just bcoz these stupid serials show lyk these doesn’t mean all Indians are lyk these…..In my entire lyf I’VE never ever met a person lyk dadi…

  6. Instead of showing yuvaan krishna wedding track…they could have shown suhani saiyyam maha bond…all they need is a villain supporting useless devil dadi..same story they r repeating…suhani as pratima who knew her son’s love but getting him married to a girl she likes which would ruin d poor girl to the core…yuvaan as yuvraaj….krishna as suhani… as soumya….dont know y i feel bored seeing yuvaan n krishna acting…i dont give a damn whoever marries yuvaan…..still watching this shit only for YUVANI..

  7. If anyone ‘s mother left him or her for a person.He or She had right to punish the person and mother.please don’t blame saiyaam

  8. Please suhani tell the truth to saiyaam otherwise both saiyaam and yuvraaj gonna be destructed. Tell the truth and then take yuvraaj, patima, the kids (if saiyaam trust her and forgive her he can come along) to another place far from this Negativity.

  9. The track is too much of Hatred, they should tell him the truth, saiyaam is a good boy he just want to revenge his father killer

  10. They don’t show Saiyyam much it’s getting boring I like Saiyyam track much

  11. Suhani is the real villain and a bad mother, if she knows her son loves baby than why did she do that? coz Krishna is her best friends daughter and wants her to be happy. And Yuvaan does love Baby, just coz she’s his mother doesn’t mean she knows everything. She deserves everything that is coming for her. Hope she gets punished and Sayaam kills her not Yuvraj. When Saiyaam finds out his mother killed his dad, she is gonna be dead meat and he will not spare her. Hope she dies. Yuvaan deserves to be with baby, least he’ll be happy with her. Not get married to Krishna, if he does he might turn into a villain and make her life hell, make her upset etc. Krishna should marry Saiyaam, least he cares for her and not bad once you get to know him. Suhani should get slapped for doing that to her own son when she is aware his feelings are for baby not Krishna like come on. Yuvaan should have said he loves baby, instead of being quiet.

    1. Baby is marrying Yuvan for money …..her plan is to marry him and divorce him soon after the mrg… who will allow his/her own fall in trouble

  12. Indian dramas are obsessed with lying, cheating and real or imagined revenge for the shallowest reasons. Where is the entertainment value? I have yet to see love or true friendship let alone morality and ethics.

  13. Krishna look stunning in today’s episode…i want to see more of krishna and saiyam, they should be given more focus as they look great together ….my favourite, krishna and saiyam….

  14. Individually sayyam and Krishna are my favorite. But as couple I like to watch Yuvaan and Krishna.cuz Baby is fraud and money is her motive.After marriage yuvaan will change and starts to love her.Not Sayyam and Krishna. After all he is little brother.

  15. Sayyam is better than yuvaan . Why suhani is not telling truth to sayyam. This stupid indian shows are making a very bad impact on nation

  16. krishna ?Sayyam

    I agree with you kajal

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