Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying she will not use this cream. Yuvraaj asks her to try once and praises the cream. Dadi applies to her face and relaxes. She makes face. He asks did this have any problem. She says no, this does not do any itching or pain, like it happens when I use the injection. She thanks him. He says Suhani had made this at home by checking online. Pratima takes him outside and shows the birthday surprise. They say surprise and wish him happy birthday.

He sees the lights and decorations. Ramesh says its Diwali’s diyas. Suhani says mum made your fav food. Dadi asks where are guests. Yuvraaj says our family is here. Sharad says they have a game too. Saurabh says about truth and dare and explain the rules. They sit to play and Dadi is first. Menka asks Dadi does she use hair dye. Dadi fumes internally and says yes, and you will be punished for asking this nonsense question. She asks Suhani not to meet any needs of Menka for one week.

They rotate the bottle again and its Rags’ turn. She says dare. Saurabh asks her to touch Pratima’s feet right now. Everyone smile and clap for Rags. Pratima blesses Rags. Sharad laughs as its Yuvraaj now. He asks will he say truth or go for dare. Yuvraaj thinks his words and asks whose idea was this for this game. Suhani says Sharad. Yuvraaj says dare. Sharad thinks he understood my plan and asks Yuvraaj to dance with Suhani. Everyone clap. Dadi says why will he dance with this girl. Yuvraaj says its ok, its just a game. Suhani asks Sharad why is he trapping her. Sharad says its just a game, and asks her to go.

Yuvraaj gives a flower to Suhani. They dance on the song Teri Meri prem kahani hai mushkil…………..plays………….Everyone dance around them. Suhani and Yuvraaj have an eyelock. They take a selfie. Yuvraaj goes to Sharad and says he is acting smart and holds him tight in anger. Sharad says how much time will he take to tell Suhani. Yuvraaj says our relation is getting fine, don’t complicate things. Sharad says a guy and girl can’t be just friends and laughs. He runs.

Rags asks Dadi is she sure about the cream. Dadi says yes, its really nice. Rags says I always felt Suhani’s lecture and ideas are to impress you, I now realize its not for this, she wants to take your place in this house, she went and came back on pretext of helping us, she took the safe and all control. Dadi says you are mistaken, I have given Suhani the safe myself. Menka says if she had to steal the safe for money, she would have run, she has some other plans in her mind. Dadi gets thinking.

Suhani keeps a cake in the room. Yuvraaj gets it and says who got this. He thinks Suhani made this, and he will cut this with her and mum. He turns and bumps into Suhani. They start arguing as the cake falls down. They put blame on each other for ruining the cake. She says atleast half cake is left on the plate. He says its bad. She says no, you can have it too along with me. He refuses and says he will call Ramesh. She licks her fingers and eats it. He says you are really disgusting. She says I make the cake very well. He says you are sick and leaves. She gets sad. She asks did he get Ramesh. She turns and smiles seeing him alone with a fork.

She asks him to have it too. He shows the fork. He says just one piece for your efforts, else you will feel bad. Dadi tells Rags that Suhani can’t succeed, she does not know about business, when she makes mistake, I will rectify it, don’t waste my time and think how to make that girl do the mistake.

Its morning, Yuvraaj comes to Suhani in the home office. They talk to Sharma and she says when we don’t know the formula of the cream, how to take order. Sharma says we can get money from order and get some time to make the cream. Suhani says he is saying right, else our situation will be same. She asks Yuvraaj does he remember Steve, shall I talk to him once. He says sure. Saurabh and Anuj join them late. Saurabh says how do they wake up soon after late night party. Suhani says I have habit to wake up early and leaves. Suhani talks to Steve and he says he remembers her. She says she has some work, can he meet. He agrees. She thanks him and tells everyone that Steve is ready to meet, but who will go to meet him. Saurabh says I will go. Yuvraaj asks are you sure. Saurabh says yes, I will handle everything. She asks him to go to mall at 5pm. Saurabh says give me meeting details, I will manage. Suhani asks him to reach on time. Rags hears them.

Saurabh and Rags come to the hotel and she asks him to drink, while he refuses. He agrees on her insistence and comes home drunk. Suhani gets sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. the game ws funny and nice

  2. same boring and i hate this stupid yuvraj he is brainless as well as feelingless

  3. Today’s dance was nice.suhani looked pretty today.

  4. Spoilers say that yuvraj and suhani will have a intimate moment in their room and yuvraj will regret it also I really hope that they don’t drag this so much and hurry up with yuvrajs confusion about suhani and accepts her by heart because that day isn’t far when suhani will get sure that yuvraj has no feelings for her and after their birla house is back on track she will leave home and then yuvraj will be heartbroken and then he will regret for not confessing his love for suhani and he will want her back but she won’t come back then because he was too late why should he regret having a intimate relationship with suhani when he knows that they both are husband wife legally and they weren’t divorced for real it was just fake divorce I mean he’s so confused that even suhani is getting confused if yuvraj loves her or not and he’s the only one making his relationship complicated it’s not sharad he needs to hurry up and realize his feelings for her and suhani has to try to make yuvraj realize his love for her she worries too much about birlas that she downstairs care what yuvraj thinks about her if she could help the birlas out of their financel problems then she can help yuvrajs love confusion about her too and u know what I think there should be like a new track among this one and ankit suhani college friend should make a re-entry and kidnap suhani bc u know how ankit had said “mein phir se saroor aaoga or badla loga tum sab se” so he should come and kidnap suhani bc she’s the only hope of yuvraj and birlas and she should be kidnapped for a really long time like how abhi and pragya were kidnapped for a really long time and then yuvraj will realize his feelings for her and suhani will be helping him too by getting kidnapped by ankit it’ll be fun to watch this drama more

  5. Nice episode.

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