Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Suhani to stop Yuvaan, he is leaving the house. Pratima says he will not think once before solving any problem in life. Dadi asks are you mad, what would you do if Yuvraaj did this. Pratima says I would do what Suhani is doing, but you always came between my upbringing, I could not do what I wanted, today I will support Suhani, whatever Yuvaan did was much wrong. Suhani says I get strength by Pratima, and about Yuvaan he is just threatening me, I will not be scared of it.

Yuvaan packs his bag. Baby worries when goons call her and ask for money. She says you did not do work. Goons say we will come your home and do work. She worries and goes with Yuvaan. Dadi argues with Suhani and asks is Yuvaan your son or not. Suhani says he is my son, but he tried to kill someone, I would have sent such person to jail. Yuvaan says great, you never punished Saiyyam, and you are saying this to me. She asks did you realize mistake, what you did. He says no. She says this is difference between you and Saiyyam, he left home realizing mistake, you are just leaving house to threaten me. He says if I m so bad, I will leave. Baby says I will come along. Yuvani asks Suhani to stop Yuvaan. Suhani asks will you threaten me now, I fought with Dadi for this boy, and he is showing me this way. Dadi asks her to stop Yuvaan, why are you breaking family behind Saiyyam. Suhani asks will Yuvaan rectify his mistake, he is just threatening. Yuvaan asks do you think so, fine then. Baby says I will stay where my husband stays. Baby and Yuvaan leave. Dadi gets angry.

Pratima goes to Suhani. Suhani cries and hugs her asking if she has done right. Pratima says yes, I m with you, Yuvaan should realize he can’t live life by threatening, we can’t ignore his mistakes. Suhani says I have Sambhav’s tortures for Yuvaan. Bhavna says say truth to him. Suhani asks how, he will not bear truth, I feel I can’t do anything except Yuvraaj, Yuvaan is feeling ashamed of me, I raised him wrongly.

Yuvraaj comes and says now you are not alone, I will talk to him. Suhani says I will come along. Sbarad says no, Yuvaan is angry, we will get him. Yuvaan and Baby are on the way. He recalls Suhani’s words. A goon comes in the way. Yuvaan asks him to move. Baby worries. Sharad and Yuvraaj look for Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says we have to find him. The goon hits Yuvaan. Baby says wait, I have a plan, if you kidnap us, you can get much money, Yuvaan is from big family. Sharad and Yuvraaj reach the bridge. Yuvaan gets shocked seeing Yuvaan’s Id. Sharad asks where is he. Inspector says we have seen his car, we had to toe this car, do you know this guy. Yuvraaj says yes, he is my son. Yuvraaj calls Yuvaan and he does not answer. Inspector asks what happened, tell me matter. Yuvraaj says Yuvaan left home, if he gets lose and gets in problem them. Inspector says by the things here, we think Yuvaan has hit someone by his car, we have to wait for some time.

Suhani asks what, how can police refuse to find Yuvaan. Sharad says Yuvaan and Baby were not in car. Suhani asks did anyone kidnap them. Yuvraaj asks her to relax. Suhani says how can I. Rags taunts Suhani for worrying anger Yuvaan. Rags insults Suhani. Yuvraah says we will find Yuvaan, he is or son. Dad asks Rags to come along and says you have put Birla family heir. Yuvraaj says we will teach him everything, firsst we have to find him. Dadi goes.

Baby explains the goons what to do. Goon asks her to convince her husband. She says no, he os ethical, he will never agree. She shakes hand with Goon. Suhani says police said Yuvaan has run way, maybe he got scared. Yuvraaj says sit, I need to say something, I know Yuvaan is wrong, we have to handle this problem different way. She says maybe something wrong happened, we will go at accident site, maybe someone kidnapped him before police came there, did Sambhav do this. Yuvraaj asks why. She says maybe Sambhav is taking revenge. Yuvaan wakes up and sees goon slapping Baby. He scolds him. The goon says we will kill her. Baby says I will not tell him anything. Goon asks Yuvaan to do the work. Yuvaan asks what work. Sharad tells Yuvraaj that Yuvaan’s friends do not know about him. Yuvraaj says Sambhav did not do this. She says we will go to accident spot, we will get clue.


Suhani shows car tyre marks to Yuvraaj. Goon asks Baby to do their work for money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. NO KRIYAM!!!!! I think Karan’s vacation started…we won’t see him for a while…gonna have to see this Baby and Yuvaan’s drama

  2. wtf epi…no kriyyam scene

  3. Someone pls kill this Baby she is such a *****.

  4. Laavanya

    Hello guys, I m silent reader here. Through I watch show in tv, but I read the comments here and like it too. 🙂
    I really like @mo predictions, sadly she leave commenting.
    Coming to the episode, I was laughing at the inspector that how he knows Yuvaan left the house. That inspector may be part time jotish.

    1. Aarti32

      Funny..Nowadays these inspectors know everything..

    2. Mystery

      I was also telling my Mumma that this inspector is ANTARYAAMI….haha

    3. Arshi123

      Welcome here ??????

      1. Laavanya

        Thank u 🙂

  5. How can yuvaan allow baby to do this? Hope he realises soon that he’s in the wrong.

  6. P.N. Bhargava

    change of telecast time is not acceptable. It will reduce TRP of the serial.

  7. Aarti32

    Telecast time change is d worst decision by d great CVS of SSEL..No KJo..N bcz of dat no Shrish also..???
    Had to tolerate dat yuvaaby for 30 long minutes..I left my study jst to watch d show n wat I got!? Dat Yuvaan n his dear wife Baby

    1. Time change is SP decision na ki cvs ka. SP ki ye purani chaal hai b4 removing serial. 1st repeat na dena ya kum karna, time slot chnge, bad repeat slot, phir dheere woh bhi nikal dena. Nw my interest is just 1 ki dadi kbhi maregi kya.

  8. This show is ending July 2017 when I went on google suhani di ek lacking it had said final episode July 2017

    1. Suhani si ek ladki*

    2. Arshi123

      Yes,I also saw it on Wikipedia.But ,DON’T WORRY,actually it is open and public site so someone may have intentionally done this.India forum and others site says its fake news.

  9. no kriyam scene i miss very much

  10. boring episode because no kriyam scene

  11. Krishna & Sayyam

    I’m very disappointed with this episode bc I really expected kriyam

    1. Mystery

      I didn’t expect kriyyam today as KARAN is on vacations

  12. No KriYam Scenes… *pout

    No Saiyyam Scene *pout

    At first I thought Baby was good but she proved me so wrong and why isn’t Yuvaan stopping her? Joru Ka Ghulaam ?

    I hope Yuvaan opens his eyes soon and come on, Daadi’s back to being Daadi… why can’t she reform for once and for all? I bet the TRP’s go low cause of her.

    What else can we say? Daadi will be Daadi ?

    Really wish to see KriYam’s love story to begin asap.

    Hope not to see Daadi and Baby’s drama more than KriYam, I will actually stop watching until I get KriYam back and settled. Daadi kam thi jo ab Baby aa gayi?

    That’s what you get for trusting your wife and Daadi more than your mother Yuvaan, he just had to say sorry and over that he created a massive scene. ?

    It’s not like he’s gunna die if he says Sorry to Saiyyam ? Why show so much attitude and drama?

    Sambhav ka drama kam tha Jo ab baby and yuvaan shuru ho gaye? Will they just not let KriYam’s story go ahead? One by one new drama’s and villains are popping up… even the Shareef ones will be villains one day.

    I’m Rofling while imagining Pratima as a Villain ???. Hope that day doesn’t come ?

    I… well WE just want KriYam scenes and KriYam story to begin and simply, just KriYam.

    KriYam rocks ❤️

    Sorry… Saari Bharas nikal di, I’m sorry if any of you got offended, didn’t mean to hurt any of you.

    First time commenting here as I was a silent watcher and reader.

    Hi KriYam Fans, how are you all?

    1. Arshi123

      Hi, Halima.welcome???

      U know what, one of my closest frndz name is Halima.good to have another fend named Halima here.
      Keep supporting KRIYAM ???

      1. Arshi123

        Sorry *frnd

      2. Hi Arshi, thank you for the welcome ?

        Thank you for considering me being your friend, it’s good to know you have another friend called Halima.

        So friends?

        And will support KriYam cause KriYam rocks ❤️

    2. Aarti32

      Welcome to SSEL FC..But u hv to take an oath to be an active member n comment daily..??

      1. Okay, I take an oath that I’ll comment daily ? And I’ll be an active member ?

        Thank you for the warm welcome Aarti ?

  13. Hi guys i m a silent reader and a kriyam fan too… missed them a lot today…?hoping to see them soon together.
    Hate that baby dadi and yuvaan???

  14. Arshi123

    Totally BOOOOORING episode.No kriyam ??????

    Better u watch the video..

    Ha!ha!ha! I can’t stop myself from laughing????
    Karan is soooo funny??
    Baby,u r already looking like a cartoon ,no need of that??
    They r trying to say that SSEL @ 5 pm ??????
    What a way to say it.??

  15. krishna ? Sayyam

    ?no one likes them. I’m not watching today’s episode or any episode until Kriyam is back

  16. hay halima I agree with you

  17. YuvAni is best ever

  18. I love YuvAni

  19. i am a silent reader and big kriyam fan too.Today also for sure there will be no kriyam scenes.anyway lets be patient.We will see our favorite jodi after 2 or 3 days.i wonder why we dont see any news,apoilers or OLV of ssel these days.

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