Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka and Rags filling Dadi’s ears against Suhani and smiling. Suhani comes changing her saree. The women make fun of Suhani and laugh on Dadi and Yuvraaj’s choice. Suhani and her family hear everything. Lata asks Pankaj to scold Suhani, for doing this and spoiling Birla’s name. The women taunt Suhani. Yuvraaj gets angry hearing the taunts. Suhani tries to talk to him but he leaves. Rags and Menka come to Suhani. Menka acts sweet to Suhani and then taunt her. Rags asks why did she go out, the family’s heart broke on the reception day. Suhani asks is Dadi angry. Menka says the sleeping volcano was awakened and it can burst anytime. Rags says yes, you should have thought about your parents, see they are feeling so bad.

All the guests leave. Lata apologizes to Pratima and Dadi. Dadi signs her to stop. Pankaj says Suhani, we have to get embarrassed because of you, everyone is annoyed and sad here, did we teach you this. Lata says Suhani, till you can’t make up to Dadi, we will not talk to you. Suhani’s family leaves. Dadi says she does not choose Suhani as she did not see her face, she is Pratima and Yuvraaj’s choice so she became her bahu, but if she plays with her respect, she won’t bear it. Dadi says Suhani made everyone laugh on her today, the people who were afraid to talk to her, has laughed on her today. She says she is ending her relation with Suhani.

Dadi asks Suhani not to come infront of her sight now. Yuvraaj scolds Suhani and Dadi hears it. Everyone leave Suhani alone. Rags and Menka are happy as they got the daily dose of drama, now they can rest. Rags says we will plan for tomorrow. Menka thinks about outing. Rags says Dadi has asked Suhani not to come infront of her, so we will bring them face to face. Menka likes the plan. Suhani comes to Pratima and asks is she also annoyed. Pratima says no, but I m worried. Suhani says do you think its my mistake, I don’t like to get fair, if anyone loves me, it should be from my nature.

Pratima asks what was the need to come like this. Suhani says I did not do this intentionally, I just helped others as my dad taught me this. Pratima says but if elders expect something from us, you will agree and not hurt them, if the mud came on the clothes, you should have not come infront of Dadi, see how the guests laughed on Dadi. Suhani says I will apologize to Dadi. Lata is also worried. Bhavna asks her not to think much. Lata says Suhani did very wrong today. Pankaj asks her not to be angry.

He says Suhani went to help someone. Lata says what was the need to go, she could have sent some servant. Bhavna asks her not to be hyper. Bhavna says I m worried for Suhani. Suhani comes to talk to Dadi and knocks her room door. Dadi asks her to leave. Suhani says I came to apologize. Dadi asks her to leave right now. Rakhi comes to steal chain from Soumya’s cupboard. She wears it. Soumya comes and is shocked seeing Rakhi wearing her chain. She asks what is she doing. Rakhi lies to her and asks why is she staring like this, does she mean she will call her a thief.

Rakhi throws the chain showing her anger. Soumya says my mum gave me this chain, and its very cdear to me, from now on ask me before touching my things, its called manners. It will not let any misunderstandings happen. Its morning, Suhani thinks she can’t make Dadi more angry, but what to do. Dadi asks Pratima to keep Suhani away from her. Pratima says fine, I told Suhani not to come out of her room. Everyone sit to have breakfast. Pratima asks Menka not to give food to Suhani as she did a mistake. Yuvraaj is stunned.

Pratima brings breakfast for Suhani in her room. Suhani says she is not hungry. Pratima says she will make her eat by her hands. Suhani smiles. Pratima asks her to go to garden for sometime. Rags and Menka see Pratima making Suhani eat. Menka says she has double role, she lied infront of Dadi. Rags says Suhani is going in garden. She says you see how I take advantage of this chance. Rags and Menka take Dadi in the garden to show her some new plants they got from abroad. Suhani also goes out. Dadi likes the plants and praises Rag’s choice. She asks Menka to learn from Rags. Dadi says lets go, I m feeling hot. Rags says where is Suhani. Menka says don’t know. Dadi walks towards the door and Suhani opens it.

Sharad falls. Suhani goes to help him and comes infront of Dadi. Rags and Menka smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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