Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3rd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon kidnaps Kainat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indu saying Zaroon had come here for Kainat. Madhav says but Kashish isn’t Kainat. She asks then who is she. Zainab says Saltanat, the one living with you is Kainat. Zaroon gets shocked. Madhav comes to Saltanat. He sees her hurt. He goes to help. She lies down beside Krish. He says try to sleep, it maybe effect of medicines. He takes his hand away. She opens eyes and sees him. She says you are really nice, Madhav, good night. She sleeps. He says no, I m bad, not good, I m so bad that I couldn’t see the truth, I didn’t see Kainat in you, even then I punished you, you are Zaroon’s wife. He recalls her words. Krish wakes up and sees him. He asks when will she get fine, I have to play with her. Madhav says she will be fine soon. He hugs Krish and thinks don’t worry Kashish, I will pay for all the wrong I did, I will get you justice and your Zaroon.

Zaroon sits and recalls Zainab’s words, Miyajaan’s murder, Zainab’s attempt to murder by Kainat and Ghazala’s murder. He cries thinking of Saltanat. He thinks of getting close to Kainat and cuts his hand. His hand bleeds. Krish says I got Zaroon at police station and he dropped me home. Madhav asks when. Krish says today. Madhav asks did he come home. Krish says yes, I fainted, that’s why, I told him about Saltanat. Madhav says fine sleep now, its late. He goes.

Zaroon says how, I could have known Saltanat by one presence, how did I become so shallow, Saltanat…. He sees Kainat and his pic. He throws the pic and says Nadim was right, I m not a good husband, I couldn’t know my wife, and you… Kainat Shah Ghazi, the crime you did, you will get punished. Kainat puts bullets in the hand. Kainat says before Zaroon knows Saltanat’s truth, I have to end his game forever, enough of hide and seek. She gets Zaroon’s phone. He asks where are you Saltanat, how did you get late. She says a big alliance talks is happening, I will finish the work and come. He says fine, come, I m waiting. She drops the gun. He ends call. She picks gun and laughs.

He thinks this world’s every punishment is less for Kainat, this time I won’t get back, I will not leave her, no one will dare to lie to love. Madhav asks why did you lie to me. Sneha says so what, you were busy for Kashish, a stranger got Krish home, you didn’t realize that your son is getting away from me, what magic did Sakshi do that she is not getting out of your mind, she died and you killed all of us, you chant her name, forgive us, its better Jugal and I leave this house. Indu shouts enough. She says Madhav, I did what you said, I kept a mum’s duty, did you become a son, Sakshi was my daughter also, I gave her birth, she was also at fault, I told her that man isn’t right, she didn’t listen to me, we all had to bear this, she went and took you along, she killed you, you got filled with anger and hatred, you broke our family, you couldn’t manage your marriage, you aren’t able to manage your son, why. Sneha says he is keeping Kainat as trophy, he can’t tolerate her wound, she has made a place in his life, Krish is roaming on roads, what if anything happened to her. Madhav says its good I didn’t do anything wrong with Kashish, she is not Kainat, she is Saltanat, Kainat’s twin sister. He goes. Sneha hugs Indu and thanks her. Indu slaps her. She says I wish I slapped you before. She sees the family pic.

Zaroon thinks of Kainat. Rubina and Nadim come to him and see his wound. Rubina asks what did Zainab tell you. Zaroon says she told me that…. He tells everything. They get shocked. He hugs them and cries. Madhav thinks of Saltanat. He thinks to find Kainat, else Zaroon won’t believe me. Kainat thinks I have to send Saltanat to Miyajaan. Madhav looks outside the window. He takes a gun and goes out. He sees the lights gone. He thinks someone has entered the house. Kainat hides. Madhav opens the door. He doesn’t see her. Someone kidnaps Kainat and puts her in the chest. Zaroon shouts Kainat Shah Ghazi. She gets shocked seeing him.

Zaroon holds Kainat’s neck and scolds her. He says you will get death by my hands.

Update Credit to: Amena

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