Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 2nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Saltanat’s pregnancy confusion

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zaroon getting Saltanat to the hospital. He sends her for treatment. He turns behind and looks. Nurse asks him to fill the form so that they admit Saltanat. He asks her to fill the form. He checks for his wallet. He says sorry I forgot my wallet, I will call my dad. He recalls Mamoon’s words. He gets some money and asks will this be enough. Zaroon tells her names and goes. Nurse says their surname is same, maybe he is her husband. Zainab prays for her children. Rubina comes there and sees Zainab.

Zainab cries and apologizes to her. Rubina cries and hugs Zainab. She says you did a mistake and rectified it in time, you know Saltanat’s love got pure. Zainab says I can just pray for my children, that they get much happiness. Rubina says I worry for Saltanat a lot, what shall I do. Zainab says I also feel restless. Zaroon takes care of Saltanat and sits talking to her. He says I was much worried for you. He asks doctor to check Saltanat. Sabina comes there and sees them. Saltanat asks for water. Zaroon gets water for her. Saltanat asks Zaroon to have it, he needs it more.

Saltanat says this ward is not so bad, that girl is smiling seeing us, its not a joke to make someone smile. Doctor comes to them and asks how is patient related to you. Zaroon says she is my… Doctor says I hope she is your wife, we don’t allow anyone else than family member in the ward. He checks reports and says so she is your wife. Zaroon says yes, how did she faint down. Doctor asks him to ask his wife, she would know. Zaroon says I m in tension, please tell me. Doctor says don’t worry, your wife is pregnant, you are going to become a father. They get shocked. Sabina looks on shocked.

Kainat slaps Sabina. Sabina shouts Kainat, did you go mad. Kainat says you have lost your mind, this can’t happen, Saltanat can’t be pregnant, Zaroon would have not touched her by now, no….. its all a lie. Sabina says maybe its true. Zaroon asks who is the culprit. Saltanat asks how would I know, did you go mad, did you have a BF. She says yes, you were my BF. He asks what about Ranveer Singh. She says yes, it would be Ranveer’s child. The lady laughs hearing them and says sorry. Zaroon says I will go and talk to doctor. Saltanat says talk to him nicely, its a good news. Zaroon says shut up, I will just come. He goes. She smiles.

Sabina says everyone did a mistake. Rubina says get out if you came to taunt us. Kainat looks on. Sabina says I will also leave with your husband then. Zainab stops Sabina. Sabina says I came to give a shocking news, why did Saltanat show interest in Zaroon when he came to marry Kainat, why did she take Miyajaan’s permission to go to Zaroon’s room. Rubina says Saltanat loves Zaroon. Ghazala says Zaroon loves Saltanat. Sabina says I don’t want to know such love that is expressed to hide their sin, Saltanat isn’t pure as she appears. Rubina shouts. Sabina says I have seen your daughter’s truth in hospital, they are trying to hide their sin. Zainab asks what happened. Sabina says Saltanat is pregnant, congrats. They get shocked. Rubina slaps Sabina. Doctor says sorry. Zainab asks how can make such a big mistake. Doctor says nurse gave me wrong report. Nurse says sorry, reports got changed.

Doctor says Saltanat’s report isn’t fine. Zaroon asks what happened to her. Rubina asks how dare you stain my daughter. Sabina says Saltanat went to Zaroon’s room at midnight. Zainab warns Sabina. Ghazala scolds Sabina. Rubina says Saltanat isn’t pregnant, if you are wrong, I will insult you. Sabina says if this is true, I will insult you. They agree. Zainab says if you tell this to anyone, I will end all ties with you and kick you out of this house. They think to go. Kainat looks on. Zaroon comes to Saltanat. She asks did you talk to doctor. He says when I was marrying Kainat, where were you at that time. She says I was fighting the world to get my love. He asks did you get stuck under water. She recalls Zainab saving her.

Saltanat kisses Zaroon. Kainat shouts no… and throws things.

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