Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Zainab requests Saltanat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zaroon refusing to marry Kainat. Zainab looks on and goes. Kainat comes and looks on their argument. Mamoon says I m fed up hearing about Saltanat. Zaroon says I don’t love Kainat, I won’t marry her. Kainat gets angry and goes to her room. She tells Sabina that Zaroon is behaving rude right now, he is proud of his love, I also loved him, he will agree to marry me. She gets crazy again. Zaroon says I will not marry Kainat or anyone else. Mamoon says if you are so sure about Saltanat, then fine, I will give you two hours to convince her, this is the test of your trust, if she doesn’t accept your love, then I will never come in your way, else you will do what I want, you will lose your dad. Zaroon says you know someone is stopping her, I won’t come in your words. Mamoon breaks the bottle and says this life is yours, but we will be defamed, I won’t tolerate this.

Mamoon threatens to commit suicide. Ghazala stops him. Zaroon gets worried. Mamoon says now you know that this matter is so serious for me, Zaroon you have two hours time. Saltanat thinks of Zaroon and her moments. She cries. Naina….plays…. Nilam comes and asks her why is she sacrificing her love for her sister. She gets Ayub’s call and disconnects.

Saltanat says don’t taunt me now. Nilam hugs her and asks her to cry as much as she wants. Saltanat says no Nilam, why me always, I know this was in my fate. Nilam says Zaroon doesn’t believe in fate, he believes in love, he didn’t answer Miyajaan. Saltanat asks what, how can he refuse to Miyajaan. Nilam says he follows his heart and proved that you are more imp to him than Miyajaan. Saltanat says he can’t do this. She answers Ayub’s call and scolds her. Ayub asks her to meet. She refuses. Nilam prays for Saltanat. Zainab says Zaroon will never agree for this alliance. Miyajaan says one doesn’t get anything more than fate and before time, if the fate has Kainat and Zaroon’s relation, none can stop them, else none can unite them, so I left this to Lord. Zainab asks what about Kainat, what if she tries to commit suicide again.

Kainat comes to them. She does her emotional drama. Miyajaan consoles her. Kainat runs away. Zainab and Miyajaan worry. Mamoon asks what about the dreams we have seen for Zaroon. Ghazala says we can’t force Zaroon. He says I gave him many chances, where is he. Rubina says Saltanat said she is going to Dargah, I feel sorry for her, Zaroon is her love. Nadim says Saltanat is such, she thinks Kainat did a lot for her and now she want to do this for her, its wrong, what can we do, we can just pray that Saltanat’s life gets peace and happiness. Zainab hears them. Mamoon stops Saltanat and says you will refuse to Zaroon’s love today. She cries. She goes to the Dargah. Aaya tere dar…..plays…. She says I don’t understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Dargah baba blesses her. Zainab comes to meet her. She asks can I ask you something, tie this mannat thread for Kainat’s sake.

Zaroon asks Saltanat how will she deny her love. He says I will never ask you again, tell me you don’t love me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. DannyComments

    Honestly thought this show was going to be different..thought it was about women finally having a mind of their own..not letting people or family force them into what they don’t want..I didn’t even know when Saltanat fell inlove with Zaroon..always knew Kalnat was crazy..but right now this show just sucks! I don’t appreciate show glorifying Suicide..that’s a touchy are making it look like once you threaten to commit suicide, be it Adult or Child, you can get anything you want…stupid show stupid storyline stupid writers!

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