Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 17th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kainat lies to Dr. Sharma

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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 17th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Sharma says sorry to say that, but I felt that seeing reports. Zaroon says thanks for saving her life. Dr. Sharma says that’s my work. Ghazala asks what do you mean by brain dead. Dr. Sharma says I didn’t want to say anything, but there is no hope now. Zaroon reacts and says sorry. Dr. Sharma says I understand, when did you guys get married. Zaroon says she isn’t my wife, she is my wife’s sister. Dr. Sharma says sorry, I saw you angry and thought… anyways lets do a MRI and see, I will call the ambulance.

Kainat comes there and smiles seeing Saltanat. She says I will go with doctor, Zaroon take rest. Ghazala says yes, Saltanat is saying right, she will manage everything. Dr. Sharma and Kainat are on the way. He holds Saltanat’s hand and places

her hand properly. Kainat asks what are the chances for her to get saved. He says not much, sorry. She turns and smiles. He says sorry, I thought she is Mr. Zaroon’s wife. She says its fine. He says you and Zaroon would have met, fell in love and got married. She says yes, Kainat met him later, Kainat and Zaroon were to get married. Mr. Sharma asks what, then there would be many problems, maybe you both don’t like each other. She says no, in fact, Zaroon and I are together because of Kainat, we have no problem, the family accepted this, I love Kainat a lot. He says of course, I asked this personal question, its better to know about patient and mindset. She says Zaroon’s dad chose Kainat for Zaroon, when Zaroon came to India, I went to receive him, we met there for the first time.

Nadim comes to Zaroon and says the way you are taking care of Kainat is commendable, but Saltanat is my daughter, I m scared… Zaroon says I m guilty for Kainat’s state, don’t worry, I will never ignore Saltanat, that’s my promise, she is my life, Kainat is my responsibility. Nadim says I felt good to hear this. Zaroon says I will never do anything wrong with my life. Nadim thanks him. Rubina says I feel restless, don’t know why, my daughter is fine, Kainat did much wrong with Saltanat. Ghazala says it doesn’t matter, both are daughters of this house. Rubina says maybe that’s why Zaroon is so hurt, there is something wrong, don’t know where did Zainab go. Ghazala says she was telling about going to some Dargah, maybe she went to pray for her daughter. Zainab removes the tape from her mouth. She pulls the landline wire and makes it fall. She gets a call on it and answers. She says police, I m from Shah manzil, my daughter is mentally ill, she held me captive, help me. The lady says wait, we will take details. Zainab says once I go out from here I will tell them that Saltanat is Kainat, and the one is coma is Saltanat, Kainat is trying to kill Saltanat.

Mamoon comes to Zaroon. He says you know Sabina kidnapped you. Zaroon says I have to go and meet Saltanat. Mamoon says thanks for not telling anyone about Sabina, because it would be tough to explain. Zaroon says I was silent just for my mom, don’t call me son, you got me kidnapped for money. Ghazala says I just helped Sabina. Zaroon asks why, what’s your relation with her, she is Zainab’s sister, Zainab dislikes her, why did you take money to give her, what would you tell now. Mamoon asks what are you saying, you are doubting on my character. Zaroon says really, when Sabina was telling me about my dad, Dr. Sharma heard everything, he knows it all, he stayed silent when he came home, this is called good character, you can go back to Canada, I will handle my wife. Mamoon says this relation won’t break if you say, you will always be my son, until you get fine, I won’t go anywhere. Zaroon goes.

Zainab hears Kainat and gets shocked. Kainat says you should have used your mind, you aren’t in five star hotel to be provided a phone. She scolds Zainab. Zainab asks what do you want. Kainat says I like to hear your cry, I want to be happy that I punished my enemy, you have your Sautan with you, you both have snatched my dad, you have ruined my life and now you are snatching my love, my Zaroon, you just think how could I tolerate all this, Saltanat will come to you, I will make you hear her last breath to you. Zainab scolds her. Kainat laughs and disconnects the call. Zainab says nothing can happen to Saltanat. Dr. Sharma comes home. Zaroon asks about Kainat’s MRI report. Dr. Sharma says Kainat is brain dead, her brain isn’t working, I think we should move her off the machine. They get shocked.

Dr. Sharma says Kainat will get peace, her pain will end when we unplug the machine. Kainat says Zaroon, Kainat loved you the most, she will be glad if you give her freedom in her last moment.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nooooo saltanat cannot die

    1. SsiyAa

      i don’t think she will die… i guess this is plan of new entry Dr. Sharma as he want to take her with him and keep her with him. he has been cast as new lead actor and will be paired against helly shah so basically one sister with zaroon and other sister with madhav sharma will be shown. That might be his plan as in their culture bodies are buried under soil and not burned, so he may be planning to fool everyone by saltanat’s death and later secretly takes her with him.

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