‘Struggling for maa swabhiman’- Nairan FF (Introduction about characters)

Hello everyone. This is Ayonija. I am writing a FF for the first time. It is based on naina a devoted daughter towards her mother . There is a  introduction about characters of my FF.
Naina solanki- a beautiful, loving, caring and devoted daughter towards her mother. She is 25 years old. She is an IAS officer. She always do her job with concentration. She has sister – Meghna. They both are twins.

Meghna solanki – A very rude girl because of her past incidents(it will be revealed later). She is jealous of Naina. She  failed in her mains IAS exam.

Sharda solanki – A simple, decent and honest mother of both the girls. She has struggle a lot for their daughter’s studies.

Vishal solanki – Cousin of Naina and Meghna. He is a doctor and his best friend is khyati singh chauhan.

Karan Singh chauhan – a funny, happy and loving guy. He is a engineer. He has a brother Kunal Singh Chauhan. The both are twins. He is more smarter than his brother. He is 25 years old.

Kunal Singh Chauhan – He is little rude like Meghna. He is smart like his brother karan but he is always scolded by his father for misbehaving. He does not like his father because of their past incidents.

Nand Kishore Singh Chauhan – A rich person who is angry always. Father of karan and kunal. He has pride on himself. He was a secreat admirer of Sandhya and married to her after nirmala has been murdered without telling this to his family.

Nirmala Singh Chauhan – A elegant woman who has been mudered. She give birth to karan and kunal.

Samdhya Singh Chauhan – A wicked lady and 2nd wife of Nand kishore . She always thought to destroy the whole family. She has gain a lot of trust by nand kishore.
So guys!!! Whether you like it or not. Tell me if I should end it or continue Please tell me in comments. Thank u for reading!!!!

  1. Arushi

    Hey Aarya seems to be a good story… Continue soon dear

    1. Ayonija

      Thank u as my summer vacation is going on. I will try to update it daily.

  2. #nairanlover:-)

    Awesome.A new look of everyone.I am very excited to see how the story continues.An ff full of mysteries.If the introduction is so commendable then the episodes will be more better.Continue and Post ASAP.Loads of love.Great beginning.:-)

    1. Ayonija

      aww thank u so much with ur great words. I will update it daily. Yes, it is full of mysteries. It is very different from original serial.

  3. Interesting storyline and unique concept. The character sketch has indeed raised my interests and made me reflect upon the importance of a mother in naina’s life. The characterization and descriptions pertaining to meghna and kunal have a completely new tint to them and are truly intriguing. Nandkishore’s and Sandhya’s nature has surely made my hatred for them reach the extremities now. People like them are truly worthy of damnation.
    The concept looks intensely appealing and interesting. Its a really good thought and is a one worth looking forward to. Hoping for a great start to an amazing story..

    1. Ayonija

      I was waiting for ur comment. You have filled my heart with joy. You are really a person who can understand it by heart. Thank u so much… for ur sweet comment i will post tomorrow surely. Once again so much thanks for your appreciation.

  4. ya,it raised my interest too new avatar f meghnal….we saw a funny and loving meghnal already,waiting to see this version also…eagerly waiting…
    loads of love -Seyal ???

    1. Thank u so much seyal. Yes meghna will be rude in this version. Thank u again for ur sweet words?

  5. nice intro seems interesting waiting for nxt part

  6. Ayonija

    Thank u for ur nice comment.

  7. Iamarohi

    Would love to read your work,,,, update soon:):):)

    1. Ayonija

      Thank u for ur nice words:)

  8. Hi..new ff..very excited..actually i was little busy thats why didnt commented..different meghna..different naina..continye

    1. Ayonija

      Thank you very much jis. I am happy you like it. Thank you again.

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