Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-8)

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Heyy guys this is sanskriti back with another update. Thankyou for all those who have commented and a request to all silent readers please do comment..
Here we go with the update

Shivaay after seeing anika started running after her with screaming her name all over the jungle surrounding them. Whereas anika was frightened to hell as she is hearing someone screaming her name and is following her. With each step while running her heart is pouncing at a very fast rate. She is having a great difficulty while catching her breath.
Shivaay at last caught the sight of anika while is running,”Anikaaaa!!!!” He screamed. Listening to the scream anika was soo much scared. Shivaay ran furiously towards her,but when he went near her he found nothing but a tree. Shivaay turned around and started to call her. Suddenly shivaay heard someones crying, the sound was like”uhhhu..ahhu….” The person was trying to suppress the cry sound. Shivaay was first confused but next he followed the sound. That cry led him to backward of a big tree where a girls figure is crying vigorously with her eyes shut tightly. And her legs and hands very close to her body. Seeing the scene in front of him shivaay was shaken. Because never in his life he saw anika, his ANIKA,yes the girl is Anika, in this vulnerable situation. She was shaking in fear.
Shivaay with great difficulty went near anika and in very slow and soothing voice he said”anika… Why are you crying?? Don’t cry!”.

“I’m sorry!! I’m really sorry please don’t beat me!! Please leave me I….. I will n….ne..nev…never… Oppose you please leave me.” Said Anika while crying and joining her hands before shivaay,she didn’t really open her eyes. To see who is really in front of her. She just started to plead the person to leave her.
Shivaay though was hurt to see Anika in this condition. But composed himself.
“Anika its me shivaay,your friend,!!! Once see me anika see here dammit!!!” He said to anika catching her shoulders and making her face him. Anika with sudden force on her body was shaken but she then really sensed the touch,she can sense his touch, though not his voice,presence,but his touch… Yes she can sense his touch. When she opened her eyes, she saw shivaay,her best friend, she no more able to control just hugged him.

Shivaay was just soothing anika who was crying uncontrollably. Then she hugged him, the hug for which he was longing for soo long came in this way, though he was happy that she hugged him but the situation in which she hugged him was making him frightened. He thought anika situation is becoming worse with each passing second, she was not stopping her uncontrollable sobs. Soon he sensed that she stopped crying he was happy then,when they parted away he saw that anika was unconscious, this made him conscious that she was really very weak, so he immediately scooped her in his arms and ran towards his car

Shivaay laid anika in back seat and sprinkled water on her face bringing her to conscious.
As soon as anika gained her consciousness,shivaay bombarded with various questions. “Why are you here? Why didnt you go to tour?what made you run?who was following you?? I’m not gonna leave them.. Tell me that persons name, I will kill them!!! Say!!! Why are you silent? Are you alright???……”And his questionnaire didn’t end so soon. Anika was first of all very much tired with the happening and over that he was still not stopping his questions. “OKAY!! OKAY!! shivaay I’m fine. See I’m in front of you fit and fine” said anika making shivaay look into her eyes.
Shivaay was relaxed to see anika talking to him normally.
“Shivaay I wanna rest for sometime please leave me in hostel, I wanna sleep for sometime. Please!!!” Said anika to shivaay with her one palm on his tight cheek.
Shivaay first protested and said that she will be staying with him in his house but anika being anika was stubborn in her decision,so finally shivaay agreed to her.
While his way to her hostel he got to know about her not going to tour. But not more because anika was continuously changing the topic or was staying silent whenever he tried to get answers from her. The only thing she said was she was nyctophobic- fear of darkness in night and even in complete dark. Later he left anika at hostel and left towards his house not before telling her to take care.

Shivaay directly entered his room, freshed up and dumped his body on the bed. And started attempting to sleep. But sleep was far away from his sight. His mind was continuously thinking of anika’s past and his heart was just beating to keep her safe from the past.
After 2 long hours of trying to sleep,shivaay finally decided to have a check on anika. His mind warned him not to go, but you know there was a famous quote~ human posses all his senses,then love enters his life and converts them into nonsense. The same happened with our shivaay. Though he is shivaay Singh oberoi, love made him mad shivaay who is now infront of girls hostel and is trying to jump the gate.
At last he jumped the gate and crossed the chair where the watchman was deep in his sleep. He went near window, and was staring at the window as if by staring itself it will come to him.
“Sirf dekne se kuch nhi hoga shivaay,you have to catch this pipe and should go to first floor so that you can peep inside the anika’s room.” Muttered Shivaay to himself.

With great difficulty he reached first floor window and was about to go inside the room through window, but his hand slipped.”shivaay thu toh gaya,pyaar ke chakkar main mar raha hain. Oh my mata!! Agar main mar gaylelegi omru ka saath do, Aur tia ko bachana nahi toh yeh nayi naveli anika uski jaan lelegi…” He started praying for god. And for a sec with the thought of anika over tia,trying to kill her and tia shouting “universe!!!universe!!help” made him laugh but the reality hit him hard that him was hanging on the window on his one hand….. With his full force he entered the room.
“Main aagaya!!! I came!!!! Yesssss!!!!”. For a moment Shivaay felt that he won Olympic medal. He started dancing…… Anika opens her eyes and sees….

Okay guys I will stop it here now!!! How is the episode pleaseeee do comment guys!! Vivikhta your wish will be fulfilled in next update for sure. And dimple dear Rudy will be entering the ff so soon.?
What do you guys think?? What will be the reaction of anika after seeing Shivaay that too dancing!!! Please share your views in comment box….
If you guys comment then the next update will be pretty fast….

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  1. Amazing dear

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you ashnoor?

  2. Ohh sanskriti you always leave at cliffhangers..I wonder what’s going to happen…
    Update asap!

    1. Sanskriti120

      Hahaha??!! You know I really love cliffhangers aloooot???. And for knowing what’s next stay tuned, the update will be posted soon??

  3. Somya

    Awesome superb amazing
    Last part was wow
    Pls post next part ASAP

    1. Sanskriti120

      last part??. Thanks for commenting somya

  4. Dhar

    Again u stopped at a cliffhanger, waiting for ur next update ??

    1. Sanskriti120

      Dhar yaar I really love cliffhangers???.
      Thanks for commenting and ya I will update soon?

  5. Haridhra

    Awsm.. Sans I have become mad totally , the last few paras were damn funny ..??.. I liked the way he was caring for Anika ..n eager for next so post is Asap..

    1. Sanskriti120

      Hahahahaaa!!????. Even I enjoyed typing those paras. Thank you soo much haridhra for commenting??. And next part will be posted soon????

      1. Haridhra

        Superb I’m dying out of desperation.. I wanna see Ani’s would be super cool if Shiv get caught by the wardan.. ????..

      2. Sanskriti120

        Let’s see what’s gonna happen?

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you alekhika20??

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear.. Eagerly waiting for the next update please post ASAP..

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you so much Nikita_jai. I will post the nxt part soon

  7. Jerry_36

    Hey Sanskrit !! This is damn amazing buddy. Shivaay dancing will be a treat to watch- love really make you nonsence?Loved today’s update. It was a Bit emotional with hilariousness overloaded. A perfect combo?

    1. Sanskriti120

      Jerry yaar!!! Thank you for commenting and Yaa I agree Shivaay dancing???. Thank you sooo so much for such a sweet and cute comment my dear buddy. Love really makes a person nonsense yaar???.

  8. Vincy


    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you vincy?

  9. OMG!!!!!! Sanskriti it was too funny dear….. Shivaay dancing… What will anika’s reaction?????? can’t wait more plz update soon plzz plzz…….

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you so much banita for commenting?. Anika’s reaction will be shown in next epi. Yaa I vl update as soon as possible??

  10. Aryaraju

    Wonderful ??

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thanks you aryaraju??

  11. Ruksy

    Amazing update soon loved it totally

  12. Tanz

    Dancing Shivaay is a really great sight.I think Annika will be surprised+amused to see him this way…..
    This part was awesome Sanskriti…..the Shivika hug was a treat….
    Waiting for the next part

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thankyou sooo much tanz and I heard you started your classes for 11 standard started, all the best yaar. Khoob padayi karo Aur mera naam roshan karna????. Just kidding. All the best???

      1. Sanskriti120

        Your 11 standard classes*

      2. Tanz

        I’ll start from tomorrow aur chinta mat karo tumjara khoob Naam Roshan karungi????

  13. Vaishalijha

    This was such a fabulous part dear Sanskriti.. Totally loved it, a bit emotional and super funny, Cant wait for more, pls post soon..♥

    1. Sanskriti120

      Heyy vaishali,thankyou soo much for commenting and Yaa the next part I have submitted it, in any time it can get posted. ????

  14. Awesome

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