Story: Serene Shadows (Chapter 1)


Khushi was staring at the passive waters, the ocean reflected her thoughts. Calm and reflective. It gave her peace, the beauty of the place. It did not rake nerves.

But, such a thing as calm wouldn’t last long, as her iPhone started ringing a tune.

Khushi rolled her eyes and took it out from her jean pocket.

“Where the hell are you?” Before she can even say hello, a very annoyed and angry question travelled into her ears,

“Yes, I’m here. At the ocean, Lavanya.” Khushi replied.

She had an exasperated curse, as she smiled in response of that.

“You and your ocean. I wonder at your obsession over it. Sometimes, I think, if you are in your right mind staring at without a blink for hours…it’s creepy, babe.” Lavanya said with least humour in her voice.

Khushi shook her head.

“Is there a reason, you are calling me?” She asked, sliding her hands in the sand.

A sigh penetrated her ears. Seems like Lavanya was done with the ocean thing.

“Yeah, turn around.” Kushi did as was told.

“Yeah.” She replied.

“Yes, now the third last beach house, is where the party is. I need you to come there.” Lavanya said in no nonsense tone.

Khushi stared at the far end brightly lit beach house. Her eyes focussed and narrowed. Why was it not white? It was bronzed and dark rather. Weird. No. Strange.

Khushi shook her head and turned her gaze back at the ocean.

“I don’t care.” She replied, and waited smiling for the curses to come her way.

“Don’t care my ass. You are coming.” Lavanya said in finality. ” At least come to pick me up, seems like I won’t be having a ride to back home.” She added a second later of silence.

Khushi snorted.

“What about the long line guys who would offer you that?” She asked.

Khushi heard a short husky laugh.

“I would have taken up the offer, if I find a super hot one who is offering, but there is none here. Half of the party is stoned.” Came the cynical and sarcastic reply.

Khushi smirked and got up.

“Alright then. But you owe me now. Complete my Chemistry assignment by saturday.” She countered a deal.

Now, she indeed heard a flow of heavy curses.

“What hell! Khushi? Can you just help me out as a duty of a friend?” Lavanya asked, mock annoyed.

Khushi halted now in her walking.

“Hm, fine, get yourself a ride back home then. I’m not coming.” She declared smugly.

“Ugh! you’re such a party pooper. Fine. I’ll write the assignment.” Lavanya assented, in a glowering tone.

“Good.” Khushi said, and cut the call.

She looked back at the ocean one last time and turned around to her car.

She unlocked it and got in, she turned the vehicle to the side of the road and propelled it into a drive.

Ten minutes she reached the beach house. She removed the seat belt and got out, locking the car behind her.


The scene inside the house wasn’t what she went for mostly. The party and the music blaring from the speakers. It was an ear bleed sound. The people dancing around in sync with the sound was claustrophobic.

Khushi desperately wanted to escape it as soon as possible. Once she gets hold of Lavanya. The smoke of the heavy tobacco entered into her lungs and she started coughing up the poisonous fumes. Hands abd legs were pushing her around. Some were stoned. Some were snorting cocaine. Yes, Of course, it’s a rave party. Khushi was going to kill Lavanya. A girl puked on her way of escape. It was disgusting. Somehow she found the stairs and she rushed out into the balcony. The gush of beach air was refreshing. Khushi took in a huge breath.

There weren’t many people in here, so she felt safe. There was a little crowd of girls around in the corner. Khushi didn’t know what it was that kept them occupied instead of the party blaring from inside.

The girls moved aside and Khushi’s stare froze. First the hair came into view. It was shiny black. Like midnight. The locks sparkled. Forehead gleamed out from under the ruffled hair. Eyebrows were defined black too. Her eyes zoomed down to the nose, aristocratic long. A bit arrogant. The lips were full and curved in a sensual smile totally accomapanied by a smooth jaw. Khushi was afraid to look up into the eyes. She was sure to die of heart arrest if she did glance up.

Reluctantly, she looked up. The eyes were spectacularly black. Gleaming in the dark, shooting out light mischievous gazes around, but the attitude looked bored. Like really searching for something else other than the attention he was garnering from around.

The guy was like..Khushi didn’t know how to describe. He was quite different. Handsome though, very. He was like a GQ mag model, but something about him wasn’t right. He was trouble written all over. He was dressed casually, in blue tshirt and denim faded jeans and a black jacket accompanied. He had the girls all fawning over him. He was tanned and toned. His arm had a tatoo. It might be stretched from his arm, she guessed, by observing the inky black hues she saw on his wrist. She couldn’t cleary make out what could be the design.

The only thing that didn’t go well with the personality was the cigeratte he was sucking on.

Khushi sighed. Why does she even want to know. He was certainly way out of her league. He looked rich and she knew the drill. Rude, Obnoxious, Bratty, and reckless. That’s the description she can give by just looking at him up and down. She slid her gaze back at the night. It was a beautiful view. From up here, she could see the depth of the oceanic waters streched on into an endless realm. The lights twinkled on the waters, reflecting the moving tides.

“Hey.” She heard a deep rumble of voice.

Khushi jerked out of her thoughts and looked sideways.

“Hey.” She mumbled and smiled.

But her smile froze. She looked around to make sure there wasn’t any beautiful girl hovering about.

The guy was really good looking. He was leaning towards her. Blonde, blue eyed and beautiful. He stood at 5’10, easily taller than her 5’6 inch thin frame. He was all broad shoulders and dimpled cheeks.

“Um…are you really talking to me?” Khushi asked confusedly.

The guy chuckled.

“Yeah, I’m, gorgeous. Surprised?” He asked leaning more towards her.

His smile was blinding.
Khushi blinked.

“Jake, you coming, man?” Asked a super annoyed voice from behind them.

Khushi jumped back from the guy.

The cigeratte sucking guy was looking at her now. Wow, he really was looking at her. Lot of anger written over his face. His eyes spoke of complete disdain.


That’s the look she always gets from everywhere around when goes to such high end parties. Khushi away feeling self conscious. This was why she wouldn’t tag along with Lavanya.

The blonde guy from beside her sighed.

“I have to go now, gorgeous, but here is my number.” He said all too in a familiar voice, and he took out a piece of paper and slid it into her hand.

He smiled at her one more time, his eyes intimate, as his left cheek dimpled giving hima boyish yet very hot look.

He moved past the cigarette sucking guy, who still was looking at her. No. Glaring was the word, she guessed based on the black scowl going over his jaw.

Khushi was baffled by all that what happened. She blinked down at the mobile number. Did he actually carry around piece of papers with his phone number written on it, to give those to random girls? Seriously?

Khushi looked up at his disappearing back. She put that paper in the back pocket of her jeans and turned to the view again. She was never going to call him.

“You going to call him?” Asked a heavy, husky voice.

Khushi spun around.

It was the cigarette sucking/glaring/condescending guy again.


He took a long drag and got closer to her. He hit the smoke on her lips from his.

Khushi’s nostrils flared. His minty breath mixed with the smoke smelled….delicious somehow. She was shocked with the closeness. No guy ever ventured this intimate with her. The wave of surprise spread all over her skin.

He still was very near, leaning down at her. She was bending backwards on the railing.

“What? Are you mute?” He asked more huskily than before, his gaze curiously sliding all over her face.

His black eyes held her brown ones. She saw them connecting with her most deepest insecurities. It was unsettling how she felt. His warm breath hit her forehead.

His body touched hers. Her eyes widened. He snaked both of his hands from around her waist and put them on the railing.

His eyes narrowed in annoyance at her hesitation.

“I…I..uh.” She started to sat but not a word came out of her mouth.

“It’s time.” He said through gritted teeth.

Kushi frowned up at him.

“For what?” She whispered asked.

He only slid a lock of hair that fell over her eye behind her ear. His finger tip touched the skin under her ear. Khushi shivered at the cool of the touch. Strange, his expression turned passive, but his jaw ticked, like he was angry at something, but not at her. She did get that. Even his turned black glimmering stones. His lips curled up into a half smile.

“Time for what?” She asked him again…..


To Be Continued…

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