STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 95

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Episode 95

The episode starts with Abhi taking Pragya to the local clinic present there nearby to get her wound dressed and after getting that task completed he headed her towards their own house which was big enough she bit hesitated to enter but he held her hand in assurance and both entered in that house, Here while Pragya rested on cot Abhi bought water to drink for her, when he got seated beside her with platter of food she said
Pragya: Mehta Sahab why you brought me here? You know that if someone got to know they can kill me right here it self!

Abhi while having food: just let them even try I swear I will take off that every hand which will raise towards you or my kids
Pragya: Kids!!! You brought them here too!!
Abhi: Nah because Ganga wasn’t interested to come here and Bulbul wasn’t ready to leave Kaustu she said her parents are not here so she will get bored
Pragya widening her eyes: And Kaustu agreed!!!
Abhi: well she didn’t but circumstances made her to do so

Pragya: what kind of circumstances
Abhi took a deep sigh making a helpless face and the Flashback is shown
It was morning after the same night on which Abhi talked to her last time Ganga and Kaustuki were talking about something when Abhi interrupted
Abhi: Girls who want to meet ma

Kaustuki making weird face: come on we meet Dadi daily what’s new in it
Ganga: I guess after mummy he is the one who has a loss of sense
Abhi with a glare: Excuse me!!!
Ganga: Sorry no offence
Abhi: it’s an offence well Miss Kaustu I was talking about your ma not mine
Naira who was there interrupted: I am ever ready take me along with you
Abhi: sorry to say but this is not a trip
Ganga: sorry Mr. clock but am not interested in travelling because here my lots of work will get stopped if I left
Abhi folding his hands with a sarcastic expression: and may I know which kind of work is this
Ganga: work!! It’s very important work you know if I left then Rohan’s gang will obviously snatch our playing place
Abhi: I guess you are also in same gang

Ganga: oh ho papa (being irritated) it’s not Rohan Verma its Rohan Gupta he is such an idiot always use to tease us if anyone of us left then it will be a great problem and more than that I want to spend some time with Bua. What say Bua?
Naira: of course my love

Ganga: plan fixed you can take Didi along with you she is waste here
Kaustuki: Ganga!! Repeat what you said i swear someone will get killed for sure
Ganga: why shall I!! You must have heard before when I said it now I am not going to repeat it
Kaustuki: you…
Abhi: shut up both of you one is east so other is west I have asked a question just answer it and get free why you are getting into a waste arguments
Kaustuki: I will come with you
Just then Bulbul entered and as she is Kaustuki’s friend well aware of her relation with Pragya so it was well understood that she knows where and when she lives screen shifted towards her
Bulbul: where are you going?
Kaustuki: to meet mummy
Bulbul shrinking her eyebrows: You are going to leave me alone!!! And may I know with whom you are going to meet her as I very well know that mam cum aunty is on college project
Kaustuki: with Papa

Bulbul: and from where suddenly your papa born
On hearing this Naira who was just having juice spitted it out and burst out in laughter Here Abhi’s expression got shocking his eyes popped out in shock he said
Abhi: Kaustuki may I know what’s going on there?
Naira: Dance is going on here newly born father Sahab you can also join (laughed out aloud)
Bulbul took a glance of Abhi with her same expression and then turning back to Kaustuki said
Bulbul: he is your father!!!

Kaustuki with a forced smile: exactly he is my father whom you just insulted
Bulbul with a wide smile: sorry yr. but I never seen him so how would I know about him I always saw him with mam thought may be any friend of hers and I was every time wishing that your father must be a hunk that’s why mam is beautiful but here the match is of beauty tell him he is so handsome
Kaustuki: Bulbul have you lost it what are you speaking at least think before you speak
Bulbul: you are useless person just waste everywhere I will say it myself uncle (she called out)
Abhi: huh…
Kaustuki patting her head: maro siyappa (problem) nothing Papa nothing you go on your work I will be with you
Bulbul: No, No stop I want to say something to you

Kaustuki kept her hand over Bulbul’s mouth: I said nothing is there you go
Abhi: Kaustu just take your hand off her mouth (with a glare)
Kaustuki doing her head down agreed here Bulbul said “Uncle do anyone told you that are so handsome!!”
Naira commented: Chadha diya chaney ke jhad par (is a phrase used in the situation when someone praises someone too much and that also for nothing)
Abhi: didu will you please stop it
Bulbul: well your sister is also beautiful
Naira: Beta get to the point please
Bulbul: well uncle I want to say that Kaustuki is not going anywhere
Kaustuki: hey I never said that look Paa I am coming

Bulbul: Actually uncle she is shy unable to deny your wish well the concept is clear like milk and my teeth that I am alone my parents are out of station so someone have to be with me as I will live here so how can I live alone
Kaustuki: she is lying that’s not the truth Bulbul tu maar khayegi ab (I will beat you now)
Bulbul turned holding her bag raising her eyebrows: just say that again madam.
Kaustuki: I will go
Bulbul closing her fist and turning her bangle in tightening manner: I said say that again!!!
Kaustuki remembered back to back slaps and keeping her one hand on her cheek: She is saying right… she is alone so how can I
Abhi: oh it’s okay I don’t have to know about explanation now I have to go alone
Flashback ends

Abhi taking a deep sigh: it was my painful story
Pragya also burst out in laughter
Abhi controlling his laughter: arey what’s the matter of laughing in it
Pragya while laughing: Bulbul scared Kaustuki with her eyes and you are newly born father seriously!!!
Abhi held her hands: look control your laughter because I am feeling laughing on your laughter
Pragya: newly born father ha-ha-ha- ha-ha-ha seriously
Abhi: look stop I said otherwise
Pragya: ha-ha-ha otherwise what!!! ha-ha-ha

Abhi: nothing just…. (saying so he stuffed food in her mouth)
She got shocked first and then both laughed together
Abhi: I was thinking at least someone is there who can scare Kaustuki at least
Pragya: I was thinking at least someone is there rather than Naira who can troll you
And the night spent with laughter and some sweet moments like this

Next morning
Abhi was awake and went to his room asked Pragya

Abhi: are you ready!!
Pragya came out dressed in same manner as the women in the town were living wearing suit and covering her face with veil said “Ready”
Abhi: don’t get scared even if someone says to cover your face your head is covered just it okay don’t hide your face from now let’s go
Abhi holding her hand went out and she noticed that many old men were there she looked at Abhi shockingly and asked about the matter he assured her nothing much will happen and went ahead in front of everyone one of the member said “Chhote (junior) sahib this town still have its value at least ask your wife to cover her face”

Abhi: she will not because I have un veiled her face and Baba also never asked her to do so now whatever you will talk, it will be in front of her

M: It is rule of your big cities not ours
Abhi: so it not in your rule right!!
Senior member: absolutely right
Abhi: so where were you when someone was unveiling your DIL where were your values yesterday night when for her help some kids were roaming around begging you to save her where were your values that time may I know, you people are always kind of orthodox and always talk about your values that you will snatch those eyes who will have evil intentions on the ladies then where were you last night when someone was trying to spoil her respect answer it, (There was a complete silence) okay don’t answer this just tell me who is she?
M: your wife and for us a respectable lady

Abhi smirked: respectable lady if I tell you that you were the only one who was ready to kill this lady past 10 years ago then
M: That was our rule that time, if a lady second time also gives birth to a girl she have to die but we stopped this now
Abhi: you just stopped killing lady but not those infants who are innocent well you said she is respectable so may I know what can you do to punish your respectable lady
M: we will snatch his dignity from him he will work as our slave here
M2: No will kill him infront of all the villagers

Abhi: you are free to do whatever you want but I want justice for my wife
Senior member: Chhote Sahib if we talk about rule then you must leave her as one stranger tried to force himself on her and we don’t know whether he succeeded or not
Abhi yelled: Janaab (sir) I am here to ask justice for my wife not your opinion I hope (joining hands in respect) I will get that (turned to Pragya) let’s go Basudha
She joined hand infront of them and again went in their room there Pragya said
Pragya: What have you done they will kill him
Abhi: you had promised me Basudha you won’t stop me whatever I will do now and I wont leave that hand who gave these scars and wounds to you

Pragya: But…
Abhi: no ifs and buts Basudha he has to pay for his sins now
Saying so he left the place keeping hand on her cheeks she was looking him dumbstruck then said to herself “Mehta Sahab you done your work but I have to do my work this village this town has given me more wounds than anyone else because of them I stayed separated from my parents my family they have to pay for their deeds now” with her determined face she went out and covered her face till eyes then went to guest house and called Nikhil he came there with the face filled with shame on his fathers deed
Nikhil: mam you shouldn’t have come here after last night incident
Pragya: leave all that just tell me can you help me!!
Nikhil: Mam still you believe me
Pragya: Nikhil just answer it what I said

Nikhil: Oh okay tell me what I have to do
Pragya: take your secret camera I am sure you will be having one with you
Nikhil: yes I have one took it for an emergency case
Pragya: good take it with you and come with me

Nikhil nodded in okay and setting the camera in bag moved with Pragya she was covering her face
Nikhil: Mam at least tell me where are we going
Pragya with determined face looked at him and said “we are going to cover worst face of India be ready and stay strong situations can be worse”
Saying so she moved ahead and Nikhil followed her she took him to the tour of that small village and there at someone’s home marriage was going on and when the bride came out it was shocking for Nikhil because the girl was too young girl and was married to the man who was at the age of her father and when they inquired the fact which came to know was that the girl was sold to him on a good price Pragya’s face turned red in anger and Nikhil was shocked to see both the faces on of her and one face of the Place BG played

O re kaharo doli utaaro (Oh the carry men please keep the sedan chair (Sedan chair is the chair in which in earlier times ladies use to travel))
Pal bhar ko thehro to zara (wait for sometimes)
Dil se laga ke bas ik dafa ve (Let me hug for the last time)
Dene do gudiyon ko dua (to my dolls and let me bless them)
Teri bindiya nikhar ke (Your head prop is shining)
Chudiya bikhar ke (your bangles are going shattered)
Chunri mein chehke (and making noise in your shawl)
Tera kajra ho kara (your black Kohl)
Gajra ho pyara (the flower bead in your hairs)

Angna tera mehke (are spreading fragrance in your home)
Tera jiyara yeh jhoome (Your heartbeat will race)
Piyara jo choome (when your husband will love you)
Tan man yeh damke (you will shine like a bride properly)
Tohe aanch na aaye (nothing shall happen to you)

Laaj na jaaye (your respect shouldn’t be affected)
Ang ang yeh chamke (you should remain protective)

Bride caravan was going and Pragya asked Nikhil to move ahead there at one place in laws of a girl was cursing her and beating her in front of everyone throwing stones and on inquiring they got to know that the lady was pregnant with the girl child for the third time Nikhil went ahead to stop them but Pragya stopped him saying “We don’t have to stop one we have to stop all of them so do what are you doing” hearing her he stayed back and they moved from there screen from there face shifted back to the girl who was treating badly


Takiye pe tere taare bichhaye (Stars are spread on your pillow)
Chaand yeh tere liye thumriyan gaaye (moon is singing various notes for you)
Khidki pe teri raat ki rani (queen of night on your window)
Murthiyan leke lori sunaaye (is singing lullaby in various tones)
So ja, so ja gudiya so ja (sleep oh little doll sleep)
Ankhiyon se tu ojhal ho ja (sleep like this that no one ever can see you (line said to denote that they must be freed from every pain))


They roam at maximum lanes and place almost everywhere the situation was same at one place few women were taking a girl and when inquired they told them that the girl was punished as she opposed being sold and said that she wants to study Pragya glared them and asked Nikhil to move Nikhil was so shocked because he never saw this face of any place still people like these were alive which he only read in his books BG continued


O ri subah o ab na jagao (Oh dear mornings don’t awake her now)
Pal bhar ko thehro toh zara (wait for a while)
Neend yeh aadhi, sapna yeh aadha (those incomplete naps, those incomplete dreams)
Poora to hone do zara (let them complete)
Teri bindiya nikhar ke (Your head prop is shining)

Chudiya bikhar ke (your bangles are going shattered)
Chunri mein chehke (and making noise in your shawl)
Tera kajra ho kara (your black Kohl)
Gajra ho pyara (the flower bead in your hairs)
Angna tera mehke (are spreading fragrance in your home)
Tera jiyara yeh jhoome (Your heartbeat will race)
Piyara jo choome (when your husband will love you)
Tan man yeh damke (you will shine like a bride properly)
Tohe aanch na aaye (nothing shall happen to you)
Laaj na jaaye (your respect shouldn’t be affected)
Ang ang yeh chamke (you should remain protective)


They moved ahead so find one woman whose widow ceremony was going, did I said widow ceremony!!! Yes coz every right of living happy was being snatching from her, her bangles were broken and then people were wiping off her forehead vermilion from hairline and were cutting her hairs Pragya waited there for sometime and watched that all the lady with whom this was going on she was totally numb as her every expression was died Pragya silently left the place and Nikhil stood there until that got complete as he was recording all that BG continued..


Jhumke jhumar naak ki kilein (Your earrings, head prop, and nose rings)
Ek ek kar ke utrenge gehne (all will be taken off one by one)
Deti hoon tujhko jo nazre churake (But the thing which I am giving you escaping from everyone’s eye)
Chunri duaao ki ye rakhna tu pehne (Wear that stole/shawl of blessings wear it every time with you(This is said from a mother’s point of view))


She made almost every black activity of the village recorded and was going back towards the home when noticed that Abhi was stood there with rage in his eyes he was thinking something his eyes were showing extreme anger but his face was showing unknown calmness both Pragya and Nikhil went to him, Nikhil asked “What’s going on” Abhi gestured in the direction where he was looking it was at some distance far from them Pragya concluded what could be going on there but Nikhil was unable to understand so Abhi said stealing glance from his face “It was her birthday first day in the world and now it’s a last day don’t get confused they are burying an infant lets go back now otherwise you will have to be the part of whatever happen next” all the three moved from there and Pragya looked back


Soja soja gudiya soja (sleep my doll sleep in peace)
Ankhiyon se tu ojhal hoja (get vanish off from everyone’s eye)
O re kaharo doli utha lo (Oh the lift men please lift this sedan chair now)
Pal bhar be thahro abhi (don’t stop here anymore please)
Na hai balaayein (I don’t have blessings to give them now)
Na hai duaayein (I don’t have good wishes for them now)
Dene ko hai ab kuch nahi (I have nothing to give them now)


And a lone tear escaped from Pragya’s eyes thinking about the condition of the mother because she herself was escaped from such situation she wiped it off hearing Abhi’s voice he was calling her she joined them

After sometime
Pragya Abhi and Nikhil were in the isolated place behind their home where Abhidha asked him
Pragya: Nikhil you have much proofs now please go from here and keep them safe
Abhi: because if they got to know what are your intentions they will kill you for sure
Nikhil: but mam you people
Abhi: you don’t worry about us we are safe and we will also leave when your that Khurana will be punished by them whom I want to punish
Nikhil closing his eyes controlling his emotions: Mam don’t leave that person he deserves to be punish

Abhi: don’t worry we will take care you go now otherwise someone will get doubt on you
Nikhil nodded in yes and left then while returning Pragya said “Mehta Sahab I wonder he said that even after knowing that he can be killed” Abhi replied “I liked him coz he is always on the right side he was the only one who asked help from me to rescue you that time he was unaware that you are my wife but he did that knowing that if any other person would have known of this then Khurana must have died at the point”, “Hmm now lets see what is hidden in the lap of tomorrow’s morning because after tomorrow I will decide the faith of this town” saying so with a determined face she moved with him and he was looking at her with a confidence

to be continued…

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  2. Shivika22kapoor

    To be truthful this wasn’t really astonishing but it was really heart wrenching. Many of us know about all these situations yet all of us prefer to stay silent but there is one thing I want to say di and that is that not only villagers or uneducated people are a part of this menace but a number of educated and well reputed people are also indulged in this menace as the power, money and authority increases it becomes easier for people to do such things and hide all the worse they do. We genuinely live in a society where every section has filth in their minds. They show the worst side of an orthodox.
    Coming back to the update the entire part was at the peak of brilliance. Starting was as usually funny and enough to tickle the bones best part was “newly born father” and Naira’s dialogue of chaja ka jhaad par chada Diya ??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.
    Abhi’s care for Basu was really sweet and cute scene. Basu’s determination is worth appreciation and what could be a better place to erase all your wounds rather than the place where they were born.
    Nikhil’s determination for getting Khurana punished irrespective of the fact that he is his father is praiseworthy and maybe even due to the reason that he hates him as Khurana betrayed Nikhil’s mother as well.
    Last but not the least the song was a cherry on top of the cake. Beautiful and really meaningful song.
    So now I will take a leave bye ? tc ? catch u soon ?

  3. Saranya24

    Serously such a painful one hw cruel still some people are disgusting waiting to knw thr punishmnt loved it akka hats off to u no wrds love u loads??????

  4. Omg! Such a painful part.. Couldn’t control my tears when imagine that scene,still women are suffering in so many ways not only in villages even in cities too… Hats off… And that flashback was superb… Abhigya are always rocking…

  5. Maya

    Ok first of all sorry for not commenting regularly, lately I didn’t get time to read ffs but ya as usual u giving speechless updates. Loss for words and don’t have words to describe how well u r writing. Only u can write the way u are writing!

  6. Every new episode is more perfect more fab more amazing than the last one! Such a painful episode it was! Women are always suffering no matter what situation it is! You depicted everything in a perfect way!
    Then coming to the flash back part???????????? newly born farther????????? and naira’s dialogue?????????????
    Then abhi caring for basu??????
    The next thing i want to mention is nikil! Seriously it is so hard to go against your father but you handed this situation perfectly!
    Basu’s determination is something amazing????????
    In short i loved this update to the core❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Lopez

    its simply fantastic dear,,, keep rocking

  8. Prathi

    Jugni each and every situation faced by a women un every stage of her life was depicted so beautifully.. I want to kill Khurana how dare he? And Nikhil no words he is too good to be his son. Bulbul part was hilarious I love her a lot..

  9. Sorry ?again for being late latif, but how can I miss this update! Awesome, again it was amazing update by your side , even thinking about these incidents blocks the flow of neurons, it was so heart wrenching and everytime You portray these emotions you make us feel numb at the time and bhai Neutral update toh koi tujh se dena seekhe ???? Bulbul ????????????? her expressions ?????????????? I am done ???????? Truly perfect ???????? I am just loss at words , this was beyond awesomenesss Mannnnn! I love you for this , Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam ????? Pyaar hota h deewana sanam ????? lol , i’ve got mad, i already told you , that you block the flow of neurons! Hatsss offfffff

  10. Great salute to u baby…

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