STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 54

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Episode 54

He was looking at her when she asked him gesturing “What” he smiled and tapping her nose gently said “Silly” she smiled and he left from there saying

Abhi: rectify your mistake of scolding my loves make something delicious for dinner
Basu was still smiling and then realized what he said and expression was “Wait what!”
He left from there and she was all lost in thoughts while making food also the words were flashing in her mind “I do mean it; I really mean it” she was all lost in that and then after few minutes he came back to her
Abhi whispered in her ears: come out of thoughts Mrs. Mehta you are over cooking the food
Basu came out of thoughts and looked at the kheer which she was making it was about to get over cooked and she put the gas off asked sorry from him and in excitement she picked up the utensil without any care and as it was extreme hot her hands got burned and she started blowing it keeping it aside Abhi shook his head in disbelief, went and brought ice from fridge and as kept on her hand she shouted and jumped from there as it was paining a lot hearing which Kaustuki also came there along with Ganga

Kaustuki: What happened Mummy why you shouted like that?
Abhi: Your mother had become so strong that she can pick anything bare handed so much talented you know
Kaustuki: Hein…. This much talented but how
Abhi: she picked up hot utensil in excitement
Kaustuki: so, bad mummy if you wanted to eat so what was so hurry you must have waited for it being getting cool na
Basu: you wait their I will tell you how I will eat its paining here and you are making fun of me
She was about to go but Abhi stopped her and made her sit there on the chair then in a scolding tone said
Abhi: just shut up and sit here, it’s not her mistake you have done such a thing that anyone will say like this only got hands burn now also showing your own attitude can’t you sit calm for a while Kaustuki go from here let me handle here
Kaustuki: don’t scold her more otherwise remember Dadu

Abhi joining his hands: Oh, meri maa tum aur tumharey dadu dono mil ke maar do mujhe sahi karo to problem galat karo to problem hi problem (oh maa do one thing you and your dadu kill me both of you when I do right it is also problem for you both when I do wrong that is also problem for you both)
Kaustuki: okay ok doesn’t over react you looking extremely like filmy heroine and that also of typical TV serials
Saying this she went and Basu burst out in laughter looking at his expressions then taking an ice cube he kept it on her head which made her shivering and looking her expressions he started laughing
Basu in an irritated tone: this is not fare it was just a minor incident and first you scolded me then this, go I don’t want to talk with you ugh

She went from there and took a towel and Abhi while controlling his laughter he went following her “Arey I was just joking yr sorry you took it seriously” she shouted from distance “I don’t want to talk with you just go” she took a towel and started rubbing her head at her hairs were wet a bit with that sudden attack he went to her and made her look at him

Abhi: listen
Basu looking alter side: no
Abhi: listen…
Basu: No, I will not
Abhi: if you will not, then I will put your finger again in ice water this time may I will lift you and drop you into the ice water itself as your anger is too hot to handle
Basu: how mean
Abhi: no mean, median, mode
Basu: What
Abhi: sorry
Basu: What!!!
Abhi: armaan-e-aashiqui, noor-e-mohabbat se muafi ki guzarish karna chahta hai (feeling of love wants to ask sorry from the shine of love)
Basu laughed: what was that! This much heavy words!!!
Abhi: I have some more do you want to listen
Basu: of course, I will but have dinner first then we have much time to talk then I will listen more heavy words of you
Abhi: jee begum sahiba (okay beloved) come I will also help you
Basu widening her eyes: really!!!
Abhi: is there any problem in that?
Basu: no please I mean this is very rare that you help me
Abhi: Okay my mistake but from now I will help you for sure
Basu: waah!!! Sudden change and why is it so
Abhi: because it is our day of love
Basu: great then come otherwise your two-other love will start their Dadu and Nanu song
Abhi while going with her: That’s great now I don’t have to bear that complaint from Dadu torture again
Basu while getting busy in work again: and why is it so
Abhi: because now I got partner, now whenever she will torture with that Dadu warnings you will also have Nanu warnings.
Basu plating the food: that was the worst joke if I tell you worse than worst
Abhi laughed: Okay I know that now let’s go all the plates are set
They went to the dining table and he shouted “Bacha Party food is ready” both the girls came there running and they had their dinner.

At night when all are slept the camera shifts towards Abhi and Basudha’s room here they were seated on the bed Basudha was laughing hard seems Abhi was cracking jokes let’s see
Basu while laughing: enough please don’t narrate more
Abhi holding her waving hand: listen to it first… so where was I
Basu freeing her hands and laughing: no please not more your imaginary character Mr. Kharbanda is giving me pain see my mouth is paining now don’t
Abhi: okay then I will not say about him but then you must pay penalty for that as you stopped me without completing.
Basu: no penalty and all its time to sleep so sleep now
Abhi: no you have to…
Basu was about to answer him but her phone ranged that time the caller ID was of Abhigya she said “Wait its maa” she picked up the call and Abhi was teasing her from back again and again saying “Baat-Baat pe aaya jab bhi (It came for everything)
Na chaaha tab aur bhi aaya (when I wished for it not to come, it came even more.)
Teri maa ka phone (Your mother’s call,)
Meri maa ka phone (my mother’s call,)
Sab ki maa ka, (everyone’s mother’s..)
Maa ka phone aaya (everyone’s mother’s..)

Basu: maa wait….(hanging up the call) will you please be quiet (To Abhi)
Abhigya: is that Abhi!!! Who is saying all that
Basu: un fortunately yes he is
Abhigya: So like this he use to tease you haah!
Basu: no never today his screws are unscrewed I think that’s why he is doing so
Abhi snatched the phone from her she got amazed then tried to snatch the phone from him but in result he held her tightly by his one arm (she was clutched in his arm) even hands were not able to move he bound them with his hand then spoke on phone
Abhi: hey darling how are you
Abhigya: Oh my love I am fine how about you
Abhi: perfectly fine darling… I think you forgot me haah! That’s why you never called me since when you left
Abhigya: nothing is like that my love I was just busy in my daughter’s marriage preparations that’s it
Abhi: oh my, my Darling is in much trouble
Abhigya: see no one cares for me here when you will come and care for me
Basu: Maa that’s not fare you called for me and talking with him this is too much
Abhi tightened his grip she shouted as hands were feeling like someone has tied them
Abhigya: why is she so angry are you troubling her a lot
Abhi: trouble!!! Me!!!! No way even she has become green-chilly you know how much she scolded your love
Abhigya: really!!! She troubled my love I will surely punish her
Abhi: I am waiting for it darlo…
Abhigya: surely my love
Abhi: love you darlo…
Abhigya: love you too…

Here Prateek who was coming from upstairs heard his wife talking so lovingly to someone as if she is talking with her boyfriend and when he heard love you too his eye brows got raised he hurriedly snatched the phone from her and without even guessing he started saying here as Abhi heard Prateek was there he hurriedly freed Basu and handed over the phone to her which resulted that she got scolded by Prateek
Prateek: be in your limits Mr.
Basu: papa it’s me
Prateek: Oh Mrs. Mehta ask your husband to stop flirting with my wife he have his own to do so make him understand carefully okay.

Basu being irritated: papa why are you saying this to me call him and scold him don’t drag me in this
Prateek: okay beta I will not drag you but let me drag someone who is falling in love with someone okay take care my beta and call me if that idiot troubles you
Basu looking at Abhi: I will surely tell you papa
Prateek: yeah and try to come here soon as Kirti will also feel happy
Basu: we will be there soon
Prateek: okay bye now let me see your mother
Basu: bye

He hanged up the call and looked at Abhigya she was smiling like mad person and when he went from there she shouted “why am I feeling someone is jealous here the smell of jealously is so high” Prateek turned and answered her “Go and get check your nose by doctor may be like your mind it is also blocked” saying this he went and Abhigya thought “did he just trolled me? Whats he question of did!! He did it for sure wait Prateek I will tell you whether my mind is blocked or not” she rushed in the direction where he went and here screen shifts towards Basu keeping hand on her waist giving a glared look to him she asked
Basu: what was that?
Abhi: what?
Basu: why you snatched phone like this
Abhi: its my style of talking to mother-in-law

Basu gave a look as if she is saying disgusting and she went out from there Abhi gave a naughty smile as he was enjoying her irritated expressions after sometime she came back to room and found he was slept she silently took her diary and pen from the side table and sat on the bed keeping pillow as a table she started writing her feelings in that diary and then she was writing about her day when suddenly Abhi took that pillow from her and kept his head on her lap
Basu: now what is this!!! Why are you troubling me today I was writing can’t you see!!!
Abhi: no as my eyes are closed
Basu: will you please give me my pillow back I want to write
Abhi: I will not as this pillow is good than my pillow so I will not
Basu trying to push him aside: I want to complete it give it back to me now
Abhi: you can treat my back as table keep it and write as much as you want
Basu: why?
Abhi: because from this two works will be done first I will sleep and then second your work will not get disturbed
Basu smiled helplessly and started writing keeping the diary at his back and screen faced to Abhi he was thinking
Abhi thought while his eyes closed: You see dear now I will not let any pain reach to you, you will smile like this and you will laugh like this only till I am with you, I will fill your life with these happy colors for sure it is my promise to myself
And with these thoughts he drifted into sleep

It was about 7:00 am in the clock when Basudha heard some noise coming from kitchen she opened her eyes and went to check out who was this in morning and to her surprise he was there trying to find out something on the kitchen shelf
Basu in a sleepy tone making bun of her hairs : what are you doing here?
Abhi: oh you are here good morning silly
Basu: good morning
Abhi: well I was making coffee for me and you but don’t where this coffee is?
Basu: why are you doing so? I will do it you leave
Abhi: I have better idea than it
Basu: what?
Abhi: you make for me I will make for you… how is it?
Basu smiled: why are you doing this all…
Abhi: because this is new morning of our new life somethings should get change
Basu: why you want a change our life is good without that change too
Abhi held her hand and smilingly: it is needed look it from my point of view my dear I don’t want you to be live a life like a normal woman anymore you are special to me and your life should also be special and that is filled with happiness only where even a shade of sadness is not visible
Basu with lots of emotions in her eyes after hearing that: do I matter to you this much am I that special to you…???
Abhi: there no body lovable and innocent like you, you also don’t know what you’re (tumsa koi pyara koi masum nahi hai, kya chiz ho tum khud tumhe malum nahi hai) now don’t think anything just do as I say okay
Basu: okay
Abhi pushing her out of kitchen: now go and get fresh n up and make coffee for me otherwise if you got late then two will kill us for sure more than friends our Kaustu is danger for us
Basu glared
Abhi: okay sorry… now go
Basu was going and he was going back when she turned and called him
Basu: listen…
Abhi turned: hmm…

Basu: there are millions, but no one Is caring then you?, you don’t know that you’re my life (lakho hai magar tumsa kadardaan nahi hai, tum jan ho meri tumhe malum nahi hai)
He raised his eyebrows hearing that with a wide smile on his face and she just went from there biting her lower lip with full of shyness Abhi shook his head saying “Crazy”
Here screen shifted towards Basudha she came out getting fresh n up wiping her hairs with towel she looked herself in mirror and smiled crazily reminding his words for her and the incidents taking place from last night she was filled with unknown happiness since yesterday and then she went from there to dry the towel and looked the environment as today this was also looking her new and happy she went in and BG music started playing……
hawaa ke jhonke aaj mausamon se rooth gaye (Gusts of wind got upset with the weather today..)
gulon ki shokhiyaan jo bhanwre aa ke loot gaye (As the bumblebees looted the brilliance of flowers)
badal rahi hai aaj Zindagi ki chaal Zaraa (today the way of life has changed little bit)
isee bahaane main bhi kyoon naa dil ka haal Zaraa (Taking that as an excuse, why I too not make my heart feel better,)
sanwaar loon haye sanwaar loon (Why shouldn’t I too pamper my heart..)

she was combing her hairs while doing so and then again remembers his words in flash back
Abhi: there no body lovable and innocent like you, you also don’t know what you’re (tumsa koi pyara koi masum nahi hai, kya chiz ho tum khud tumhe malum nahi hai)
she started smiling and then went from there immediately and went to Kaustuki’s room looking them both sleeping she cared their head and with that itself Kaustuki woke up then she remained Ganga was still sleeping
Kaustuki: good morning mummy
Basudha: good morning
Wishing so she went to get fresh n up and got ready to school Basu went to kitchen and started preparing coffee for him then breakfast and after having so Abhi went to drop Kaustuki and after coming back he was also getting ready and while doing so he asked her
Abhi: are you coming to office today?
Basudha: yes I am
Abhi: all craziness gone today (in teasing tone)
He went to wear his tie and she was admiring him BG continued
baraamade puraane hain, nayi si dhoop hai (The verandas are old, but the sunshine I see is new..)
Jo palkein khatkhata raha hai kis kaa roop hai (Whose beauty is that is knocking at my eyelids..)
sharaaratein kare jo aise (The one, who makes mischievous,)
bhool ke hizaab (forgetting the veils,)
kaise us ko naam se main pukaar loon (How do I call him by name?)

she was all lost in him thinking that this love was not new but still the feeling was now as it was now expressed by him his mischievous antics his doings all were new now in true means he was trying to change their lives but still something was stopping her and now it was the time to forget all that as in true means this was the time to change herself like he does she was all lost when she felt a jerk it was Abhi who was calling out her asking how he is looking she didn’t answered and turned him towards mirror then making him wear coat gestured superb he was in front and she was at his back pulling her hands forward he strike his head slightly to her slightly said “See you in office” and she kept her head on his back he smiled a bit then leaving her he went from there and Basu nodded in okay then she started taking all necessary stuffs she need for office and came to breakfast table while having it she was thinking the moment when he proposed her BG continued

Ye saaree koyalein baneeN hain aaj daakiyaa (All these cuckoos have become postmen,)
Kuhu-kuhu mein chitthiyaan padhein mazaakiyaa (In their cuckooing, they read the letters in jokes..)
Inhe kaho ki naa chhupaayen (Tell them not to hide)
Kis ne hai likhaa bataayein, (and tell me clearly who has written [the letter])
Us ki aaj main nazar utaar loon (I’ll remove the effect of evil eye for him..)
Sanwaar loon haye sanwaar loon (I’ll adorn myself, and my heart..)
Sanwaar loon, sanwaar loon..

screen freeze on her happy face

Precap: “WE want party thats it” “But whats the need of party in it” “for you it was nothing but for me it is something strange what you did so i want party” ” you have gone mad” “look who is saying me mad who is mad in him self”

Okay tried something different from my zone so tell me how was it drop your opinion and who is talking with whom in the precap make a guess then tell me if it is turning out boring and if you wish to change the track

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    Just loved every bit of the epi and I can Read it a hundred times as well. Abhi is sooooooooooooo cute means cuteness overloaded. You are just driving me crazy with every single part di , I just don’t have words to describe today’s part .
    Starting from the fight in beginning as I always say was super natural and I actually felt like I am visualising it in front of me.
    Abhi’s bhari bharkam words “armaan-e-aashiqui, noor-e-mohabbat se muafi ki guzarish karna chahta hai ” Urdu toh overflow hogaya aaj. The scene where he keeps his head on Basu’s lap and sleeps was amazing.
    His talk with his darloo , Prateek scolding him and being jealous, his dialogue to Abhu ‘ your brain has also got blocked ‘ and she being a tube light understood it late was super fun. Every thing seems to be so perfect.
    Early morning Abhi making coffee ? for his lady love ❤ and Basu’s sweet and honest confession to her love ❤. The part where Abhi teases her was super amazing.
    The last part where they stand in front of the mirror they look such a perfect couple ?.
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